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For years ZEDGE™ has been the most trusted and popular source of free ringtones and wallpapers in the world. 50 million people get more than 300 million free downloads from Zedge every month. ZEDGE’s brand is synonymous with high quality, diversity, uniqueness and great fun.
CNET Editors’ rating: “Outstanding”
“Overall, we think Zedge is a winner. It has a huge database of high-quality wallpaper, ringtones, and notification sounds, it's updated frequently, and it's incredibly simple to navigate.”
In this app you’ll be able to seamlessly download free, high quality Ringtones, Notification Sounds, HD Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers optimized for your device. In addition, ZEDGE™ helps you find the best and noteworthy Games from Google Play.
ZEDGE™ recently added a Games channel where you’ll also find cool, relevant and excellent games that you haven’t seen before. ZEDGE™ makes sense of Google Play and suggests the games that are right for you.
• Set ringtones, notification sounds, wallpapers and live wallpapers directly from the app.
• Find new games recommended just for you.
• Start the games from within the app.
• Supports default ringtone, contact ringtones, message tones, alarms, alerts and all types notifications.
• Manage and organize downloaded items in your Downloads tab.
• Setting for automatically changing wallpapers (auto change).
• Widget for switching wallpapers.
• A Game Launcher Widget that automatically collects your games into one customizable widget. No more need to look through all your apps to find a game.


Change log

Version 5.54.6 [Ad Free]2018-12-11 Version 5.52.6 [Ad Free]2018-11-28 Version 5.50.4 Final [Ad Free]2018-10-15 Version 5.48.10 Final [Ad Free]2018-09-27 Version 5.46.4 Final [Ad Free]2018-09-06 Version 5.44.9 Final [Ad Free]2018-07-24 Version 5.44.7 Final [Ad Free]2018-07-07 Version 5.44.7 Final [Ad Free]2018-07-06 Version 5.44.6 Final [Ad Free]2018-06-30 Version 5.44.5 Final [Ad Free]2018-06-29 Version 5.42.19 Final [Ad Free]2018-06-15 Version 5.42.17 Final [Ad Free]2018-06-12 Version 5.42.13 Final [Ad Free]2018-06-07 Version 5.40.4 Final [Ad Free]2018-05-17 Version 5.40.3 Final [Ad Free]2018-05-03 Version 5.38.15 Final [Ad Free]2018-04-17 Version 5.38.8 Final [Ad Free]2018-04-06 Version 5.38.7 Final [Ad Free]2018-03-24 Version 5.36.2 Final [Ad Free]2018-03-07 Version 5.36.1 Final [Ad Free]2018-02-22 Version 5.34.8 Final [Ad Free]2018-02-09 Version 5.37b149 (53714905) [Ad-Free]2018-02-06 Version 5.34.7b53400703 [Ad Free]2018-02-05 Version 5.37b148 (53714805) [Ad-Free]2018-02-03 Version 5.37b146 (53714605) [Ad-Free]2018-01-28 Version 5.34.7 Final [Ad Free]2018-01-26 Version 5.37b143 (53714305) [Ad-Free]2018-01-19 Version 5.35b136 (53500136) [Ad-Free]2018-01-07 Version 5.35b136 beta2018-01-04 Version 5.35b132 (53500132) [Ad-Free]2017-12-23 Version 5.32.8 Final [Ad Free]2017-12-18 Version 5.32.7 Final [Ad Free]2017-12-12 Version 5.35b125 (53500125) [Ad-Free]2017-12-10 Version 5.32.5 Final [Ad Free]2017-12-05 Version 5.33b116 (53300116) [Ad-Free]2017-11-22 Version 5.33b115 (53300115) [Ad-Free]2017-11-22 Version 5.30.13 Final [Ad Free]2017-11-20 Version 5.33b113 [Mod Proper]2017-11-15 Version 5.33b113 (53300113) [Ad-Free]2017-11-14 Version 5.33b110 (53300110) [Ad-Free]2017-11-11 Version 5.33b108 (53300108) [Ad-Free]2017-11-06 Version 5.18.222017-05-11 Version 5.18.212017-05-10 Version 5.16.52017-03-31 Version 5.16.42017-03-27 Version 5.16.32017-03-22 Version 5.14.52017-02-24 Version 5.12.22017-02-02 Version 5.12.12017-01-27 Version 5.12.02017-01-22 Version 5.10.12016-11-28 Version 5.8.42016-11-21 Version 5.8.32016-11-18 Version 5.8.22016-11-14 Version 5.6.22016-10-27 Version 5.6.12016-09-17 Version 5.4.62016-08-29 Version 5.4.52016-08-24 Version 5.4.32016-07-06 Version 5.2.42016-05-18 Version 5.0.32016-04-12 Version 4.24.12016-02-03 Version 4.22.12015-12-23 Version 4.23b32015-12-02 Version 4.20.12015-11-12 Version 5.52015-10-12 Version 4.18.32015-10-11 Version 4.16.12015-09-17 Version 4.12.72015-08-14 Version 4.12.62015-08-07 Version 4.12.52015-08-04 Version 4.12.32015-06-26 Version 4.12.12015-05-21 Version 4.10.22015-04-20 Version 4.8.12015-03-19 Version 4.7.42015-02-24 Version 4.7.22015-02-21 Version 4.7.12015-02-19 Version 4.6.02015-01-16 Version 4.5.42014-12-09 Version 4.5.32014-11-19 Version 4.5.12014-11-14 Version 4.5.02014-11-13 Version 4.4.52014-10-10 Version 4.4.12014-09-29 Version 4.3.42014-08-13 Version 4.3.12014-04-29 Version 4.32014-04-27 Version 4.2.12014-03-28 Version 4.1.12014-02-17 Version 4.0.52014-01-23 Version Version Version 3.5.12013-11-23 Version 3.52013-07-04 Version 3.4.12013-03-19 Version Market2013-03-19
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Description · · · App Name:ZEDGE™ Latest:5.54.7 [Ad Free] Size:Free English:English ROM:2.0 and up Size:2.1 MB Update:2018-12-20 Permissions: Permissions
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