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Google Play services 11.7.46 (032-175121617)

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Google Play services - Google services for Android apps
Google Play services lets Android apps from the Google Play Store integrate with Google+ and Google Accounts. To work correctly, some apps may require Google Play services to be present and up to date.
Google Play services is usually updated automatically on Android devices. You can also install or update it manually from the Google Play Store.



Change log

Version11.7.46 (032-175121617)2017-11-29Version11.0.38 240-1550068482017-05-07Version10.2.98 240-1464961602017-02-07Version10.2.91 240-1443335172017-01-21Version10.0.84 230-1377495262016-11-10Version9.8.77 230-1353962252016-10-13Version9.6.83 240-1331550582016-09-26Version9.6.80 240-1325794342016-09-15Version9.4.52 240-1277398472016-07-26Version9.2.56 238-1245935662016-06-16Version9.0.83 240-1219111092016-05-13Version9.0.81 240-1216172242016-05-08Version8.7.03 2645110-2302016-03-06Version8.4.89 2428711-2302015-12-06Version8.3.01 2385995-2302015-11-05Version8.3.00 2353383-2302015-10-22Version8.1.15 2250156-0302015-09-16Version7.8.99 2134222-0302015-09-14Version8.1.14 2244331-0302015-09-14Version7.8.92 2098262-0302015-07-22Version7.5.74 1997312-0302015-06-18Version7.5.73 1976294-0302015-06-08Version7.5.71 1955121-0302015-05-25Version7.5.66 1939950-0302015-05-22Version7.5.62 1927436-0302015-05-19Version7.3.26 1853132-0302015-04-16Version7.0.99 1809214-0302015-03-26Version7.0.97 1791429-0302015-03-19Version7.0.96 1785884-0302015-03-16Version7.0.93 1778921-0302015-03-11Version7.0.87 1766486-0302015-03-05Version6.7.76 1745988-0302015-02-23Version6.7.74 1723905-4302015-02-13Version6.5.86 1598563-0302014-11-21Version6.5.85 1589008-0302014-11-19Version6.1.88 1557022-0382014-11-04Version6.1.83 1522025-0382014-10-22Version6.1.74 1511752-0382014-10-15Version6.1.71 1501030-0382014-10-11Version6.1.08 1452911-0302014-09-23Version6.1.07 1443915-0382014-09-19Version5.0.89 1307510-0362014-07-29Version5.0.88 1297476-0362014-07-24Version5.0.84 1259630-0362014-07-02Version5.0.81 1250665-0362014-06-27Version5.0.77 1244185-0382014-06-26Version4.4.52 1174655-0362014-05-17Version4.4.51 1168931-0362014-05-15Version4.4.49 1160803-0362014-05-10Version4.3.25 1117461-0362014-04-16Version4.3.24 1084291-0362014-03-26Version4.3.23 1069729-0362014-03-20Version4.2.43 1035512-0362014-02-26Version4.2.40 1004787-0362014-02-07Version4.2.39 997510-0382014-02-04Version4.1.32 978161-362014-01-16Version4.1.31 965943-302014-01-10Version4.0.34 924341-302013-11-22Version4.0.31 900295-362013-11-05Version4.0.30 889083-382013-11-01Version3.2.66 845709-362013-10-03Version3.2.66 845709-322013-10-01Version3.2.65 834000-362013-09-21Version3.2.64 814847-362013-09-13Version3.2.25 761454-362013-08-04Version3.1.59 736673-362013-07-12Version3.1.36 669520-362013-05-16Version3.0.27 599131-102013-03-22Version3.0.25 583950-102013-02-27Version2.0.122012-12-12Version2.0.102012-12-04Version1.0.13 2012-09-27VersionMarket2012-09-27
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