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In case you've forgotten, TSF is a revolutionary new launcher that allows icons to be resized and rotated, folders to be lassoed, a custom-order quick launch bar for whatever you want, hot apps to catch fire, and props to be positioned to decorate your screens. It puts any other launcher I've tried to shame. The degree of customization possible shown in the video above is staggering.

The release date is listed on the video's YouTube page, but evidently TSF had a massive web server crash last month and it has not been updated (in English) since they got it back up.



Change log

Version3.8.92017-05-11Version3.8.82017-04-18Version3.8.62017-03-24Version3.8.52015-12-09Version3.8.32015-11-29Version3.8.22015-09-03Version3.7.12015-07-17Version3.72015-07-15Version3.6.22015-06-02Version3.5.12015-05-14Version3.52015-05-08Version3.4.22015-04-14Version3.32015-03-16Version3.2.12015-01-24Version3.1.32014-12-29Version3.12014-12-27Version2.0.72014-10-28Version3.0 beta5.12014-09-22Version3.0 beta4.12014-09-15Version3.0 beta32014-08-11Version2.0.72014-01-21Version2.0.52014-01-10Version2.0.42013-12-30Version2.0.32013-12-29Version2.0.22013-12-25Version2.0.12013-12-15Version2.02013-12-13Version1. Beta2013-06-20Version1. Beta2013-06-19Version1. Beta2013-06-14Version1. Beta2013-06-11Version1.9.9.4 Beta2013-04-26Version1.9.9.3 Beta2013-04-22Version1.9.9.2 Beta2013-04-06Version1.9.9 Beta2013-04-04Version1.7.9.4 Beta2012-12-15Version1.7.9.3 Beta2012-12-15Version1.7.9.2 Beta2012-12-14Version1.7.9.1 Beta2012-12-09Version1.7.9 Beta2012-12-05Version1.7.5 Beta 2012-10-05Version1.7.0 Beta 2012-09-16Version1.6.1 Beta 2012-08-17Version1.6.0 Beta 2012-08-16Version1.5.0.0912012-07-16Version1.5.0.092012-07-14Version1.5.0.03 Beta2012-06-25Version1.4.012012-04-04Version1.3.22012-03-14Version1.02012-03-01
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