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Perfect Viewer

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Perfect Viewer is a very fast image/comic viewer.
*Support image file format: JPEG,PNG,GIF,BMP
*Support archive file format: CBZ/ZIP,CBR/RAR,7Z/CB7(No solid mode),LZH
*Support PDF file after install the PDF plugin
*Smooth filters: Averaging, Bilinear, Bicubic, Lanczos3;
*Five view mode: Full size, Fit Screen, Fit Width, Fit Height, Fixed size;
*Support Left-to-right & right-to-left reading
*Set image as wallpaper
*Browse image in folder/archive as thumbnail
*Bookshelf function
*Support pinch to zoom & fling gesture
*Simple bookmark function
*My favorites management
*Cache next and previous page
*Auto single page & Auto dual page
*Simple file management(delete, rename)
*Adjust image brightness,contrast & gamma



Change log

Version3.4.1.12017-01-30Version3.4.0.22016-12-10Version3.3.0.52016-10-02Version3.2.0.42016-08-15Version3.1.0.72016-06-07Version3.1.0.62016-05-25Version3.1.0.52016-05-20Version3.1.0.42016-05-16Version2.7.2.22016-03-30Version3.0.1.52016-03-28Version3.0.1.22016-03-22Version3.0.1.12016-03-21Version3.0.0.62016-03-06Version2.7.1.52015-10-16Version2.7.1.42015-10-14Version2.7.1.32015-10-04Version2.7.0.62015-09-14Version2.7.0.42015-09-05Version2.7.0.32015-09-01Version2.6.0.22015-07-07Version2.5.4.82015-06-26Version2.5.3.12015-04-27Version2.5.2.62015-04-08Version2.5.2.52015-04-06Version2.5.2.42015-04-02Version2.5.2.32015-03-31Version2.5.2.12015-03-28Version2.5.22015-03-26Version2.5.1.42015-02-24Version2.5.1.32015-02-20Version2.5.1.22015-02-16Version2.5.0.22015-02-14Version2.4.0.42015-01-05Version2.42014-12-31Version2.3.4.12014-10-03Version2.3.42014-10-02Version2.3.3.22014-08-26Version2.3.3.12014-08-25Version2.3.32014-08-20Version2.3.2.22014-07-21Version2.3.2.12014-07-20Version2.3.22014-07-18Version2.3.1.12014-06-26Version2.3.12014-06-24Version2.3.0.52014-05-08Version2.3.0.32014-05-07Version2.3.0.22014-05-04Version2.3.0.12014-05-04Version2.2.1.22014-02-18Version2.2.1.12014-02-17Version2.2.12014-02-14Version2.2.0.12014-01-07Version2.22013-12-27Version2.1.0.32013-12-07Version2.1.0.22013-12-04Version2.1.0.12013-12-02Version2.12013-12-01Version2.0.4.12013-09-01Version2.0.42013-08-31Version2.0.3.22013-08-09Version2.0.3.12013-08-08Version2.0.32013-08-03Version2.0.2.32013-06-30Version2.0.2.22013-06-27Version2.0.2.12013-06-25Version2.0.22013-06-25Version2.0.1.42013-05-16Version2.0.1.32013-05-15Version2.0.1.22013-04-13Version2.0.1.12013-04-13Version2.0.12013-04-12Version2.0.0.12013-03-24Version2.02013-03-16Version1.9.3.62013-02-08Version1.9.3.52013-02-01Version1.9.3.42013-01-23Version1.9.3.32013-01-22Version1.9.3.22013-01-20Version1.9.3.12013-01-20Version1.9.32013-01-19Version1.9.2.22012-12-29Version1.9.2.12012-12-17Version1.9.22012-11-24Version1.9.1.3 2012-11-14Version1.9.1.2 2012-11-07Version1.9.1.1 2012-11-04Version1.9.1a 2012-11-03Version1.9.0.10 2012-09-21Version1.9.0.9 2012-09-20Version1.9.0.8 2012-09-13Version1.9.0.7 2012-08-30Version1.9.0.6 2012-08-29Version1.9.0.5 2012-08-25Version1.9.0.3 2012-08-13Version1.9.0.2 2012-08-12Version1.9.0.1 2012-08-12Version1.82012-05-26
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