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 Township 80M 版本 7.0.5 [Mod Money] Township

Township is a unique blend of city-building and farming experience for your Android tablet or phone!Share your vision of a perfect place to live in! Harvest crops, run processing f

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 Crossy Road 20M 版本 4.3.7 (Mod Coins/Unlocked) Crossy Road

Join over 10 MILLION players and experience Hipster Whale's massive viral #1 hit now available on Google Play! ***Best of 2014*** -Touch Arcade ***Best of 2014 - Mobile*** -Ventu

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Meganoid(2017) unknow 版本 2.0.3 (Paid) Meganoid(2017) Paid

Support, tip and tricks: to our newsletter for new and exclusive content: the ga

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Steam: Rails to Riches unknow 版本 3.3.7 (Paid) Steam: Rails to Riches Paid

Black Friday SALE!The official version of one of the best board games - Steam: Rails to Riches.AWARDS & HONORS2010 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Nominee2010 Lys Passioné Winner2010 L

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 Rusty Lake Hotel 34M 版本 2.3.1 (Paid) Rusty Lake Hotel Paid

Welcome our guests to the Rusty Lake Hotel and make sure they will have a pleasant stay. There will be 5 dinners this week. Make sure every dinner is worth dying for. Rusty Lake Ho

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Tank Stars unknow 版本 1.4.4 (Mod Money) Tank Stars

Tanks at your fingertips. Choose a weapon from a simple missile to an atomic bomb, shoot with the right angle and hear an amazing clash of blitz while destroy your opponents in the

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 Skull Towers - Castle Defense unknow 版本 1.2.1 (Mod Money) Skull Towers - Castle Defense

The ultimate and original tower defense game, mixed with first person shooter and role playing game styled. Defend your castle from the siege of an army of skeletons and their evil

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 Perfect Piano Varies with dev 版本 7.2.1 [VIP] Perfect Piano

Use this app to learn to play piano with realistic instrument sounds.[ Piano ] • Support Full Keyboards of Piano. • Single Row Mode. Dual Row Mo

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 FIFA Mobile Soccer unknow 版本 13.0.10 FIFA Mobile Soccer

Playing soccer has never been more exciting than in the new FIFA Mobile! Build and manage your team, go head to head, and keep coming back for daily content. Whether youâ€

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Chess - Analyze This (Pro) unknow 版本 5.3.2 [Paid] Chess - Analyze This (Pro) Paid

Analyze your chess game with the power of multiple Chess Engines! Leave your chess computer behind!/** FEATURES **/☆ Load and analyze your games from PGN file. Tested to work wit

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 Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG 43M 版本 1.2.81 [Mod Money] Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG

Blaster-wielding mercenaries vs beasts from the labyrinth: who will win? You're commanding a die-hard assault squad. Destination: Plutonia, a settlement on a Doom-4 class planet. S

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 Thumb Drift - Furious Racing 63M 版本 1.4.995 [Mod Money] Thumb Drift - Furious Racing

Whether you know how to drift or not, you’ll enjoy sliding sideways around the corners to compete for the highest score.WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING“You

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Bulu Monster unknow 版本 6.2.0 [Mod] Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster - a monster collecting game in AndroidMonsters are the main theme of the exciting new app from Sigma Game. Bulu Monster allows the user to become a monster trainer on

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Battle of Warships unknow 版本 1.71.1 (Mod Money/Unlocked) Battle of Warships

Are you fond of battle ships? The best ship action for mobiles is looking forward to you - Battle of Warships.Set to navigate legendary ships of the past, play with your friends &

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 Vlogger Go Viral - Clicker 37M 版本 2.25 [Mod Money/Unlocked] Vlogger Go Viral - Clicker

Get ready to become the next Internet sensation in Vlogger Go Viral, the idle clicker game where every tap takes your channel one step closer to the top. Begin with only a dream in

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Funky Bay - Farm & Adventure game unknow 版本 34.48.0 (Mod Money) Funky Bay - Farm & Adventure game

Hey there, welcome to the tropical island filled with fun. Build your own town and farm. Find your klondike. There’re a lot of plants, animals and pets: chicken, cow and lama aw

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 Modern Strike Online 153M 版本 1.35.0 (Mod) Modern Strike Online

Are you a fan of the good old counter terrorists? Here is some striking news for you. We are ready to change an idea of free online Android multiplayer shooters. Jaw-dropping graph

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Epic Conquest unknow 版本 5.8 (Mod Money) Epic Conquest

Challenge yourself in this exciting and fast-paced single-player Action RPG with intense combat! Choose between two playable characters with different playstyles, and save the worl

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Linda Brown: Interactive Story unknow 版本 2.8.24 [Mod] Linda Brown: Interactive Story

Immerse yourself in a story full of romance and mystery .Enjoy it anytime, anywhere, and make decisions to shape the story plot!

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Mad GunZ - Battle Royale, online, shooting games unknow 版本 1.9.23 (Mod Ammo) Mad GunZ - Battle Royale, online, shooting games

Are you looking for great pixel shooter or unusual shooting games with stunning graphics and the variety of game modes? Here is Mad Gunz - one of the best online shooter games! Im

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