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RAM Manager Pro 8.6.1 [Paid]

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★Stability - Right which establishs your BATTER to the prize optimization, this prerogative is for ordinary using. Custom this selection whereas you aspire to hold quick phone lacking trails.
★Remnant (Additional emancipate retention) - This choice is almost the alike as Balance, only this prerogative should be advantageous for users who bear else HIT than 512 MB. This choice provides you extra loosen rote yet a jot rebates multitasking.
★Balance (Another multitasking) - This prerogative is virtually the like as Balance, yet this right should be advantageous for users who bear minus BUTT than 512 MB. This prerogative provides you further multitasking, however a trifle weakens unchecked retention.
★Firm Gaming - Alternative which settles your STUFF for playing hardest games. Operate this prerogative for games which linger on your phone. Your games testament trot easy minus loiters.
★Hard Gaming (Lower truculent) - This choice is like to Hard Gaming nevertheless should be surpass for inventions among BULLDOZE inferior than 512MB.
★Hard Multitasking - Alternative for users which are actually firm employed on their phones. You can contain a many of running apps besides swiftly substitute amid them minus lingers.
★Fail (Samsung) - Delinquency milieus by Samsung, these scenerys are further secondhand by LG, HTC, etc.
★Default (Nexus S) - Default decors which are secondhand by sum Google contrivances.
★Default - This prerogative backslides your BULLDOZE to your blemish scenerys, which you had previously you installed this app.
★Lock launcher in mind
★VM Lump volume
★Swap record - Helps a rendition yet it might debase your SD schedule soul
★Memory information
★Free mind cadence
★Chosen alternative is automatically lay on every reboot
★You can readily shift amid sum choices lacking rebooting

This effort optimizes the THRUST of total android gadgets further provides you meliorate play. We tested moreover we're but testing the prime BATTER stabilize which coerces your computer as rapid as imaginable. This relevance elevates perfomance of your contraption in total bearings. Switching amid uses is same speedy, your computer endow be smoother thereupon perpetual previous. You can wholly habituate your multitasking besides you yet retain as ample image as you demand.

This diligence is the supreme answer for sum who acquire hitch accompanying loose remembrance, accompanying multitasking, among inactive swapping intermediate diligences or among slacken benefit of your scheme. I suggest to operate this diligence to everyone who lacks retain advance phone, so this effort upgrades rate of your phone further additional parameters which depen



Change log

Version 8.6.12016-09-02 Version 8.3.02016-06-29 Version 8.2.02016-04-19 Version 8.1.12016-03-07 Version 8.0.92015-12-25 Version 8.0.52015-11-10 Version 8.0.42015-11-03 Version 8.0.12015-10-27 Version 7.5.12015-08-21 Version 7.2.02015-05-08 Version 7.0.62014-11-24 Version 7.0.52014-10-09 Version 7.0.42014-08-21 Version 7.0.32014-08-06 Version 7.0.12014-06-18 Version 7.0.02014-06-16 Version 6.1.32014-06-11 Version 6.1.22014-05-21 Version 6.1.12014-05-21 Version 6.0.52014-05-07 Version 6.0.32014-01-09 Version 6.0.22013-12-24 Version 6.0.02013-12-20 Version 5.3.42013-11-26 Version 5.3.32013-11-24 Version 5.3.22013-11-12 Version 5.3.12013-11-06 Version 5.3.02013-10-16 Version 5.2.22013-08-24 Version 5.2.12013-08-22 Version 5.2.02013-08-15 Version 5.1.02013-08-03 Version 5.0.12013-07-03 Version 5.0.02013-06-24 Version 4.6.02013-03-24 Version 4.5.12013-02-26 Version 4.5.02013-02-25 Version 4.4.12013-01-12 Version 4.4.02013-01-10 Version 4.3.02013-01-03 Version 4.2.22012-12-10 Version 4.2.12012-11-29 Version 4.2.0 2012-11-13 Version 4.1.3 2012-10-15 Version 4.1.2 2012-10-11 Version 4.1.1 2012-09-22 Version 4.1.0 2012-09-19 Version 4.0.3 2012-09-11 Version 4.0.2 2012-09-10 Version 4.0.1 2012-09-09 Version 3.3.3 2012-09-06 Version 3.3.2 2012-09-05 Version 3.3.1 2012-08-23 Version 3.2.1 2012-08-21 Version 3.2.0 2012-08-16 Version 3.1.02012-05-09
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Description · · · App Name:RAM Manager Pro Latest:8.6.1 Size:Free English:English ROM:2.1,2.2,2.3,4.0,3.0 Size:129 kb Update:2016-09-02 Permissions: Permissions
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