Gesture Lock Screen PROunknowVersion2.3.3 [Patched]Gesture Lock Screen PROPaid

This is the PRO or ad free version of Gesture Lock Screen.Draw something or gesture to unlock without ads.Draw letters, numbers, symbols or contextual gestures to unlockSign signat

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My Horoscope FULLunknowVersion5.4.6 [Unlocked]My Horoscope FULL

EXCLUSIV! Add the photo of your best friends or your family to provide accurate data and predictions for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Cap

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 日记 unknowVersion1.19.0 [Premium] 日记

纯粹日记1. 文字图片记å½

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 Original Alarm Clock unknowVersion3.4 [Ad-Free+Unlocked] Original Alarm Clock

Do you have difficulties watching the time? You wish you were never late and always worry about effective time-management? This free alarm clock app will help you to relax and be i

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Alarm Plus Millenium: Alarm Clock +Tasks +ContactsunknowVersion5.6 build 122 [Paid]Alarm Plus Millenium: Alarm Clock +Tasks +ContactsPaid

Alarm Plus Millenium is more than an ; it includes four wonderful apps in a one:★ with a professional and for your daily needs.★ .★ that allows you to contact

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Floating Bar LG V30unknowVersion1.4 [Premium]Floating Bar LG V30

Shortcut bar gives you quick access to your favourite apps and tools from almost everywhere (lock screen, home screen or when using another apps).Features★ Give you quick acc

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Gratus - promoting good vibes and positivityunknowVersion2.1.2 [Unlocked]Gratus - promoting good vibes and positivity

⭐️ - Android™ Police⭐️ - Android™ Authority⭐️ - 9to5Google⭐️ - XDA-DevelopersGratus is a simple app to promote good vibes an

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 Notes:Chroma Note,Color Notepad,ToDo List,Reminder unknowVersion1.4.2 [Vip] Notes:Chroma Note,Color Notepad,ToDo List,Reminder

Chroma Noteâ„¢ is a simple notepad app to take notes by color. Take simple color notes to distinguish different types of notebook, simply open your notepad whenever

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Dream Journal UltimateunknowVersion1.37 [Subscribed]Dream Journal Ultimate

A new and exciting way to read and store dreams.With Dream Journal Ultimate you can:Logging your dreams in a dream journal or dream diary is one of the most essential steps in beco

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My Movies Pro - Movie & TV Collection LibraryunknowVersion2.26 Build 15 [Patched]My Movies Pro - Movie & TV Collection LibraryPaid

Important! The application is not for downloading or watching content.My Movies allows you to catalog your entire collection of movie and TV Series from our world class online data

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Alarm Clock TokikounknowVersion4.2.4 (Paid)Alarm Clock TokikoPaid

This alarm clock is not only an alarm clock, but also cuckoo clock.Multiple ararms are compounded in a group, and you could set this group's all alarm only one touch!Snooze is disa

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 Buckist - Best Bucket List App unknowVersion1.8.0 [Premium] Buckist - Best Bucket List App

Buckist - Best Bucket List App is a powerful app which allows you to create and manage a list of things to do before you die!By setting down those things, you may find more motivat

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Ambience - Nature soundsunknowVersion1.10.3 [Premium]Ambience - Nature sounds

Ambience it's a . You can mix many nature sounds and music in order to obtain your ideal relaxed ambience based on your mood. You can use this app for sleeping, meditation, concent

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 Rounded Corner unknowVersion1.18 [Unlocked] Rounded Corner

Rounded Corner adds sexy rounded corners to your screen, like the corners in new LG flagship (G6).This app offers many settings which allow you adjusting the corner's radius, corne

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Ephemeris, Astrology SoftwareunknowVersion4.0 [Patched]Ephemeris, Astrology SoftwarePaid

The Ephemeris Application is complete Astrological software for Astrologers as well as Astrology enthusiasts. Now, you can use a faster and more accurate Ephemeris and Astrology so

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Writeaday - Journal & TimelineunknowVersion2.2 [Unlocked]Writeaday - Journal & Timeline

Journal that motivates you to write more, by viewing your writing as a color gradient. Invest in a journal that helps you commit to writing regularly. Record your daily events and

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2018 Astrology & HoroscopeunknowVersion1.7.02018 Astrology & HoroscopePaid

2018 Astrology Premium is the most luxury astrology horoscope app and numerology application for android phones - tablets. It uses graphics acceleration to make the user interface

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VganunknowVersion1.0.12 [Paid]VganPaid

Now you can make sure your booze is vegan while on the go!While it's not commonly advertised, many alcohol producers use animal derived products such as isinglass, derived from fis

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Universal DiaryunknowVersion2.14 [Unlocked]Universal Diary

Do you want to keep a diary of your own thoughts and feelings or finances or brilliant ideas or maybe a story of a trip in photos? Or maybe all at once? All this can be done using

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 Diaro - diary, journal, notes unknowVersion3.40.5 [Pro] Diaro - diary, journal, notes

Diaro is designed to record activities, experiences, thoughts and ideas throughout a day and sync data across all your devices. It lets you organize your created diary / journal en

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