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more designs adjusted. compass upgrade.

You can evaluate the duration, position, range, size, route.

Smart Resources is a strategy of a selection of 1-4 sequence. It contains 4 Pro editions that have 14 tools. In a term, All-in-One.

Part 1. Length, Angle, Mountain : Intelligent Leader & Protractor Pro

Part 2. Distance, Height, Size, Place : Intelligent Measure Pro

Part 3. Direction, Steel detectors, GPS : Intelligent Compass Pro

Part 4. Audio stage gauge, Vibrometer : Audio Meter & Shake Pro

For more information, see the guide for each of the programs and check out the weblog.

Do you want to have more functions and tools? You can get in touch with me. I’ll response it ASAP. I wish my programs are useful to your smart lifestyle. Thanks.
* If you have a transaction guard issue, you can buy it via PC.

* If you have a obtain problems, go configurations > programs > handle programs > choose ‘market’, choose ‘uninstall update’.

* In some nations, the cost device is proven as []. The cost is $2.5 (= 1.7 Euros)

* Intelligent Distance app is not involved yet.



Change log

Version 2.02016-03-11 Version 1.7.9a2015-11-18 Version 1.7.92015-10-10 Version 1.7.82015-08-21 Version 1.7.52015-03-09 Version 1.7.32014-11-23 Version 1.7.22014-10-20 Version 1.7.12014-09-05 Version 1.72014-06-05 Version 1.6.7a2014-04-19 Version 1.6.72014-04-14 Version 1.6.62014-03-08 Version 1.6.52014-02-03 Version 1.6.4a2014-01-11 Version 1.6.42013-12-16 Version 1.6.3a2013-11-16 Version 1.6.32013-11-11 Version 1.6.2a2013-10-22 Version 1.6.22013-10-19 Version 1.6.12013-09-14 Version 1.6.02013-08-20 Version 1.62013-08-12 Version 1.5.9a2013-07-07 Version 1.5.92013-07-05 Version 1.5.82013-05-25 Version 1.5.72013-04-27 Version 1.5.62013-03-30 Version 1.5.52013-03-02 Version 1.5.42013-01-13 Version 1.5.32012-12-23 Version 1.5.22012-11-24 Version 1.5.1 2012-11-01 Version 1.5 2012-09-21 Version 1.4.9 2012-09-04 Version 1.4.8 2012-08-13 Version 1.4.72012-07-28 Version 1.4.62012-07-07 Version 1.4.5a2012-06-06 Version 1.4.52012-06-03 Version 1.42012-03-26 Version 1.3.102012-03-16 Version 1.3.92012-02-05
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