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Useful for STEM education, academia, and industry, this app uses device sensor inputs to collect, record, and export data in comma separated value (csv) format through a shareable .csv file. Data can be plotted against elapsed time on a graph or displayed digitally. Users can export the data for further analysis in a spreadsheet or plotting tool. This app also generates tones, colors, and a stroboscope. See for a variety of usage ideas for STEM education.
This app includes all capabilities of Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite plus the following additional features:
A menu allows the user to sense or generate the following (dependent upon the user’s mobile device capabilities):
(1) G-Force Meter - ratio of Fn/Fg (x, y, z and/or total);

(2) Linear Accelerometer – acceleration (x, y, and/or z);

(3) Gyroscope - radial velocity (x, y, and/or z);

(4) Barometer - atmospheric pressure;

(5) Roller Coaster - G-Force Meter, Linear Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Barometer
(6) Hygrometer - relative humidity
(7) Thermometer - temperature
(8) Proximeter - periodic motion and timer (timer and pendulum modes)
(9) Ruler - distance between two points
(10) Magnetometer - magnetic field intensity (x, y, z and/or total);

(11) Compass - magnetic field direction and bubble level
(12) GPS - latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, direction, number of satellites
(13) Inclinometer - azimuth, roll, pitch
(14) Light Meter - light intensity

(15) Sound Meter - sound intensity;

(16) Tone Detector - frequency and musical tone
(17) Oscilloscope (Audio) - wave shape and relative amplitude;
(19) Multi Record
(20) Tone Generator – sound frequency producer
(21) Color Generator – R/G/B/Y/C/M, white, and custom color screen
(22) Stroboscope (beta) - camera flash
In multi record, users choose one or more of the above sensors to collect data at the same time. Files can be easily named before export, or saved to the device's internal for easy organization and retrieval later on.
Additional features include the ability to record simple data with clock time or elapsed time, select either the comma or semicolon as the csv delimiter,
, change line width on graphs, modify the relative sensor collection rate, and maintain the screen on at all times.
Used to calculate the azimuth.
A csv file is created and modified on the phone's internal memory.
The app has a sound meter mode that analyzes sound using the microphone.


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