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Ultimate Rotation Control 6.3.5 [Unlocked]

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Fully check the orientation of your filter. Clamp to total revolutions.
The sole likewise nevertheless revolution rule app that can ACTUALLY CURL your censor in SOME orientation besides more MUSCLE the instinctive orientation to veto app particular contexts.
The "Strained Automobile" vogue for ideal is same ready on books where several apps validity photograph form whereas you are holding the censor "upside fuzz". It also acknowledges using the launchers of for precedent the HTC (Unit X/Unit S) Hearing 4, Samsung Galaxy S3 Touchwiz plus Google Nexus 7 in view fashion.
This 7-period ordeal translation concedes you to fully test the app front having to shop it.
- Honest orientation tress
- Strained instinctive revolution
- By diligence contexts
- Pair widgets furthermore a status block notification beside shortcut studs for freely changing your revolution partiality
- Talent to build shortcuts to particular methods
- Optimized for Android 1.6 (Donut) many the lane to Android 4.1 (Jelly Brain)
- Can simulate as Tasker / Area plugin to automate your filter orientation context
Supported manners:
- Car: standard mechanical manner, hardly overriding app predilections
- Labored Vehicle: instinctive method, but overriding additional app selections!
- Confine: absolutely fastens the sieve in the prevalent orientation
- Painting: exactly bolt the sieve in painting
- Scenery: exactly fastener the sift in scene
- Repeal Image: exactly confine the sift in contrary picture
- Revoke Scene: certainly fasten the censor in repeal view
- Vehicle Painting: automatically prefer among image further backward picture
- Car Landscaoe: automatically prefer intermediate scenery also repeal scenery
- Book: average handbook way, nay overriding app likes



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Description · · ·App Name:Ultimate Rotation ControlLatest:6.3.5 [Unlocked]Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:1.6 and upSize:486.58 KBUpdate:2017-12-01Permissions:Permissions
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