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Shooting club 2: Gold 3.7.23[Paid]

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In the second aspect of the 'Shooting club' we provide you to experience like a actual sniper. Focus on, tool, taken ... do you already experience excitement in your blood? There is no feeling to claim that everyone, at least once in his lifestyle, imagined to be an experienced present shooter with a tool forum. Here you have such an opportunity!
This simulation of sniper capturing is recognized by highest possible relationship with truth. Here not only taken precision has significance, but also particular features of guns, variety to the objective, breeze route, and even pulse rate.
The gamer has your best option of the most well-known designs of sniper weaponry from all over the globe. For example:
- PSG1 is a semi-automatic tool forum created in Germany
- FN F2000 is a bullpup attack rifle
- Famous Communist tool forum Mosin-Nagant
- Dragunov tool forum (SVD)
- VSS (Special Sniper Rifle), also known as the Vintorez
- M4 - modernization of the M16 attack rifle
- Barrett – large sniper rifle
- The Unique Functions Causes (SOF) Fight Assault Rifle or SCAR
- AWP - is a English bolt-action sniper rifle
- Involvement - is an United states tool forum for lengthy variety shooting
and many others!



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