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Say goodbye to the headache that is scheduling! Kono is the world’s best virtual assistant that schedules your meetings for you. Whether it’s a conference call, lunch, or just hanging out, Kono’s got you covered.
Do you find yourself spending a lot of time setting up meetings? Do you send messages back and forth, figuring out a specific time and location that works for every one of your guests? Kono figures that all out for you!
Kono is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven assistant, meaning that it learns about your personal preferences about time and location. When you set up an event, Kono seamlessly gives you recommendations that take preferences of all your guests into account.
Best of all? It’s FREE.

Kono’s features:

1) Type in what you want to do and Who you want to invite
2) Select what times and locations work for you based on Kono’s recommendations
3) Send the invite!

Kono sends notifications to your guests via email or SMS if they don’t have the application, making it easy for you to invite everyone on your guest list.

Kono syncs with your own calendar, whether that’s Google, iCal or anything else. If an event is already on your calendar, Kono picks it up without any user input!

Kono tells you the exact time you need to leave based on traffic conditions and your behavioral patterns. Kono can also notify give your party an ETA if you are going to be late in just one click.

Kono deals with the hassle of meetings with guests that are in multiple timezones. Kono adjusts timezones for you so you never have to recheck with a guest again.

Kono briefs you on your entire day, reminding you about meetings you may have forgotten. It will even give you suggestions on locations to go after your meeting! We are planning to add more cool feature to assist you, please check our future updates!

Kono uses maps to figure out what route is fastest for you to get to your destination based on nearby traffic conditions.

We love hearing from you. Contact or visit if you have any questions.


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