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LINE camera 14.0.5

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Create your images fun & attractive♪
Share using LINE & other SNS!
★Downloaded over a thousand periods in just 3 periods since its release!
★The variety 1 app in the photographic camera form of Search engines Perform in 16 nations, such as Iceland, Asia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, Sweden, Nicaragua, South africa, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Cameroon and Senegal!

With "LINE camera" you can beautify all your images easily! 
This no cost app allows you have fun with adorable and very funny designs! 
Of course, we have involved the regular well-known figures 
from the LINE app for you to use with your images quickly.
【LINE photographic camera Features】 
♥Many different supports and postage stamps are available 
Decorate to your heart’s articles with over 100 different supports and 700 incredible postage stamps such as well-known ones from the LINE app.
♥Cute and stylish filter systems 
Create and fine-tune your perfect images with our unique filter systems.
♥Brushes and text information that can be used as postage stamps 
Design and use your own exclusive postage stamps with cases and information.
♥Share your images with convenience 
You can use LINE, Facebook or myspace and other SNS solutions to discuss your images.
【Camera and Decorations】 
・Timer Operate 
・Over 700 Stamps 
・Over 100 Frames 
・21 Unique Filtration 
・156 Styling brushes 
・Create postage stamps with brushes & texts
・Choose the computer file kind (PNG/JPG)
【Share Photos with】 



Change log

Version14.0.52017-07-21Version14.0.32017-01-18Version14.0.22016-12-29Version14.0.12016-12-13Version13.2.32016-11-10Version13.2.22016-10-20Version13.2.02016-10-07Version13.1.12016-08-15Version13.0.32016-07-22Version13.0.22016-07-16Version13.0.12016-07-13Version12.3.02016-06-14Version12.2.02016-05-26Version12.1.42016-05-11Version12.1.32016-04-29Version12.1.22016-04-26Version12.1.12016-03-24Version12.1.02016-03-17Version12.0.12016-02-04Version11.3.12015-12-18Version11.2.12015-11-17Version11.2.02015-11-17Version11.1.22015-10-20Version11.1.12015-10-15Version11.1.02015-10-14Version11.0.32015-10-07Version11.0.22015-09-17Version11.0.12015-09-11Version11.0.02015-09-06Version10.2.12015-07-03Version10.2.02015-07-01Version10.1.22015-06-05Version10.1.12015-06-03Version10.1.02015-06-01Version10.0.22015-04-29Version9.0.42015-01-23Version9.0.32015-01-07Version9.0.22014-12-25Version9.0.02014-12-23Version8.6.52014-11-04Version8.6.42014-10-29Version8.6.32014-10-17Version8.6.12014-10-08Version8.6.02014-10-01Version8.5.12014-09-12Version8.5.02014-09-05Version8.4.12014-08-08Version8.4.02014-08-07Version8.3.12014-07-30Version8.3.02014-07-24Version8.2.02014-07-03Version8.1.02014-06-24Version8.0.32014-05-31Version8.0.22014-05-27Version8.0.12014-05-17Version8.0.02014-05-15Version7.0.22014-03-12Version7.0.12014-03-11Version6.3.12014-01-20Version6.3.02014-01-15Version6.2.12013-12-17Version6.2.02013-12-11Version6.1.22013-11-17Version6.1.12013-11-15Version6.1.02013-11-11Version6.0.12013-10-18Version6.0.02013-10-16Version5.0.32013-09-14Version5.0.22013-09-13Version5.0.12013-09-10Version5.0.02013-09-09Version4.1.42013-08-03Version4.1.32013-08-02Version4.1.22013-07-29Version4.1.12013-07-06Version4.1.02013-07-03Version4.0.22013-06-22Version4.0.12013-06-19Version2.11.22013-05-10Version2.11.12013-04-12Version2.11.02013-04-02Version2.10.12013-03-06Version2.10.02013-02-28Version2.9.12013-02-14Version2.9.02013-01-31Version2.8.12012-12-22Version2.8.02012-12-19Version2.7.22012-11-28Version2.7.12012-11-23Version2.7.02012-11-22Version2.6.3 2012-10-27Version2.6.2 2012-10-26Version2.6.1 2012-10-16Version2.6.0 2012-10-12Version2.4.3 2012-09-07Version2.4.2 2012-08-25Version2.4.1 2012-08-24Version2.4.0 2012-08-17Version2.3.32012-07-11Version2.3.22012-07-06Version2.2.12012-06-24VersionMarket2012-06-24
Description · · ·App Name:LINE cameraLatest:14.0.5Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:2.1 and upSize:9.7 MBUpdate:2017-07-21Permissions:Permissions
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