PepeLine (Unreleased) unknowVersion1.2.0 PepeLine (Unreleased)

PepeLine is a simple and very addictive 3D sliding puzzle game. Challenge your brain and swap the tiles with your fingers to recreate the path in order to solve each puzzle.Pepe &a

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 Ice Crush - Winter Game unknowVersion2.3.3 Ice Crush - Winter Game

Ice Crush is a brand new game from the makers of Garden Mania 2 and Garden Mania 3!Switch and swap, match 3 ice crystals, adopt and raise snowman, challenge snow monsters and elves

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 Plumber 29MVersion1.17.0 Plumber

In the hottest desert water is a scarce resource. A little flower needs water to survive. Construct a pipeline and bring water to save the flower. Reveal your Plumber skills in thi

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 Ice Cream Paradise (Unreleased) unknowVersion1.4.1 Ice Cream Paradise (Unreleased)

Ice cream! Ice cream everywhere! The residents of Savoreaux should be happy in their world of sweet, delicious treats. Instead, everyone’s got a case of the Blues,

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 Bunny Pop unknowVersion1.0.19 Bunny Pop

Easy rule but unlimited fun! Enjoy the world's most beloved bubble shooting game for FREE!This is a new bubble shooting game created by BitMango, the creator of HIT app, Roll the B

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 Nibblers unknowVersion1.20.2 Nibblers

From the creators of ANGRY BIRDS comes a DELICIOUS NEW matching game with CUTE characters and FRESH and FRUITY puzzle gameplay. Meet the NIBBLERS – your fishy frie

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 Disney Emoji Blitz 94MVersion1.10.1 Disney Emoji Blitz

Match. Collect. Emote! Play and collect hundreds of Disney and Pixar emojis like never before in an exciting matching game! Play fast paced rounds of match-3 to earn prizes, comple

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 Jammer Splash unknowVersion2.3.0 Jammer Splash

Make a splash with the new puzzle game from the creators of My Singing Monsters!The Jammers are in a jam, and Toe Jammer needs your help to rescue them! Dive into the world of Jamm

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 Cut the Rope: Magic unknowVersion1.5.0 Cut the Rope: Magic

ABRACADABRA! After more than 750 million downloads, the Cut the Rope series returns with a magical new sequel: Cut the Rope: Magic! Join Om Nom’s newest adventure

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 Caveboy GO (Unreleased) unknowVersion1.0.4 Caveboy GO (Unreleased)

Step into the world of Caveboy Go as you move along the puzzle by matching 3 tiles to navigate through the maze and gather treasures. Use your gathered gold to free the adventurers

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 Brain it on the truck! 26MVersion1.0.44 Brain it on the truck!

This is a physics puzzles game.The goal of the game is simple - to move the green cube in the yellow area.To do this, you have a car, crayon and brains. Use them to perform the phy

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 Fishdom: Deep Dive unknowVersion2.9.8 Fishdom: Deep Dive

Never Fishdomed before? Take a deep breath and dive into the underwater world of match-3 fun with Fishdom: Deep Dive!Engage in challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with unique twis

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 Monster Busters: Link Flash 40MVersion1.0.57 Monster Busters: Link Flash

Save the Gingerbread friends trapped by evil Monsters! Calling your brainpower and willingness to take on challenges in this puzzle mission. Free to play, just get your spirit read

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 Cubiscape unknowVersion1.53 Cubiscape

Take the role of a lonely ball trapped in a world of dangerous cubes! You will face dozens of challenging levels with increasing difficulty - avoid traps and reach the exit before

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 Bejeweled Stars unknowVersion2.7.2 Bejeweled Stars

Be brilliant in Bejeweled Stars, a brand-new match-3 experience like no other! Experience endless fun and the freedom to play your way in a beautiful world filled with surprises, e

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 2048 Knight unknowVersion1.00.20 2048 Knight

************************************************************************************************************************************Sorry, I'm not english well.Please propose a rev

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 McPlay™ 23MVersion3.23.0 McPlay™

HOW TO SCAN YOUR TOY:Put your Happy Meal toy on a flat & steady surface.Make sure the area is well lit.Avoid glare or reflection on your screen and on your toy.Move your camera

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 Jelly Blast unknowVersion4.1.0 Jelly Blast

Play Jelly Blast now! You'll get a $6 welcoming bonus after you pass the first hurdle, which includes 20 Gold Bars and other useful items.Jelly Blast need your help in fixing up ou

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 Difference Find King unknowVersion1.3.2 Difference Find King

Select the theme of the image, it is then a puzzle game to find the part of difference.[features]- Seclet Picture Theme : You can chooce the themes, Animal /Food / Scenery / Object

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