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Wake lock detector 2.0.1

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Ever wondered why your smartphone screen doesn’t turn off automatically when it should have, the screen wakes up all of a sudden or you find your phone battery drained even when you exited apps and turned off the screen? This might be due to wakelock holding apps.”Wakelock Detector” helps you to detect battery consuming applications in your Android device by checking wakelock usage history. Now you can find out which applications drain your battery in a simple way by using this app!
“Wakelock” is a mechanism of power management service in Android OS, which can be used by other applications to keep device CPU awake (Partial wakelock), to prevent the screen from turning off(Window wakelock), and to keep the screen from dimming(or turning off) and hardware key on(Full wakelock). Applications which use wakelocks privilege improperly might lead to situations where the CPU and/or screen of your phone stay running for a long period of time and thus cause dramatic drain of the battery.
“Wakelock Detector” shows wakelock usage statistics for all applications, which ever hold wakelock since boot. By default it displays Partial wakelocks sorting by the longest usage time. Further, you can choose Full or Window wakelock type to see screen related wake locks. For instance, if your screen is keeping on and not turning off even after screen timeout, then you can choose Window wakelock type on the top (Gray Brightness icon) to see which wakelocks might be holding your screen. Furthermore, if you are interested in currently running applications then you can change sorting to "Active" which shows active running applications on the top. For further details please refer to FAQ inside Settings.
Main features:
# shows all three major wake locks types: Partial, Full and Window wakelocks;
# merges wakelocks of corresponding app into one expandable view for better user experience;
# displays currently running applications;
# allows easy sorting options by Running state / Wakelock hold time / Alphabetical order;
How to use:
#1 Install the app 
#2 Charge your phone above 90% and unplug cable (or just reboot the phone)
#3 Give it a time (1-2 hours) to accumulate some wakelock usage statistics
#4 Run “Wakelock Detector”, it will display all wakelock statistics for you!
*Note: Wakelock Statistics are gathered since Step#3



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Version 2.0.12016-03-15 Version 2.0.02016-03-14 Version 1.6.12014-04-22 Version 1.5.92014-03-20 Version 1.5.82013-12-20 Version 1.5.72013-12-12 Version 1.5.62013-11-08 Version 1.5.52013-08-15 Version 1.5.42013-05-15 Version 1.5.32013-05-05 Version 1.5.12013-05-05 Version 1.4.22013-04-04 Version 1.4.12013-04-03 Version 1.42013-04-02 Version Market2013-03-29
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