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LED Scroller 71.21 KB Version 4.5 LED Scroller

Now for Books likewise!! A true subject parchment in a artificial LED array. Help for total alphabets (Western Latin, Hangul, Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew,

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めざましマネージャー「アスナ」 β版 38M Version 1.2.7 めざましマネージャー「アスナ」 β版


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 Snap Me Up 5.1M Version 1.4.2 Snap Me Up

Have you ever wondered how do you look when you wake up?Snap Me Up allows you to set alarms in an easy and elegant way, that have to be turned off taking a picture of your face.Jus

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 Pebble Time 14M Version 4.4.0-1403-50a615912-endframe Pebble Time

Pebble Time manages your incoming calls, emails, messages, notifications, and more. Organize the past, present, and future with a new timeline interface. Track your workouts, contr

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 Kiwi Calendar 3.4M Version 2.03 Kiwi Calendar

Ever have your Facebook newsfeed fill with pictures of your friends at a concert you didn’t about? Don’t get left out of the picture. Kiwi Calendar is the app that te

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美餐 3.1M Version 2.9.2 美餐

外卖的绝佳途径。 从你家楼下的麻辣烫小店,到公司附近的精致小馆,或是麦当劳、肯德基等品牌连锁,都在收录范围之中。 您可以打开

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 Better Diary (Journal, Notes) 3.5M Version 2.4 Better Diary (Journal, Notes)

A diary, journal, notes app. Capture your favorite experiences, thoughts, ideas Better Diary is a diary you can easily write on. Capture all your favorite activities, experiences,

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半糖 - 良品家居零食和生日惊喜礼物 11M Version 6.1 半糖 - 良品家居零食和生日惊喜礼物

半糖荣获「最美应用」、小米等应用市场推荐! 半糖,品质生活指南。 半糖,代表的是一种生活态度。 太苦的日子会使人沮丧失

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 Zara 9.2M Version 3.2.1 Zara

Enjoy the latest in fashion for women, men and kids. Find online ZARA new arrivals, Lookbook, People!, Campaign and more weekly contents. Shop Online.

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SimplyNoise 106.12 KB Version 1.1 SimplyNoise Paid

SimplyNoise is the best sound machine $0.99 can buy. Featuring the highest fidelity white, pink, and brown noise samples that have helped thousands of people from all age groups an

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优购时尚商城 4.5M Version 4.1.5 优购时尚商城

潮流也名品?优质也特价?! 繁忙生活欠你的,就让优购还给你。 优购手机APP是优购网上鞋城——国内顶级鞋服类B2C购物网站的手机服

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Analog Clock Collection 1.97 MB Version 2.6 Analog Clock Collection

Analog Clock Collection, more then 40 great clock widgets Analog Clock Collection is desktop widget that comes with 46 different analog clocks from which you can choose your favor

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妈妈帮 3.4M Version 4.6.3 妈妈帮

妈妈帮 — 备孕、怀孕、育儿必备! 内容提要: 妈妈帮 — 四大卫视热播剧《辣妈正传》中孙俪使用的备孕怀孕育儿手机应用 妈妈帮

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 SlideHome - MyFavs 1.9M Version 3.4.2 SlideHome - MyFavs

[SlideHome] is the Home Launcher assistance App.- You don't need to change your home launcher.- You don't need to change your wallpaper, icon, widget and style.SlideHome - MyFavs i

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猪八戒-找人做事利器 6.3M Version 5.3.7 猪八戒-找人做事利器


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 Starbucks China 21M Version 4.1.8 Starbucks China

Welcome to the official Starbucks app! It’s the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy Starbucks on the go.My Starbucks RewardsRegister your My Starbucks Rewards

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婚礼纪-结婚必备 6.3M Version 7.3.0 婚礼纪-结婚必备

女孩子,总怀揣些美好的憧憬,想为一生只一次的美好而优雅绽放。 少女心,看到杂志上的婚纱照,心为之一颤,告诉自己,我结婚也

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Countdown by 4.0M Version 1.4.9 [Premium] Countdown by

Create live countdowns for any event, in any time zone!This app counts down the seconds to your birthday, graduation, vacation, or retirement. It’s super-precise a

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美团外卖 Varies with dev Version 5.8.9 美团外卖

美团外卖,最好的手机订餐平台 特价套餐,下单立减,6元管饱还送饮料!优惠根本停不下来。 已覆盖50000+家餐厅, 5000+ 品牌连锁餐

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Cronosurf Wave Pro watch unknow Version 2.2.0 [Paid] Cronosurf Wave Pro watch Paid

is a chronograph watch app and a watch face . Its main focus lays on design, functionality and usability. This app is based on the original design started 2014 as a web-based tec

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