Nova Launcher 5.1.1

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Extremely personalized, efficiency motivated, desltop substitute Operating system 4.0+
Features include:
Scrollable Connect (for Pills and Phones)
Keep all your preferred applications on the connect, with up to 7 symbols per web page and up to 3 pages.
Customizable App Drawer:
  Scrolling design, choose between horizontally paginated or straight continuous
Scroll Effects
Enjoy eye sweets when scrolling your pc and cabinet. Results consist of Dice and Cardstack and more for Excellent users.
Infinite Scroll
Never be far from your preferred web page, cycle through your pc consistently.
Folder Icons
You can decided a background, review design or even substitute the whole symbol.
Export your configurations and structure before a remove to easily get back up and running.
Widgets in dock
Add any 1x1 gadget to the dock
Bulk Add
Add several applications to the pc or a directory at once
Activities shortcut
Select invisible actions from your preferred apps
*Nova Launcher Excellent Functions (Paid version)*
Highly personalized, efficiency motivated, desltop substitute Operating system 4.0+
Nova Launcher Excellent opens the following features in Nova Launcher:
Drawer Groups:
Folders in App Drawer
Unlimited custom tabs
Organize applications into an eye and files in the app drawer
Quickly start Nova Activities or Apps from actions on the pc, such as grabbing, using or two-finger using.
Hide Apps
Keep a mess free cabinet by hidding never used applications.
Dock Swipes
Get more use out of your connect applications by setting swipe-actions
Unread Counts
Never miss out on an email. Unread count badges for SMS, Skipped calls and Googlemail. Number show in the connect, pc, cabinet and files.
More Search Effects



Change log

Version 5.1.12017-05-10 Version 5.12017-05-05 Version 5.1-beta62017-04-24 Version 5.1-beta52017-04-13 Version 5.1-beta42017-04-05 Version 5.1-beta32017-03-31 Version 5.1-beta12017-03-24 Version 5.0.22017-02-24 Version 5.0.12016-12-25 Version 5.02016-12-14 Version 5.0-beta102016-12-10 Version 5.0-beta9b2016-11-19 Version 5.0-beta82016-10-28 Version 5.0-beta62016-10-06 Version 5.0-beta52016-10-03 Version 5.0-beta12016-09-18 Version 4.3.12016-05-04 Version 4.32016-05-04 Version 4.3-beta72016-04-21 Version 4.3-beta52016-04-15 Version 4.3-beta32016-04-09 Version 4.3-beta22016-04-05 Version 4.3-beta-april12016-04-03 Version 4.2.22016-01-09 Version 4.2.1-beta32015-12-29 Version 4.2.02015-12-08 Version 4.2.0-beta62015-12-07 Version 4.2.0-beta32015-12-04 Version 4.2.0-beta22015-12-03 Version 4.2.0-beta12015-12-03 Version 4.1.0-beta32015-10-07 Version 4.1.0-beta22015-09-16 Version 4.0.22015-07-09 Version 4.0.2beta22015-07-02 Version 4.0.12015-05-27 Version 4.02015-05-14 Version materinova.302015-05-09 Version materinova.292015-05-08 Version materinova.282015-04-25 Version materinova.272015-04-08 Version materinova.262015-04-02 Version materinova.242015-03-27 Version materinova.232015-03-24 Version materinova.222015-03-20 Version materinova.202015-03-18 Version materinova.182015-03-17 Version materinova.172015-03-14 Version materinova.162015-03-12 Version materinova.152015-03-11 Version 3.32014-12-02 Version 3.3beta12014-11-20 Version 3.22014-10-22 Version 3.1.1beta22014-10-14 Version 3.1.1beta12014-10-14 Version 3.12014-08-28 Version 3.1beta52014-08-27 Version 3.1beta42014-08-26 Version 3.1beta32014-08-25 Version 3.1beta22014-08-23 Version 3.0.22014-07-12 Version 3.0.2beta52014-07-11 Version 3.0.2beta42014-07-09 Version 3.0.2beta22014-07-04 Version 3.0.12014-06-07 Version 3.0.1beta22014-06-06 Version 3.0.1beta12014-06-05 Version 3.02014-06-04 Version 3.0beta62014-06-02 Version 3.0beta52014-06-01 Version 3.0beta42014-05-30 Version 3.0beta32014-05-29 Version 3.0beta22014-05-28 Version 3.0beta12014-05-28 Version 2.32013-12-11 Version 2.3beta42013-12-03 Version 2.3beta32013-11-17 Version 2.3beta22013-11-16 Version 2.3beta12013-11-12 Version 2.2.32013-09-18 Version 2.2.3beta12013-09-16 Version 2.2.22013-09-05 Version 2.2.2beta32013-09-02 Version 2.2.2beta22013-08-28 Version 2.2.12013-08-21 Version 2.2.1beta22013-08-18 Version 2.22013-08-06 Version 2.1.12013-06-11 Version 2.1.1beta42013-06-07 Version 2.1.1beta32013-06-06 Version 2.1.1beta12013-05-13 Version 2.12013-05-12 Version 2.1beta32013-05-10 Version 2.0.22013-04-06 Version 2.0.1beta92013-02-25 Version 2.0.1beta82013-02-22 Version 2.0.1beta72013-02-21 Version 2.0.1beta52013-02-20 Version 2.0.1beta42013-02-14 Version 2.0.1beta32013-01-11 Version 2.0.1beta22013-01-07 Version 1.3.42012-12-10 Version 1.3.4beta1 2012-11-21 Version 1.3.3 2012-11-14 Version 1.3.2 2012-10-18 Version 1.3.2beta5 2012-10-14 Version 1.3.2beta4 2012-10-13 Version 1.3.2beta3 2012-10-11 Version 1.3.2beta2 2012-10-09 Version 1.3.2beta1 2012-10-04 Version 1.3.1 2012-09-24 Version 1.3 2012-09-24 Version 1.3beta8 2012-09-20 Version 1.3beta7 2012-09-19 Version 1.3beta6 2012-08-17 Version 1.3beta32012-08-08 Version 1.2.22012-07-26 Version 1.2.2beta42012-07-12 Version 1.2.2beta32012-07-08 Version 1.2.2beta12012-06-28 Version 1.2.12012-06-22 Version 1.2.1beta22012-06-20 Version 1.22012-06-09 Version 1.2beta72012-06-08 Version 1.2beta62012-06-06 Version 1.2beta52012-06-05 Version Market2012-06-05
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