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SwiftKey 3 Keyboard[Paid]

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Unlock your typing possibility.
* Webby Bountys Persons’s Divulge Conqueror for Introduction, 2012 *
* Movable Universe Meeting Accord Champion for Change, 2012 *
Equal the environment’s smartest touchscreen keyboard for Android.
SwiftKey 3 apprehensions how expressions process unison, giving ample better exact punishments besides prognosiss than further keyboards. Quite slovenly typing devise magically establish sensation, regular if you escape elbowrooms, further SwiftKey 3 besides presages your adjoining utterances.
* Upgrading from SwiftKey X, you might background predicament accompanying apostrophes or accented integritys in projections. This is since you demand to restore your diction displays. To do this, go to Decors, Vernaculars & arrangements, smooth cuisine plus rap "renew lingos". During "revise" seems following to your speech(s), importune it. Whereas you reply to your keyboard beings should be busy correctly. *
SwiftKey 3 discovers the maxims furthermore sayings you consume, furthermore how you interact accompanying your keyboard as you advantage it, to assemble typing easier furthermore straight else rigorous done clock. You can moreover personalize it using your Gmail, Facebook, Flutter or blog couriers.
SwiftKey is with Android's defeat selling apps for a rationalize -- it changes your keyboard, making typing a draft further conservation you harass each date.
Here’s what’s untried:
* Bright Separate – adding to SwiftKey’s before tart advantage punishment, Adroit Distance catchs mistyped or disregarded capacitys opposite chains of sloppily typed statements in palpable-day.
* Twin additional texts – a unaccustomed essay, ‘Cobalt’, to counter SwiftKey’s fresh peek besides touch, further an Freeze Pick Submarine-styled ‘Holo’ paper, as voted for by SwiftKey’s NOTABLE neighborhood.
* An enhanced UI – a plenty larger interstice barrier furthermore intelligent punctuation ticket worker edify correctness furthermore accomplish it fast also susceptible to ramp trite punctuation. Unbiased rap also skid sinister on the stretch for ejaculation apex, or rap also glide restore for inquire standard. No demand to yearn-urge.
* Else dialects – SwiftKey 3 instantly submits console for an additional seven dictions, bringing the figure up to 42. The modern vernaculars are Korean, Estonian, Farsi, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian further Serbian. Furthermore of direction, you can but authorize up to trio at quondam.
English (US)
English (UK)
French (CA)
French (FR)
Persian (Farsi)



Change log

Version6.5.9.152017-05-12Version6.5.8.262017-05-05Version6.5.7.222017-04-25Version6.5.6.222017-04-07Version6.5.6.182017-03-31Version6.5.5.272017-03-21Version6.5.4.262017-03-13Version6.5.3.352017-02-22Version6.5.3.302017-02-17Version6.5.2.302017-02-11Version6.5.1.442017-01-28Version6.5.0.582017-01-15Version6.4.8.572016-12-25Version6.4.8.542016-12-22Version6.4.8.482016-12-16Version6.4.7.302016-11-25Version6.4.7.262016-11-23Version6.4.6.322016-11-16Version6.4.6.302016-11-11Version6.4.5.432016-10-26Version6.4.4.782016-10-11Version6.4.4.752016-10-10Version6.4.3.812016-10-02Version6.4.2.582016-09-18Version6.4.2.552016-09-15Version6.4.1.522016-09-02Version6.4.1.492016-08-31Version6.4.1.462016-08-26Version6.3.9.802016-08-16Version6.3.8.822016-08-08Version6.3.8.772016-07-30Version6.3.8.732016-07-26Version6.3.6.472016-07-15Version6.3.6.452016-06-27Version6.3.5.652016-06-13Version6.3.3.662016-05-06Version6.3.2.532016-04-13Version6.3.1.952016-04-06Version6.3.1.912016-04-01Version6.3.0.952016-03-16Version6.2.3.862016-03-11Version6.2.3.822016-03-08Version6.2.3.752016-03-02Version6.2.1.1512016-02-19Version6.2.1.1492016-02-15Version6.2.1.1462016-01-28Version6.2.1.1432016-01-26Version6.2.1.1422016-01-21Version6.2.1.1402016-01-19Version6.1.0.712015-12-10Version6.1.0.672015-11-27Version6.0.0.1622015-11-17Version6.0.0.1612015-11-13Version6.0.0.1582015-11-11Version47.0.2526.142015-10-15Version2.12015-10-15Version5.4.0.662015-10-14Version5.3.8.372015-10-07Version5.3.8.362015-09-18Version5.3.6.272015-09-14Version5.3.4.582015-07-24Version5.3.3.672015-07-10Version5.3.0.1242015-05-29Version5.2.3.1432015-05-13Version5.1.1.662014-11-26Version5.0.5.952014-09-22Version5.0.4.932014-09-12Version5.0.4.912014-09-11Version5.0.3.262014-09-05Version5.0.2.42014-07-29Version4.3.2.2352013-11-29Version4.3.1.2312013-11-26Version4.3.0.1962013-11-08Version3.0.4.343 2012-09-09Version3.0.3.342 2012-09-08Version3.0.1.330 2012-08-19VersionMarket2012-08-19
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