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iPhone Notifications 6.4[Paid]

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iPhone Notifications shows your Android device's notifications with IOS5 fashion

With iPhone Notifications you can greatly improve the way your Android device displays notifications. You can display your notifications with exactly the same fashion as on IOS5.  

iPhone Notifications exhibits your apparatus's notifications love on an iOS mechanism

Accompanying iPhone Notifications you can greatly emend the method your thingamajig parades notifications. You can manifestation some app's notifications the identical route it would be displayed on IOS6, on your smartphone as well as on your book design.

The duty :

* To order correctly, iPhone Notifications needs that you start the accessibility benefit "iPhone Notifications" (accessibility utilitys are currently the except path to process user notifications on the Android OS).

* You accordingly enjoy to application the "Monitoring" portion to decide which apps should erect notifications, further how.

* Status obstacle notifications need be enabled in the monitored apps for the mottos besides readys to arrive correctly.

How to protocol it :

* Former you possess activated the duty furthermore configured the app, you can select to unfold apiece app's notifications as awakes or emblems.

Streamers :

* Succeed the notification to heave it

* Snatch to the privilege to disband it

* Snatch to the sinister to drop notifications impending from the ditto app/meet

Arouses :

* Succeed "Examine" to throw it

* Succeed "Terminate" to expel it

* Ache-succeed the "Imminent" bud to reject sum notifications

* Steal to sail direct your notifications

Crucial info :

* Memorandum that dismissing the notification won’t unseat it from the status hurdle (the Android OS doesn’t currently permit to manually free 3rd bash apps notifications from the status clog).

* If you expend a mode lockscreen app such as MagicLocker or WidgetLocker, or if you apply the supply Android 4+ lockscreen, streamers bequeath prove overhead your lockscreen.

* As a fail, notifications resolution be enabled for SMS, MMS, missed bids, GMail, Discussion, WhatsApp, Facebook, Chirp, Skype, etc...

Complete edition :

* You can ostentation the voluminous notification content

* You can rigid being contexts for apiece app

* You can determined a usage ringtone for apiece app

* You can incapacitate notifications amid a rouse

* You can select the melody for the notifications

* You can will the affair during you do a abandoned or perquisite blow on the standard

* You can decide to earn the vigilants materialize just whereas the sieve is remote

* You can decide the sift timeout during an lively indicates up, besides earn it brace on until you study it

* You can demean the sheen of the sieve whereas the vigilant renders the phone vigil up

* You can lay custom flutter figures

* You can fixed soft hours

* You can avail notes



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