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Google Play Books 3.13.13

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Read your favorite books and authors on the go today.Choose from millions of titles on Google Play including new releases,

 New York Times best sellers, up-and-coming authors, and free books. 

Easily personalize your reading experience, pick up where you left off on your phone, tablet, or computer, and get reading today!



Change log

Version3.13.132017-05-19Version3.12.152017-03-01Version3.12.132017-02-16Version3.12.92017-02-11Version3.12.52017-02-08Version3.11.192016-12-20Version3.11.172016-12-15Version3.11.152016-12-13Version3.10.292016-11-02Version3.10.272016-10-01Version3.10.252016-09-29Version3.10.212016-09-22Version3.9.492016-08-19Version3.9.372016-08-03Version3.8.452016-07-07Version3.8.372016-05-26Version3.8.362016-05-24Version3.8.152016-04-21Version3.8.132016-04-18Version3.7.752016-02-18Version3.7.732016-02-12Version3.7.692016-02-06Version3.7.672016-02-02Version3.7.472015-12-18Version3.7.452015-12-15Version3.7.232015-11-24Version3.7.212015-11-18Version3.7.192015-11-16Version3.6.92015-08-22Version3.5.152015-07-15Version3.5.132015-07-13Version3.5.122015-07-09Version3.4.92015-05-27Version3.4.62015-05-13Version3.4.52015-05-07Version3.3.412015-04-15Version3.3.392015-04-10Version3.3.352015-03-18Version3.3.312015-03-06Version3.3.112014-12-18Version3.3.92014-12-13Version3.2.612014-11-12Version3.2.552014-10-31Version3.1.492014-05-29Version3.1.332014-02-12Version3.1.312014-01-30Version3.1.232013-12-18Version3.1.172013-12-12Version3.0.152013-10-15Version2.9.212013-08-09Version2.8.692013-06-28Version2.8.682013-06-14Version2.8.612013-06-07Version2.8.602013-05-16Version2.7.382013-02-28Version2.7.282013-02-21Version2.6.31 2012-09-25VersionMarket2012-09-25
Description · · ·App Name:Google Play BooksLatest:3.13.13Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:Varies with deviceSize:5.42 MBUpdate:2017-05-19Permissions:Permissions
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      Google Play Books 3.13.13

      Read your favorite books and authors on the go today.Choose from millions of titles on Google Play including new releases,  New York Times best sellers, up-and-coming authors

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