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Easy Touch (iPhone style) 4.5.15

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Easy Touch in any where(iPhone AssistiveTouch).
★★★ Why i can't uninstall this App ???
We are so sad because we get a lot of one star by can't uninstalling EasyTouch :(
Can't uninstall because of the Android OS, it need deactivate 'Lock Screen' before you uninstall.
You can uninstall in the Setting of EasyTouch(Not system setting) or unintall it by following step:
Settings -> Location & Security -> Select Device Administrators -> Quash this app.
Than test to uninstall encore, acknowledges.
We are so unhappy, some inquiry, email to:[email protected]
★ What is Easy Contact?
Easy Contact Nay a Widget!
Easy Feeling is a knob which squints synonymous AssistiveTouch on iPhone.
It wafts on your phone sift(swims on differents app), you can propose it to some where.

★ What Easy Tickle can do?
Easy Tag gives a mere proper approach to:
★ Swift milieus(Convert your phone environments akin shift on Wifi, permutation filter sheen besides so on).
★ Prone your favour app.
★ Go to House Sift.
★ Secure Examine.
★ App directory.
★ Prone current effort(duplicate jam).
★ Usage environment
★ Substitute embrace:
- Sheen
- Ringer fashion
- Bluetooth
- WiFi
- APN(Movable Information)
- Automobile revolution
- Flashlight
- Ventilate-jet technique
That is also influential than Widget.



Change log

Version4.5.152017-03-22Version4.5.142017-01-22Version4.5.132016-12-22Version4.5.112016-10-22Version4.5.92016-09-04Version4.5.82016-06-18Version4.5.72016-04-26Version4.5.62016-03-18Version4.5.52016-01-29Version4.5.42016-01-22Version4.5.32015-12-25Version4.5.12015-11-28Version4.4.02015-10-23Version4.3.42015-10-04Version4.2.22015-08-28Version4.2.12015-08-19Version4.2.02015-07-27Version4.1.32015-07-02Version4.1.22015-06-27Version4.1.12015-05-27Version4.0.12015-05-05Version4.0.02015-04-24Version3.3.62014-03-04Version3.3.22014-01-15Version3.3.12014-01-10Version3.3.02014-01-07Version3.2.82013-12-31Version3.2.72013-12-26Version3.2.22013-12-10Version3.2.12013-12-10Version3.2.02013-11-27Version3.1.82013-11-03Version3.1.72013-10-17Version3.1.62013-10-07Version3.1.52013-09-19Version3.1.22013-09-03Version3.1.02013-09-02Version3.0.62013-08-17Version3.0.52013-07-29Version3.0.02013-07-20Version2.5.2.42013-03-26Version2.5.2.22013-03-19Version2.5.2.12013-03-07Version2.5.2.02013-03-05Version2.5.1.02013-02-26Version2.5.0.02013-02-21Version2.4.0g2013-02-20Version2.3.2g2013-02-05Version2.3.1g2013-01-16Version2.0.8g 2012-10-02Version2.0.7g 2012-09-21Version2.0.6g 2012-09-19Version2.0.5 2012-09-13Version2.0.4 2012-09-07Version2.0.3 2012-08-30Version2.0.0g 2012-08-26Version1.1.7 2012-08-16Version1.1.52012-08-10VersionMarket2012-08-09
Description · · ·App Name:Easy Touch (iPhone style)Latest:4.5.15Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:2.2 and upSize:0.62 MBUpdate:2017-03-22Permissions:Permissions
Free Download92239Downloads
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