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What''s that song? Identify it FAST with SoundHound.

Unlimited music recognition! With the world''s fastest music recognition and exclusive singing search, SoundHound is instant music search and discovery.

★ Reviews and Honors for SoundHound ★
Your top 10 Android Apps - "I love this app… unique in its class.”
-Jessica Dolcourt, CNET, July 2011
The Best Android Apps – “There’s no limit.”
-John Herrman, Gizmodo, April 2010
Top 10 Must-Have Android Apps
-Bob Tedeschi, NY Times, November 2010
Best Music Engagement App
- BILLBOARD Music App Awards, October 2010
"Genius, isn''t it?" - B.B.C. World Radio
"This is amazing... insane, right?"
-David Pogue of the NY Times

SoundHound includes:
♪ The world''s fastest music recognition: name tunes playing from a speaker in as little as four seconds. Unlimited usage!
♪ The world''s only viable singing and humming recognition
♪ Song Previews
♪ Lyrics
♪ LiveLyrics (in the U.S. and Canada): see Lyrics in time with the music for music recognition!
♪ Music Videos
♪ Share to Facebook and Twitter instantly
♪ Geo-tagging, buy links, and more...

Get SoundHound ∞ to go ad-free and enjoy more features

Note: Location is used to store where songs were discovered. It can be disabled from the Options menu.

Tags: Sound Hound Music Sing Song ID Tag

Explanation of requested permissions:
Used to record audio for both music and voice search.

Used to ensure optimal audio recording settings.

Used to enhance search results and remember where a search took place, which is displayed through History. This can be disabled in app settings.

Used to communicate with servers for search results and other content.

Used to mute SoundHound audio when receiving phone calls.

Used to cache data.

Used to notify when search results are ready.

Used to allow usage through WI-FI.

Used to detect when internet access is available.


 Fixed crash at startup for Android 1.6 users

 Fixed widget sizing for ICS (Android 4.0) users

 Fixed date group headings on the history screen

Other minor fixes

Thanks everyone for emailing your helpful feedback.

As usual, if you are having trouble, please don''t hesitate to contact our awesome customer support!



Change log

Version 7.2.12016-12-09 Version 6.9.32015-11-20 Version 6.9.02015-09-07 Version 6.7.52015-05-19 Version 6.6.02015-04-11 Version 6.5.02015-02-18 Version 6.4.12014-12-24 Version 6.3.32014-11-25 Version 6.3.22014-11-19 Version 6.3.12014-11-14 Version 6.2.02014-08-20 Version 6.1.32014-07-15 Version 6.1.22014-07-04 Version 6.1.02014-07-04 Version 6.0.32014-06-24 Version 6.0.22014-06-07 Version 6.0.12014-05-24 Version 6.0.02014-05-15 Version 5.9.12014-03-13 Version 5.9.02014-02-25 Version 5.8.12014-01-23 Version 5.7.02013-12-24 Version 5.6.02013-12-05 Version 5.5.22013-11-09 Version 5.5.12013-10-26 Version 5.4.42013-09-21 Version 5.4.32013-09-05 Version 5.4.22013-08-20 Version 5.4.12013-08-02 Version 5.4.02013-08-02 Version 5.3.22013-04-26 Version 5.3.02013-03-29 Version 5.2.72013-01-26 Version 5.2.62012-12-11 Version 5.2.52012-12-07 Version 5.2.1 2012-10-19 Version 5.1.7 2012-09-01 Version 5.1.2 2012-08-12 Version 5.1.12012-07-21 Version 5.0.22012-06-15 Version 5.0.02012-06-07 Version 2.9.72012-03-23
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