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A Simple, Minimal, Light theme

A simple minimal light theme with 3 variants/flavors,
Greyce - Light theme with Grey accents
Greyce Blacks - All the greys in the stock variants are blacks (Still a light theme)
Now also has a Pixel variant! Select Pixel in the Substratum Overlays tab to enable!

This is Substratum theme, if your Rom has CMTE then get the theme from here

What's themed?
â—‹ Calculator
â—‹ Gallery
â—‹ AOSP Keyboard
â—‹ Dialer (AOSP + Google)
â—‹ Contacts (AOSP + Google)
â—‹ Settings
â—‹ System UI
â—‹ WhatsApp
â—‹ Google Play Services

The theme now also has a beta!
People who'd like to test and give feedback, can join the community and get the latest beta!

If you don't know what Substratum is, don't download this theme, its not for you :)

It supports all pure stock Android (Legacy) & Substratum (OMS) supported 6.0, 6.0.1 & 7.0 ROMs

It works on 7.1.1 ROMs which have support for OMS. Do not try if you are running stock 7.1.1 ROMs
(If you feel like trying on 7.1.1 (legacy) you can go ahead at your own risk, bugs reports wont be considered)

It wont work on Samsung, LG, HTC, ASUS, etc stock ROMs, so don't try it there.

To successfully update the theme,

Method 1
• Simplest way is to remove all the Greyce overlays from Advanced manager.
• Then re-apply by selecting desired theme style (Greyce / Blacks / Pixel) and the respective SystemUI variant form the spinner (Marshmallow for 6.0+ & Nougat for 7.0+)
• Restart SystemUI, done!

Method 2
For users on Android 6.0 Marshmallow
• Go to overlay manager, and select all the already applied overlays along with theme style (Greyce / Blacks / Pixel)
• From the FAB, select update & enable
• Restart SystemUI & done.
For users on Android 7.0 Nougat
• Go to overlay manager, and select all the already applied overlays along with theme style (Greyce / Blacks / Pixel)
• From the FAB, select update & enable
• Go to advance manager, select and uninstall it.
• Then go to overlay manager, select Nougat from SystemUI spinner, and Build & Enable
• Restart SystemUI & done.

P.S. : The theme does not work well with some Android 7.1 roms, so its strictly not-recommended to apply it on 7.1. There are people who claimed to install it successfully, if you wish to try, you'll be on your own. If you apply the theme and face a bootloop, you'll need to flash the via TWRP.

NOTE: When you wish to switch from one variant to another, the safest bet is to uninstall all the overlays and then install them back with the variant of your choice or you could uninstall the specific android.GreyceSubstratum and then install different variant from overlay manager.
Also this theme would work on Android 7.0 (Substratum only) but there might be some glitches which you can report and I'll fix it.

For bug reports / app requests, join our G+ Community!



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