App Ops - Permission manager  2.3.7.r576.5203a15 [Unlocked]

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This app requires root permission.

What is App Ops:
App Ops is a part of Android system which allows the permissions of individual apps to be tweaked.
To each app, whether been disabled is not perceivable.

What this app do:
Form Android 4.4, user interface of App Ops was removed.
This app bring App Ops back to you.

What can you do with this app:
For Android 6.0+ users, you can disable the permission of app which refuse to run without permission (allow in system and set deny or ignore in App Ops).
For pre-Android 6.0 users, you can use it as a simple permission control app.

Thing you should know:
Operations will shown after app try to use it.
Operations you can change is system version related, for example, "run in background" was added from Android 7.0.

Known problems:
Not work on some device with root permission
May not work or crash on some highly customed ROM


Change log

Version 2.3.7.r576.5203a15 [Unlocked]02-15 06:25Version 2.3.7.r574.6b5a3de [Unlocked]02-14 21:45Version 2.3.6.r559.b692adf [Unlocked]02-14 01:05Version 2.3.6.r558.63e910c [Unlocked]02-14 00:45Version 2.3.6.r555.0668376 [Unlocked]02-13 23:25Version 2.3.5.r545.d4f800c [Unlocked]02-12 17:56Version 2.3.4.r540.cb3acf0 [Unlocked]02-12 00:25Version 2.3.3.r536.d79e489 [Unlocked]02-11 20:10Version 2.3.1.r532.bd3071e [Unlocked]02-10 22:56Version 2.3.0.r523.4d0dbc5 [Unlocked]2018-02-10Version 2.2.4.r490.cf074e2 [Unlocked]2017-12-20Version2.2.2.r483.7d0a665 [Unlocked]2017-11-10Version2.2.1.r481.2657e13 [Unlocked]2017-11-10Version2.20 build 469 [Unlocked]2017-11-06Version2.0.42017-07-21Version2.0.22017-06-16Version0.1.712017-04-09Version0.1.702017-03-31Version0.1.692017-03-27Version0.1.682017-03-25Version0.1.672017-03-23Version0.1.652017-03-11Version0.1.632017-03-04Version0.1.622017-03-01Version0.1.612017-02-28Version0.1.602017-02-26Version0.1.562017-02-18Version0.1.552017-02-12Version0.1.542017-02-10Version0.1.532017-02-10Version0.1.522017-02-10Version0.1.512017-02-09Version0.1.502017-02-09Version0.1.492017-02-09Version0.1.482017-02-08Version0.1.462017-02-07Version0.1.452017-02-07Version0.1.442017-02-07Version0.1.432017-02-06Version0.1.422017-02-04Version0.1.412017-02-03Version0.1.402017-02-03Version0.1.382017-01-31Version0.1.372017-01-30Version0.1.362017-01-29Version0.1.352017-01-19Version0.1.342017-01-13Version0.1.332017-01-12Version0.1.322017-01-10Version0.1.312017-01-09Version2.3.22017-01-09Version0.1.302017-01-09Version0.1.282017-01-03Version0.1.272017-01-01Version0.1.252016-12-28Version0.1.232016-12-26Version0.1.212016-12-24Version0.1.202016-12-16Version0.1.172016-12-15Version0.1.122016-12-11Version0.1.72016-12-09Version0.1.62016-12-07VersionMarket2016-12-06
Description · · ·App Name: App Ops - Permission manager Latest:2.3.7.r576.5203a15 [Unlocked]Size:FreeEnglish:EnglishROM:5.0 and upSize:unknowUpdate:02-15 06:25Permissions:Permissions
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