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Add music and sound effects to your videos, or lip sync your favorite songs. Tons of cool effects like fast motion, slow motion, and time lapse. Share your videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Whatsapp, and Vine to impress your friends and get likes!

Musically app
- millions of free songs and sound effects
- cool video effects: fast motion, slow motion and time lapse
- save to camera roll
- discover music videos created by community

Some creative ways of using
- Select a love song and create a memorable music video with your beloved one
- Lip-sync your favorite song, and make your Facebook friends believe you are a great singer
- Capture epic moments using slow-motion music videos
- Shoot a street scene in San Francisco, with a Hip Hop song and fast-motion effect

PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOAD: Android tablets and some Android phone models are NOT fully supported by the current version, there might be some glitches and please report the issues (with your device model) to We are doing our best to make working on all devices ASAP.


Change log

Version 12.0.32019-07-02 Version TikTok 11.0.82019-04-24 Version 9.9.5 [Ad Free]2019-02-01 Version 9.3.0 [Ad Free]2018-12-06 Version 5.8.22017-07-20 Version 5.8.12017-07-05 Version 5.7.42017-07-03 Version 5.8.02017-06-26 Version 5.7.52017-06-21 Version 5.7.12017-06-02 Version 5.7.02017-05-27 Version 5.6.02017-05-10 Version 5.5.62017-05-08 Version 5.5.52017-04-27 Version 5.4.02017-04-17 Version 5.3.32017-03-27 Version 5.3.22017-03-16 Version 5.3.02017-03-06 Version 5.2.12017-03-01 Version 5.2.02017-02-17 Version 5.1.02017-02-07 Version 5.0.32017-01-23 Version 5.0.22017-01-19 Version 5.0.12017-01-16 Version 5.0.02017-01-10 Version 4.15.22016-11-18 Version 4.15.12016-11-07 Version 4.15.02016-10-31 Version 4.14.02016-10-21 Version 4.13.62016-10-07 Version 4.13.52016-09-29 Version 4.13.22016-09-18 Version 4.13.12016-09-14 Version 4.13.02016-09-10 Version 4.12.02016-09-08 Version 4.11.02016-08-18 Version 4.10.82016-08-01 Version 4.10.72016-07-29 Version 4.10.52016-07-20 Version 4.10.12016-07-16 Version 4.10.02016-07-13 Version 4.9.02016-06-30 Version 4.8.52016-05-30 Version 4.8.42016-05-16 Version 4.8.22016-05-09 Version 4.8.02016-04-18 Version 4.7.72016-04-06 Version 4.7.62016-03-22 Version 4.7.52016-03-07 Version 4.7.02016-03-01 Version 4.6.72016-02-15 Version 4.6.62016-02-04 Version 4.6.52016-01-29 Version 4.6.32016-01-19 Version 4.5.22015-12-24 Version 4.4.82015-12-10 Version 4.4.02015-11-16 Version 1.1.42015-10-09 Version 1.0.32015-09-14 Version 1.0.12015-09-10 Version 0.8.132015-08-24 Version v0.8.112015-08-18 Version v0.8.102015-08-13 Version v0.8.72015-07-22 Version Market2015-07-22
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