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runtastic PRO 7.2.1[Paid]

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Your individual monitoring app for operating, bike riding and other sports activities!
Your individual monitoring app for operating, bike riding and other fitness activities!
The runtastic sportscoach uses the built-in GPS to map your actions and monitor your advance (distance, time, rate, nutrient consumption, level, rate, etc.). Display your buddies how active you are and discuss your success with them.
PRO features:
* Speech reviews during a workout: Get audio reviews for each distance or kilometer
* Stay tracking: Display your family where you are
* Cheering: Listen to regards and obtain information live from your buddies and be inspired to go even further
* Pulse amount support: runtastic chest area strap
* Pulse amount location exercising and analysis: Pick a center amount location to observe and boost your exercising (i.e. fat-burning zone)
* Divided table with powerful distance and distance split
* Calorie goal: Set a specific nutrient objective and use the voice reviews to reach your exercise goal
* Pace goal: Determine your favorite pace
* Geotagging: Take images during a exercise and see these images on the internet at your map trace
* Climate and Temperature: Receive live weather details and preserve weather data instantly after a workout
* Forecast of sundown and sunrise
* Ad free
* Map your exercises in real-time with built-in GPS and observe your advance (time, range, rate, rate, nutrient consumption, level, etc.)
* Personal exercise record and metrics
* Mapping: Specific live applying and ancient applying of previous classes (Google maps)
* Dash configuration: Display recommended statistics
* Graphs: Get charts with level, rate, rate and center amount information
* Performance research with lap times
* Enjoy your exercises with the incorporated music player
* Set objectives for some time to distance
* Precise computation of level gain and loss
* Guide access of workouts: Add home running machine machine, rotating and bodybuilding workouts
* Monthly and overall achievement for range, number of exercises, period and calories
* Share your actions on Facebook or myspace and Twitter
You can preserve all your exercises at Using the network you’ll get further research, achievement and evaluations to your buddies. Additionally, you can select a exercising plan and monitor your body research. Share all your exercises easily with the facebook hook up.



Change log

Version7.2.12017-05-02Version6.9.22016-08-15Version6.7.22016-03-21Version6.6.12016-01-15Version6.12015-09-11Version6.0.22015-09-02Version5.9.12015-05-27Version5.7.12015-02-19Version5.42015-01-28Version5.3.42014-12-10Version5.3.22014-10-30Version5.2.12014-08-31Version5.22014-08-02Version5.1.22014-07-03Version5.1.12014-06-12Version5.0.62014-05-23Version5.0.52014-05-08Version5.0.42014-04-30Version5.0.32014-04-05Version5.0.22014-03-29Version4.5.32014-01-18Version4.52013-12-21Version4.4.22013-11-26Version4.4.12013-11-02Version4.42013-10-31Version4.3.12013-10-03Version4.22013-09-12Version4.1.12013-09-02Version4.12013-08-24Version4.0.12013-08-09Version4.02013-07-25Version3.7.32013-07-05Version3.7.22013-06-15Version3.7.12013-06-12Version3.6.52013-04-24Version3.6.42013-03-25Version3.6.22013-03-19Version3.6.12013-02-05Version3.62013-02-01Version3.4 2012-09-25Version3.3.4 2012-09-02Version3.3.3 2012-08-17Version3.3.2 2012-08-12Version3.3.12012-07-28Version3.22012-06-06VersionMarket2012-06-06
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