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Lullaby Add-on for Sleep as Android (and Mindroid) unknow Version 2.5 [Paid] Lullaby Add-on for Sleep as Android (and Mindroid)

Add-on for Sleep as Android and MindroidNEW: 12 additional lullabies - Forest, Car, Fireworks, Baby Doppler, Heart, Vacuum, Shush, Shower, Restaurant..Lullabies is a feature of the

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Water Drink Reminder and Alarm unknow Version 2.8.10 [Pro] Water Drink Reminder and Alarm

Drinking water regularly is a big challenge. Who really drinks enough water every day? Water Drink Reminder reminds you to drink enough water. Proper hydration keeps your skin heal

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 SnoreLab : Record Your Snoring unknow Version 2.1.42 [Premium] SnoreLab : Record Your Snoring

- Monitoring 1 million nights of snoring per month- Measures how loud your snoring is and tracks it over time- The worldwide No.1 app for snorers on iOS and AndroidSnoreLab records

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30 Day Fitness Challenge Pro unknow Version 30 Day Fitness Challenge Pro 1.0.47 [Paid] 30 Day Fitness Challenge Pro

The ★highest rating (4.8)★ Workout app by GooglePlay!Top 1 in Health & Fitness Over 10 Countries.Top 5 in Health & Fitness Over 76 Countries.Workout , suited for anybody at an

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Weight Loss Tracker, BMI unknow Version 4.0.3 [Pro] Weight Loss Tracker, BMI

You want to successfully lose weight and evaluate the success of your diet? The body weight diary is the right choice for you to complement typical diets. Day by day you can observ

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Atmosphere: Binaural Therapy unknow Version 3.0 [Pro] Atmosphere: Binaural Therapy

Atmosphere: Binaural Therapy offers a wide variety of binaural beats for any type of problem.Inmerse yourself with our beats or create your own alpha, beta, tetha, gamma or delta b

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 Personal Training Coach unknow Version 3.23 [Premium] Personal Training Coach

You personal coach for gaining strength, building muscle, and burning fat. Follow the best and well known training programs to gain strength, build muscle, and lose fat. This app i

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NimbusMind: Meditation, Calm, and Relax unknow Version 6.0.083fda2 [Premium] NimbusMind: Meditation, Calm, and Relax

NimbusMind is one of the easiest and most convenient ways you will find for learning meditation and staying mindful throughout the day.NimbusMind is the perfect meditation app for

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MyPlate Calorie Tracker unknow Version 3.5.1(0) [Unlocked] MyPlate Calorie Tracker

Tracking calories works! Join the millions who have lost weight with LIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker — the most user-friendly way to track your calories and stay fit o

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Height Increase Exercises at Home - Grow Taller unknow Version 1.0 [Ad Free] Height Increase Exercises at Home - Grow Taller

!!!!A good height will decrease the inferiority complex and boost self-confidence, Here are the top height increasing exercises that really works and is easy to do, the grow taller

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 Kitchen Book : All Recipes 6.5M Version 25.3.0 [Premium] Kitchen Book : All Recipes

Kitchen Book is a perfect guide for a better cooking. This free cookbook provides you the best healthy and delicious recipes from different parts of the world. Kitchen book has a w

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Home Workouts Personal Trainer unknow Version 3.530 [Premium] Home Workouts Personal Trainer

Workout at home and get amazing results. This app includes everything you need to get great results - use Home Workout as your personal trainer and see your body improve, fast!WORK

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Strong: Exercise Gym Log, 5x5 unknow Version 1.21.1 [Unlocked] Strong: Exercise Gym Log, 5x5

Strong is a workout and exercise tracker for Starting Strength, Stronglifts, 5X5, 531 and is adaptable to any other workout routine of your choosing! Our exercise library has every

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Chrono List - Interval Timer unknow Version 2.1.0 [Premium] Chrono List - Interval Timer

is simple and beautiful manager for all your different interval timers. It is the perfect app for Circuit training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Tabata, Boxing and oth

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 Bluelight Filter - night mode 4.3M Version Bluelight Filter - night mode

Decrease the brightness of your screen beyond Android's default lowest setting. It's ideal for late night reading/gaming or general use of your screen in low light surroundings.

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Blue Light Filter Pro unknow Version 3.2.2 Blue Light Filter Pro Paid

The pro version of Android's tiniest Bluelight Filter iBlue. You can find the ad-free app here. pro version

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iCare Health Monitor unknow Version 3.8.1 [ad-free] iCare Health Monitor

iCare Health Monitor--Mobile measuring heart rate,vision,hearingiCare Health Monitor--Mobile measuring heart rate, vision, colorblind, hearing.It does not require any peripherals,

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BMI, BMR and Body Fat Calculator - Weight Tracker unknow Version 1.8 BMI, BMR and Body Fat Calculator - Weight Tracker

Is your weight according to your height? Would you like to keep track of your body mass index, body fat percentage, or ideal weight? Then download this handy BMI calculator or BMR

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Pedometer: Step Counter unknow Version 1.4 [PRO] Pedometer: Step Counter

The app will keep record of your daily workout of walking and running. It will help you to attain the daily targeted distance of steps. The app also provides you information of dai

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Home Workouts Gym Pro (No ad) unknow Version 6.1 [Paid] Home Workouts Gym Pro (No ad)

Home Workouts No equipment Pro provides daily workout routines for all your main muscle groups. In just a few minutes each day, you can build muscle and exercise at home without ha

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