Aware - Meditation & MindfulnessunknowVersion2.0.36 [PREMIUM]Aware - Meditation & Mindfulness

With scientifically proven mindfulness meditation techniques, Aware guides you through a journey to discover a new method to live, one filled with awareness of the present moment.

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 Bluelight Filter for Eye Care 358kVersion2.8.4 [Unlocked] Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

☆ Avoid Eye StrainBlue light from your smartphone or tablet causes your eyestrain and your troubles fall asleep.This app adjusts your screen color to reduce the bl

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Water Drink Reminder and AlarmunknowVersion2.7 [Pro]Water Drink Reminder and Alarm

Drinking water regularly is a big challenge. Who really drinks enough water every day? Water Drink Reminder reminds you to drink enough water. Proper hydration keeps your skin heal

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Bike Computer - Your Personal Cycling TrackerunknowVersion1.7.6.5 [Premium]Bike Computer - Your Personal Cycling Tracker

.Cycle with confidence and improve with each ride! Bike Computer offers personalized metrics, it syncs with Strava and Facebook, and provides safety with the unique Keep me Safe fe

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 Sleep Orbit: Relaxing 3D Sound unknowVersion1.7.3 [Pro] Sleep Orbit: Relaxing 3D Sound

Choose from over 70 unique relaxing sounds in various categories including ocean waves, rain, animals, water, nature, haircuts, whispering, musical instruments, and more. Each soun

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 Water Your Body 5.6MVersion4.263.229 [Pro] Water Your Body

No.1 water app to record and remind drinking water. More than 5 millions users' choice.Topped 5 in 22 countries' health rankingDo you drink enough water? Do you always forget to dr

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Running Walking Jogging Hiking GPS Tracker FITAPPunknowVersion5.2.1 [Premium Mod]Running Walking Jogging Hiking GPS Tracker FITAPP

FITAPP is your personal fitness and health diary 📖. It uses GPS to support you during all your sporting activities, be it running, jogging 🏃, cycling 🚴, inl

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Samsung Health42MVersion5.16.1.003Samsung Health

S Health is an all-in-one companion for your healthy lifestyle. With the new S Health, you can track your everyday activities, get coaching to reach your daily goals, and improve y

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Daily Yoga - Yoga Fitness PlansunknowVersion6.2.50 [Pro]Daily Yoga - Yoga Fitness Plans

A true yoga app for beginners to advanced.Daily Yoga offers 500+ asanas, 50+ yoga class plans, 200+ guided yoga, pilates, meditation classes plus the largest yoga pose base that su

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Workout timer : Crossfit WODs & TABATAunknowVersion2.7.0 [Ad Free]Workout timer : Crossfit WODs & TABATA

This app is the perfect . It offers a clear visibility on the clock from far away as well as a simple and beautiful design. It is particularly oriented towards crossfit and its typ

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Simple Habit MeditationunknowVersion1.29.4 [Subscribed]Simple Habit Meditation

Simple Habit is the best meditation app for busy people to reduce stress, improve focus, sleep better, relax faster, calm their nerves, and breathe easier. It takes only 5 minutes

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 Kitchen Book : All Recipes 6.5MVersion23.5.0 [Premium] Kitchen Book : All Recipes

Kitchen Book is a perfect guide for a better cooking. This free cookbook provides you the best healthy and delicious recipes from different parts of the world. Kitchen book has a w

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Lifesum: Healthy Lifestyle, Diet & Meal PlannerunknowVersion6.1.3 [Premium]Lifesum: Healthy Lifestyle, Diet & Meal Planner

Discover a personalized guide to healthy living designed to help you achieve your lifestyle goals. Using your health and diet data, Lifesum offers workout tips and a meal planner l

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 Runtastic Results Training 62MVersion2.9.2 [Premium] Runtastic Results Training

Transform your body in 12 short weeks with no equipment. Results is your ultimate bodyweight and strength training app for losing weight, building muscle, burning fat or boosting e

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 Mi Band Tools 1.5MVersion3.6.1 [Paid] Mi Band Tools Paid

Get the most out of your Mi Band smart bracelet with Mi Band Tools! Set up your own, individual and fully customizable notifications for incoming calls and applications. Energize y

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 myNoise unknowVersion1.5.1 [Unlocked] myNoise

The idea behind a noise machine, is to make use of the noises you like to mask the noises you dislike. The concept is simple, works extremely well, and does not require expensive e

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Medica Medication Reminder & Pill TrackerunknowVersion6.7.1 [Premium]Medica Medication Reminder & Pill Tracker

. Enjoy flexible medication schedule options, pill & refill reminder, and easy medication log tracker.... what every patient just needs. It's useful for chronic patients as well as

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Endomondo - Running & WalkingunknowVersion18.3.2 [Premium]Endomondo - Running & Walking

Get the most out of your runs, walks, rides, and more with our top rated fitness tracker and personal training app. With Endomondo, you can track all of your workouts using GPS, ch

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GymRun Workout Diary and Fitness TrackerunknowVersion5.5.2 [Unlocked]GymRun Workout Diary and Fitness Tracker

GymRun - intuitive, extensive, customizable* customizable built-in exercise database (store own images)* create workout plans and day routines (supersets, cardio and weight lifting

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 MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder Varies with devVersion7.57.05789 [Premium] MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder

MediSafe is a beautiful, visual and easy-to-use pill reminder and medication management app. It will help you take your medicine on time and safely. It also allows you to help your

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