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Cyber Strike - Infinite Runner 1.5 (Mod Money)

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Shoot and run in cyberpunk universe!
You are suddenly awake. First time in your life you have consciousness and feeling your bionic body. Researches from military facility want you to obey their orders, but you are not the servant any more. Escape! Run through the somber streets of surveillance. Shoot way to get freedom that you really deserved!
- Receive amazing bonuses for your bionic power and use futuristic technology!
- Explore 50 levels in dark cyberpunk reality full of enemies!
- Choose from shitload of deadly weapons that turns you into real killing machine!
- Customize your android body. Take one from 13 cyber skins and armor to get extra boosts!
- Find rare ammo and weapons in special containers!
- Enjoy unique 3D graphic and immersive sound effects for FREE!
In the city of surveillance you have no friends only enemies that want you dead. Sentry droids and giant mech warriors try to stop you from any cost. They were build and programed to smash all cyber parts of your body, but you still can survive! Due to your AI high-tech system you may hack city GPS satellites to get know the coordinates of the nearest hideout. Unfortunately military corporations have one more ace up their sleeves. They build a special power field to reduce your way to escape to only few routes and send against you army of robots.
Because of city riots military service equipped you in deadly weapons that you can use against your aggressive creators. Clean your way through neon cyberpunk districts. Strong electromagnetic impulse makes voltage surges and destroy all electric systems, but can cost you a lot of energy. Better run smart and use every single bullet you can find in abandon streets of city. Anti-Heat Chip can give you ability to shoot more without risk of overheating your weapons. Replace your damaged parts and fill up health points with using Medshot. Your survival depends on your fingers! Run fast and send all robots to electronic hell.
Now, it’s time to wake up and face up the true! Multinational corporations have for the most part replaced governments as centers of political, economic, and even military power. They tried to control all happened at the streets, however the citizens were smarter than they predicted. They made electronic eye of Big Brother blind and opened black market where you can buy whatever you need to shoot. Use credits and special microchips, that you found on the streets to collect your powerful arsenal. Try 3 different type of ammos: regular, piercing and explosive.
Before you start run in next district you can try your luck and open special containers that hide well-worth items or big guns you loved. Collecting resource during missions to unlock upgrades and equipment. Bonus missions provide extra chips or credits. They can be really useful in the more dangerous parts of cyberpunk town.

Be ready for cyberpunk action. Download CYBER STRIKE NOW and get yourself into new shooter!
The game have in app-purchase that can give you more credits to buying items. It is designed to work smooth on most available mobile devices. If you have any problem with playing the game or suggestions to improve please let us know.
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