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Calculator Widget Themes PRO 4.0.2

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Calculator Widget Theme PRO
- no ads and full free
- 28 different themes / motifs
- only vibrate permission
- history of operations
- widget for homescreen and lockscreen
- customizable font size
- custom decimal separator
- custom thousands separator
- custom precison of results
- resizeable widget
- subscripts (show small optional symbols on button)
- superscripts (shows the current result)
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- subtraction
- addition
- multiplication
- division
- percentage, example: 50-20%=40, works like: 50-(0.20*50)=50-10=40
- square root, example: √9=3
- pi constant
- e constant
- log logarithm
- mod remainder of division, example 10mod8=2
- ln natural logarithm is the logarithm to the base e
- power example: 2^3=8
- sin
- cos
- tan
-If you can not see widget in your widgets list, please reboot your device (turn it off and again turn it on).
-If buttons do not respond please reboot your device.



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