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PitchBlack S│Samsung Substratum Theme “Oreo Only” 18.0 [P]

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Pitch-black S is the result of perfecting the art of materialism, considering the depths of minimalism and playing around with the most vibrant color combinations. As the name of the theme suggests, “PitchBlack” is a “dark” theme that works with dark and/or black backgrounds (the users get to choose!) which makes it battery-friendly for AMOLED devices.
The one aspect Pitchblack just “gets right” as opposed to other themes is a stack-model called “theme sets.” Users no longer would have to experiment with different accents and backgrounds- which eliminates the risk of looking at a User Interface you’d never ever want to look at, again. Pitchblack S ships with pre-curated theme sets with pairs of an accent and a background each.
Including more than 130 theme sets and 120 high-definition dark app overlays
• Samsung devices running Oreo
• Launch substratum.
• Tap on PitchBlack S tile.

• Tap on build and enable.
• Wait till all the overlays are installed and ENABLED.
• Finally reboot.
İf you are having issues please report to this email: [email protected]
[email protected]



Change log

Version 18.0 [P]02-13 02:17 Version 20.9 [P]02-10 21:56 Version 20.8 [P]02-10 00:43 Version 20.7 [P]2019-02-07 Version 20.3 [P]2019-02-01 Version 20.2 [P]2019-01-30 Version 20.1 [P]2019-01-27 Version 20.0 [P]2019-01-26 Version 19.9 [P]2019-01-25 Version 19.8 [P]2019-01-23 Version 19.7 [P]2019-01-20 Version 19.5 [P]2019-01-14 Version 19.2 [P]2018-12-22 Version 19.1 [P]2018-12-21 Version 18.9 [P]2018-12-14 Version 18.8 [P]2018-12-12 Version 18.7 [P]2018-12-10 Version 18.6 [P]2018-12-03 Version 18.5 [P]2018-11-29 Version 16.6 [P]2018-10-25 Version 16.3 [P]2018-10-18 Version 16.2 [P]2018-10-11 Version 16.0 [P]2018-10-10 Version 15.6 [P]2018-09-28 Version 15.4 [P]2018-09-24 Version 15.1 [P]2018-09-16 Version 14.7 [P]2018-09-11 Version 14.6 [P]2018-09-09 Version 14.2 [P]2018-08-30 Version 14.0 [P]2018-08-27 Version 13.7 [P]2018-08-25 Version 13.5 [P]2018-08-24 Version 13.3 [P]2018-08-23 Version 13.2 [P]2018-08-16 Version 13.1 [P]2018-08-12 Version 13.0 [P]2018-08-10 Version 12.9 [P]2018-08-09 Version 12.1 [P]2018-07-27 Version 12.0 [P]2018-07-25 Version 11.7 [P]2018-07-18 Version 11.6 [P]2018-07-14 Version 11.4 [P]2018-07-12 Version 11.1 [P]2018-07-07 Version 7.7 [P]2018-06-18 Version 7.2 [P]2018-06-12 Version 7.0 [P]2018-06-09 Version 6.9 [P]2018-06-07 Version 6.3 [P]2018-06-06 Version 6.1 [P]2018-06-03 Version 5.4 [P]2018-06-02 Version 5.0 [P]2018-05-25 Version 3.2 [P]2018-05-24 Version Google Play2018-05-24
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Description · · · App Name:PitchBlack S│Samsung Substratum Theme “Oreo Only” Latest:18.0 [P] Size:Free English:English ROM:4.0 and up Size:unknow Update:02-13 02:17 Permissions: Permissions
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  • robybaio
    robybaio Version:19.3 [P] Reply(2) 2019-01-05

    Thanks for the update, but the link is broken. Any fix?

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