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VLocker Colorful Safe iPhone  3.8.3

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★The smallest screen locker app, only 1M, smaller than smaller
★Quite popular among users of launcher apps
[Unique points]
▲The smallest – only 1 MB, less storage space occupation, fast, the smallest app in Google Play.
▲The lightest – based on the lightest design philosophy, offers pleasant experience while unlocking.
▲The most beautiful – more than 10 themes of different colors for the pattern lock, say goodbye to the boring built-in pattern lock.
▲The most convenient – with flashlight, brightness control, ringtone control and commonly-used apps available on the lock screen, save your every second.
▲The most considerate – applied with multiple cloud technologies, provide you a precise weather forecast, farewell to being caught in the rain.
▲The safest – pattern lock and digital lock, secure your info and protect your photos from leak.
[VLocker’s distinctive functions]
▲Colorful password – choose a theme in Password Settings for the pattern lock to color your mobile.
▲Handy toolkit – slide screen up in the left bottom to open the flashlight, alarm or commonly-used apps,save your every second.
▲Handy camera – slide screen up in the right bottom to open the camera; never miss a wonderful moment. 
▲Weather forecast – tap the time or the weather on the lock screen to see the following three days’ weather; remind you to bring your umbrella whenever there is a rain.
▲DIY color – long press on the time or the weather on the lock screen to set lock screen’s font color; keep every detail of the screen lock in hand.
▲Awesome ( Only One Word ) Awesome Awesome Awesome---BY Amrit Saini
▲10/10 Fast super. Very beautiful. Simply amazing!  ---BY Muhammad Khairul Umar Mohamed
▲Wonderful app Plz download it now !!!!!--- BY aryan rangra
▲Love it My phone lock now looks like iphone lock and graphics and themes are good---BY Prvin Thakur
▲Loved it! I've faced no problems while using this locker. My phone is really secured. The ios locker is awesome.---BY Haziq Iskandar
▲Our promise: we promise we will not collect any of your private data. While authorizing some permission, there may be some privacy prompt. Please follow the instruction of VLocker.
▲OS limit: this app only support Android 4.0 or above.
▲Permission: Some mobiles may have to be authorized with some permission for the better using of VLocker.
▲We VLocker team pursue the lightest screen locker to make your unlocking colorful and pleasant.
▲Your love and support are the best praise and encouragement for us. Please fell free to email us at [email protected]



Change log

Version3.8.32017-07-20Version3.8.02017-07-03Version3.7.92017-06-26Version3.7.82017-06-19Version3.7.72017-06-12Version3.7.62017-06-06Version3.7.52017-06-05Version3.7.42017-05-27Version3.7.02017-05-03Version3.6.92017-04-26Version3.6.82017-04-18Version3.6.72017-04-11Version3.6.62017-04-01Version3.6.52017-03-27Version3.6.42017-03-20Version3.6.32017-03-13Version3.6.12017-02-28Version3.6.02017-02-21Version3.5.92017-02-09Version3.5.82017-01-19Version3.5.62017-01-09Version3.5.52017-01-03Version3.5.42016-12-26Version3.5.32016-12-19Version3.5.22016-12-12Version3.5.12016-12-05Version3.5.02016-11-29Version3.4.82016-11-11Version3.4.72016-11-07Version3.4.62016-10-31Version3.4.42016-10-17Version3.4.32016-10-10Version3.4.22016-10-08Version3.4.12016-09-29Version3.4.02016-09-26Version3.3.92016-09-19Version3.3.72016-09-12Version3.3.52016-09-03Version3.3.42016-08-29Version3.3.32016-08-18Version3.3.22016-08-12Version3.3.12016-08-11Version3.3.02016-08-04Version3.2.92016-08-02Version3.2.82016-07-22Version3.2.72016-07-15Version3.2.62016-07-11Version3.2.52016-06-30Version3.2.42016-06-23Version3.2.32016-06-20Version3.2.22016-06-13Version3.2.02016-05-31Version3.1.92016-05-19Version3.1.82016-05-13Version3.1.62016-04-29Version3.1.52016-04-24Version3.1.42016-04-14Version3.1.32016-04-08Version3.1.22016-04-05Version3.1.12016-03-25Version3.1.02016-03-18Version3.0.92016-03-12Version3.0.62016-02-02Version3.0.52016-01-29Version3.0.32016-01-15Version3.0.22016-01-07Version3.0.12016-01-04Version3.0.02015-12-24Version2.2.02015-12-18Version2.1.92015-12-11Version2.1.82015-12-10Version2.1.72015-12-06Version2.1.62015-11-27Version2.1.52015-11-23Version2.1.42015-11-13Version2.1.32015-11-10Version2.1.22015-11-05Version2.1.12015-11-01Version2.1.02015-10-30Version2.0.82015-10-16Version2.0.72015-10-09Version2.0.62015-10-06Version2.0.52015-09-18Version2.0.42015-09-11Version2.0.32015-08-28Version2.0.22015-08-21Version2.0.12015-08-12Version1.3.22015-07-21Version1.3.12015-07-11Version1.3.02015-06-28Version1.2.9 Beta2015-04-16Version1.2.8 Beta2015-04-01VersionMarket2015-03-27
Description · · ·App Name: VLocker Colorful Safe iPhone Latest:3.8.3Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:4.0 and upSize:1.4MUpdate:2017-07-20Permissions:Permissions
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