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Gun Club 2 2.0.3

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The most feature rich & technically accurate gun simulator - now on Android!
Welcome to GUN CLUB 2 -- the most feature rich, graphically intense & technically accurate gun simulator -- and it's finally available on Android! Enjoy the jam-packed selection of interactive weaponry for free and find out for yourself why GUN CLUB 2 is the most downloaded gun simulator anywhere!
Update 1.4.0 introduces the free LR308 rifle along with the new Mercenary Weapons Pack taking the total number of fully interactive weapons to a massive 95!
Please note that Samsung Galaxy S users will need to be on Android OS version 2.3 and up in order to download and install Gun Club 2.
Want more info on updates? Come join us on our forums at
➢ NEW LR308 Rifle
➢ Colt 1860 Pistol
➢ H&K P8
➢ Springfield 1903
➢ M203 Grenade Launcher
➢ TDI Vector
➢ Glock 18 Pistol
➢ SPAS-12 Shotgun
➢ M60-E Machine Gun
➢ M1911 Pistol
➢ Colt 1911 Pistol
➢ Colt Python .45 Magnum Revolver
➢ Desert Eagle Hand Gun
➢ MP5 Sub-Machine Gun
➢ Mac-10 Machine Pistol
➢ M-16A2 Machine Gun
➢ AK-47 Battle Rifle
➢ ARX-160 Assault Rifle
➢ Remington 870 Shotgun
➢ Chainsaw
➢ Vulcan Minigun
- More guns and weapon packs added every week!
✓ Shell discharge (full and empty) 
✓ Both unique sides of every weapon 
✓ Firing mechanic 
✓ Recoil animation 
✓ Muzzle flash / Flames & smoke 
✓ Reload animations 
✓ Real-time clip, gauge and magazine feedback 
✓ Auto / semi-auto fire modes where applicable 
✓ Zoom & free-look mode to examine each weapon closely 
✓ Authentic sound recordings for all actions 
✓ Detailed instructions on how to use each weapon
Also exclusive to GUN CLUB 2, custom-created themed weapon packs that explore dedicated weaponry associated with an era, special forces group or other specialization. We currently offer:
➢ 50 Cal Turret
➢ AK-74 Assault Rifle
➢ AT4 Missile Launcher
➢ Combat Crossbow
➢ Dragunov Rifle
➢ FAMAS Assault Rifle
➢ Galil Assault Rifle
➢ Uzi Sub-Machine Gun
➢ Deringer Pistol
➢ Colt Revolving Rifle
➢ Colt 1851 Pistol
➢ Smith and Wesson Schofield Model 3
➢ Volcanic Lever Action Pistol
➢ Winchester M1887
➢ Shiloh-Sharps Carbine 1874
➢ AutoMag 180 
➢ Colt Detective Special 
➢ Luger P08 
➢ Mateba Model 6 Unica Auto Revolver 
➢ V61 Scorpion 
➢ Walther P99 
➢ Walther PPK
➢ M202A1 Rocket Launcher 
➢ HK416 Rifle
➢ HK417 Rifle
➢ Beretta M9 Sidearm Pistol
➢ M240 Machine Gun
➢ UMP45 Sub-Machine Gun
➢ AA-12 
➢ M200 Intervention Sniper 
➢ M249 SAW Light Machine Gun 
➢ Steyr AUG Assault Rifle 
➢ F2000 Machine Gun 
➢ TAR-21 Machine Gun 
➢ SCAR-L Assault Rifle
➢ M14 Sniper Rifle 
➢ M1014 Shotgun 
➢ M4 SOPMOD Assault Rifle 
➢ P90 Personal Defence Weapon
➢ G36E Assault Rifle 
➢ "Flashbang" M84 Stun Grenade
➢ RPG 7 Grenade Launcher
➢ P.I.A.T. Grenade Launcher 
➢ MGL 140 Grenade Launcher
➢ Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle
➢ Bren 303 MK1 Light Machine Gun
➢ Browning M1917A1 Heavy Machine Gun
➢ M1 Garand Rifle 
➢ PPSH-41 Machine Gun 
➢ STV-40 Sniper Rifle 
➢ Thompson Machine Gun 
➢ Grease Gun 
➢ Sten Gun
➢ KAR98 K Sniper Rifle 
➢ MP44 Assault Rifle 
➢ FG42 Heavy Machine Gun 
➢ MP40 Machine Gun 
➢ WALTHER P38 Pistol 
➢ M-24 Grenade
Download the greatest gunapp available for free today!



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