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Reddit News 9.0.62 [Paid][Paid]

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- pre-fetching of images for quick viewing right from the stories list
- Stories and comments load at the same time. Switch between the two by sliding up and down the voting bar. (see market pic)
- View profiles, edit and delete comments, check your inbox, submit posts and more...
- Hi-res thumbnails created from pre-fetched images
- Sidebar and Spoiler support
- Rage faces and MLP emotes in comments with alternate text
- Drag and drop sortable Subreddits, move your favorites to the front.
- multiple colour themes including black,white,blue and pink
- Search Reddit for a specific topic.
- Optimized layout for phones and tablets
- butter smooth scrolling!



Change log

Version 9.0.62 [Paid]09-16 18:46Version 9.0.60 build 362 [Paid]09-14 22:45Version 9.0.58 build 360 [Paid]2018-08-24Version 9.0.58 build 359 [Paid]2018-08-24Version 9.0.56 [Paid]2018-08-23Version 9.0.55 [Paid]2018-08-17Version 9.0.50 [Paid]2018-06-08Version 9.0.48 [Paid]2018-05-27Version 9.0.45 build 351 [Paid]2018-05-24Version 9.0.45 [Paid]2018-05-23Version 9.0.44 [Paid]2018-05-10Version 9.0.40 [Paid]2018-04-29Version 9.0.37 [Paid]2018-04-24Version 9.0.36 [Paid]2018-04-24Version 9.0.35 [Paid]2018-04-17Version 9.0.33 [Paid]2018-04-13Version 9.0.32 [Paid]2018-04-12Version 9.0.30 [Paid]2018-04-11Version 9.0.25 build 340 [Paid]2018-03-08Version 9.0.25 [Paid]2018-02-25Version 9.0.24 [Paid]2018-02-24Version 9.0.23 [Paid]2018-02-23Version 9.0.22 b335 [Paid]2018-02-09Version 9.0.22 [Paid]2018-02-09Version 9.0.21 [Paid]2018-02-06Version 9.0.21 [Paid]2018-02-06Version 9.0.18 [Paid]2018-01-30Version 9.0.17 [Paid]2018-01-19Version 9.0.16 [Paid]2018-01-18Version 9.0.15 [Paid]2018-01-17Version 9.0.14 [Paid]2018-01-16Version 9.0.11 [Paid]2018-01-11Version 9.0.10 [Paid]2018-01-11Version 9.0.9 build 324 [Paid]2017-12-24Version 9.0.7 build 320 [Paid]2017-12-21Version 9.0.7 build 320 [Paid]2017-12-21Version 9.0.7 [Paid]2017-12-21Version 9.0.6 build 318 [Paid]2017-12-20Version 9.0.4 build 316 [Paid]2017-12-16Version 9.0.4 build 316 [Paid]2017-12-16Version 9.0.3 build 314 [Paid]2017-12-15Version 9.0.3 build 314 [Paid]2017-12-15Version 9.0.2 build 313 [Paid]2017-12-14Version 9.0.1 build 312 [Paid]2017-12-13Version 9.0.0 build 311 [Paid]2017-12-13Version 9.0.0 build 310 [Paid]2017-12-13Version 9.0.0 [Paid]2017-12-12Version 9.0.0 [Paid]2017-12-12Version8.2.78 [Paid]2017-11-27Version8.2.76 build 301 [Paid]2017-11-24Version8.2.76 [Paid]2017-11-24Version8.0.452016-12-29Version8.0.422016-11-30Version8.0.3942016-11-03Version8.0.3912016-10-10Version8.0.352016-09-19Version8.0.242016-09-14Version8.0.192016-08-04Version7.9.342016-07-11Version7.9.322016-05-04Version7.9.272016-04-25Version7.9.242016-03-21Version7.9.022016-01-13Version7.8.912015-11-19Version7.862015-10-11Version7.852015-09-15Version7.802015-08-10Version7.772015-06-29Version7.702015-06-29Version7.682015-06-09Version7.662015-05-13Version7.652015-05-08Version7.602015-04-24Version7.582015-04-18Version7.552015-04-07Version7.452015-03-17Version7.392015-03-14Version7.252014-12-11Version7.242014-12-10Version7.232014-11-16Version7.212014-11-09Version7.202014-10-30Version7.112014-09-26Version6.9.742014-01-31Version6.9.722014-01-17Version6.9.672014-01-05Version6.912013-09-22Version6.892013-07-19Version6.882013-07-18Version6.842013-06-29Version6.802013-06-20Version6.782013-06-18Version6.682013-05-24Version6.502013-03-17Version6.462013-03-05Version6.352013-02-04Version6.272013-01-31Version6.252013-01-29Version6.112013-01-27Version5.522013-01-17VersionMarket2013-01-17
Description · · ·App Name:Reddit NewsLatest:9.0.62 [Paid]Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:2.2 and upSize:5.91 MBUpdate:09-16 18:46Permissions:Permissions
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