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English Grammar 2.0.6 [Pro]

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English Grammar Practice will help to improve your English grammar.
- 5000+ question collection arrange in 33 subject
- Study everywhere with question in Lock Screen
- You can also practice English Grammar from this app..
- We have practice exercises where you can answer grammar questions and get scores..
- Daily vocabulary
- 600 essential for the toeic
- Vocabulary of Ielts exam
- Vocabulary of Toefl exam
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Question Tags
Question Words
Gerunds and Infinitives
Some or Any
Much or Many
For or Since
Too or Enough
So or Such
Few or Little
Already or Yet
Present Simple
Present Continuous
Present perfect
Present Perfect Continuous
Past Simple
Past Continuous
Past perfect
Past Perfect Continuous
Future Simple
Future Continuous
Future perfect
Future Perfect Continuous
Articles : A/An/The
Prepositions Of Place : In At On
Prepositions Of Time : In At On
Personal Pronouns - Subject
Personal Pronouns - Object
Personal Pronouns - Subject or Object
Possessive Adjectives
Possessive Pronouns
Reflexive Pronouns



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