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 The best image collection and image browser&viewer in Operating system, more fast and obvious then the idle inventory Gallery, just as an incredible number of customers said!


1. Perspective and fall display with best excellent, more obvious then other applications.

2. Rate surfing around plenty of images, fast discover all your images, without qualifications service.

3. Consist of or remove the specified files to make more effective checking.

4. Easy cover up your pics and vids from the collection applications, secure them with a code.

5. Perform animated-GIFs and conventional video clips.

6. iPhone''s sleek experience: moving modify or modify, individual or twice tap or touch to zoom capability.

7. Move, get smaller, plants images, set qualifications with best excellent.

8. More computer file control features: type, relabel, make new directory, modify and duplicate images.

9. Enhanced for HD display devices

10. It is free and no ads!



Please BACKUP YOUR IMPORTANT PHOTOS before your do computer file operations!

Long media a thumbnail to move/copy to another or new directory. Get into multi-select function to discover the set functions.

Include the image files only in the configurations to accelerate the checking.

Click the name in the name bar to relabel the file/folder.

Can''t synchronize Picasa or Facebook or myspace or other web albums!

Can''t display 3D photos yet!

Can''t display TIFF!

Reinstall the app to obvious your password!


ICS(Android 4.0) users:

Please don''t allow the ICS choice "Force GPU rendering", plenty of applications will not work, include my app! Search engines, don''t you analyze the new functions before launch them?! 


HTC users:

Open images from SMS will fall short because HTC want a collection app with "SMS studying permission", but I think it is not logical!


 There are thousands of phones/tablets in Operating system, I am always doing my best to make my app working excellent on every device! So, if you discover any problem, before you publish ineffective feedback or score, please try to deliver e-mail to me, I will help you to fix it!


Recent changes:

v2.0 beta

1. New fresh UI like Operating system 4.0(ICS), plenty of UI optimizations

2. Substitute record function to traveler function, assistance ordered folders

3. Larger rectangle pictures without border

4. Fix some slight bugs

5. App2SD for Operating system 2.2+


Yes, you need to modify, because Search engines has modified the UI and experience!


If any new bug discovered, please deliver e-mail to me: [email protected]



Change log

Version4.7.2.24172017-06-30Version4.7.2.24102017-01-02Version4.7.2.24082016-07-29Version4.7.1.23842016-01-05Version4.7.1.23832015-12-24Version4.7.1.13682015-12-19Version4.7.1.13592015-12-15Version4.7.1.13572015-12-13Version4.7.0.13662015-12-10Version4.7.0.13542015-12-03Version4.6.4.12472015-10-30Version4.6.3.12182015-10-20Version4.5.32015-08-28Version4.5.12015-06-19Version4.52015-06-17Version4.32015-05-16Version4.22015-03-16Version3.9.22014-12-12Version3.9.12014-12-01Version3.92014-11-20Version3.82014-10-28Version3.7.22014-09-12Version3.7.12014-08-21Version3.7.02014-08-07Version3.6.22014-07-18Version3.6.0.12014-07-16Version3.62014-07-15Version3.5.12014-06-27Version3.5.0.12014-06-19Version3.5 Beta32014-06-12Version3.5 Beta22014-06-06Version3.5 Beta2014-06-06Version3.4.9.12014-02-25Version3.4.92014-02-23Version3.4.82014-02-07Version3.4.72014-01-18Version3.4.62014-01-15Version3.4.52013-12-24Version3.4.42013-12-14Version3.4.32013-12-14Version3.4.22013-12-13Version3.4.12013-12-01Version3.3.22013-11-23Version3.3.12013-11-17Version3.32013-11-16Version3.22013-10-21Version3.1.12013-10-16Version3.12013-10-15Version3.0.42013-10-07Version3.0.32013-10-02Version3.0.22013-09-30Version3.0.12013-09-29Version3.02013-09-29Version3.0RC2013-09-26Version2.9.9Beta22013-08-31Version2.9.9Beta2013-08-30Version2.9.62013-08-02Version2.9.52013-07-29Version2.9.42013-03-15Version2.9.4 Beta2013-03-14Version2.9.32013-03-07Version2.9.22013-03-06Version2.9.12013-03-03Version2.92013-03-02Version2.9 RC2013-02-24Version2.9 Beta32013-02-13Version2.9 Beta2013-02-08Version2.8.22013-01-19Version2.8.12013-01-13Version2.82013-01-12Version2.7.12012-11-21Version2.7 2012-11-06Version2.6.2 2012-10-20Version2.6.1 2012-10-15Version2.6 2012-10-13Version2.5 2012-09-22Version2.4.3 2012-09-10Version2.4.1 2012-09-09Version2.4.0 2012-09-08Version2.3.3 2012-08-13Version2.3.2 2012-08-13Version2.3.12012-07-21Version2.32012-06-02Version2.02012-03-26
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