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GCSE Maths Geometry Revision L 1.2 [Unlocked]

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Take a breath and make your GCSE preparation a fun activity with our collection of GCSE apps. Here comes the most comprehensive Geometry app.
**NOTE: This is a lite version where in only few topics are available. All the remaining locked topics will be unlocked on buying the full version from within this lite version. It will be a one time purchase to unlock ALL the locked items in one go.
Full version has 830 questions across 83 subtopics.
830 questions and 83 revision notes in all just for Geometry!. High quality content written by an experienced mathematician.
Shapes, angles, trigonometry, measurements and scaling, transformational geometry and vectors, constructions and loci, circle theorems.
Mixed questions from all topics.
Review each question at the end of the test. Know the right answer with detailed explanation for each question.
With our unique progress tracking feature including pie charts and bar graphs showing your progress, you know you are ready to take on the real test at the board when your progress meter says 100%.
More details on topics:
1. Shapes - 2D and 3D:
Identifying 2D shapes
Special quadrilaterals
Area of a rectangle
Area of a triangle
Area of a parallelogram
Area of a trapezium
Area of a compound shape
parts of a circle
Area of a circle
Circumference of a circle
Area and sectors
Compound solids
2. Angles
Angles basics
Angles in a triangle
Opposite angles
Angles around a point
Interior angles
Alternate angles
Corresponding angles
Angles in a quadrilateral
Angles and regular polygons
3. Trigonometry
Pythagoras' theorem
Pythagoras' theorem in real life
Pythagoras' theorem in 3D
Trigonometry basics
Sin, cos or tan?
The sine rule
The cosine rule
Using sine to fine the area of a triangle
2-D trigonometric problems
3-D trigonometric problems
Real-life problems
4. Measurements and scaling
Metric system
Imperial system
Converting measurements
Estimating measurements
Measuring time
Plans and elevations
Units of length, area and volume
Compass reading
Maps and scale drawings
5. Transformational Geometry and Vectors
Congruent shapes
Lines of symmetry
Rotational symmetry and tessellations
Planes of symmetry
Enlargements 2D and 3D
Multiple transformations
Similar triangle Basics
Similar triangle Advanced
Congruent triangles
Vector geometry
Real life vector problems
6. Constructions and Loci
Constructing triangles
Constructing angles and perpendiculars
Real life problems
7. Circle Theorems
Angle in a semi-circle
Angle at centre is twice angle at circumference
Cyclic quadrilaterals
Angles in same segment are equal
Tangents and chords
Alternate segment theorem
Circle geometry


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