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 Chrooma Keyboard - Emoji 48M Version helium-4.2.2 [Beta] [Pro] Chrooma Keyboard - Emoji

A lightweight, fast keyboard that adapts itself to the app you are using, giving you a pleasant chromatic feeling. Full of emoji !★ TRUST THE EXPERTS â˜&

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hyperion launcher unknow Version 46 [Plus] hyperion launcher

A launcher is not just a home, it needs to be an experience.

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ENIX - Icon Pack unknow Version 1.8 [Patched] ENIX - Icon Pack

• 400+ Unique icons (Growing weekly)• Cloud based Wallpapers • Dashboard for easy use• Icon request tool• Action Launcher• ADW Launcher• Apex Launcher•

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 Ango - Icon Pack unknow Version 4.6 [Patched] Ango - Icon Pack Paid

Unique, colorful and shapeless. Welcome to Ango.Features:• IconShowcase dashboard app by Jahir Fiquitiva• Icons by Max Patchs• 98

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Moxy Icons unknow Version 4.2 [Patched] Moxy Icons

Moxy is a brand new, unique, shapeless icon pack which pushes the boundaries of what an icon pack can be!• Blueprint dashboard by Jahir Fiquitiva• 1120+ Handcrafted Vector Ico

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Lenyo Icons unknow Version 5.6 [Patched] Lenyo Icons Paid

This is simplicity combined with complication at its best, welcome to lenyo• CandyBar dashboard app by Dani Mahardhika• Icons by Max Patchs• 1000+ Handcrafted Vector Icons an

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 Corvy - Icon Pack unknow Version 4.6 [Patched] Corvy - Icon Pack Paid

Unique, colorful and shapeless. Welcome to Corvy.Features:• IconShowcase dashboard app by Jahir Fiquitiva• Icons by Max Patchs• 2

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Aivy - Icon Pack unknow Version 4.7 [Patched] Aivy - Icon Pack Paid

Unique, colorful and Vibrant. Welcome to Aivy.• IconShowcase dashboard app by Jahir Fiquitiva• Icons by Max Patchs• 2272 Handcrafted Vector Icons and Growing Week

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Meeye Iconpack unknow Version 3.1.2 [Patched] Meeye Iconpack Paid

The icons inside Meeye Iconpack are inspired by MeeGo Harmattan, with some modifications.We don't pursue different designed icons on purpose, just make rearrangements and redesigns

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Minty Icons Pro unknow Version 0.7.0 [Patched] Minty Icons Pro

Minty Icons were designed to look fresh, vivid and bold.• Both versions are updated weekly. Free version gets 8 new icons in each update, and Pro 52 or more• Pro version has Fo

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Foxie for KWGT unknow Version 2019.May.05.09 [Paid] Foxie for KWGT

More screenshots .Foxie is a pack of 35 beautiful widgets for KWGT and 17 wallpapers. New widgets and walls will come soon.✔ KWGT PRO App✔ Custom launcher ( Nova is recommended

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DCent kwgt unknow Version 10.0 [Paid] DCent kwgt

This is not stand-alone app, you need the app "KWGT", PRO KEY "

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CandyCons Unwrapped - Icon Pack unknow Version 2.4 [Patched] CandyCons Unwrapped - Icon Pack

From the creator of CandyCons, meet CandyCons Unwrapped—designed from scratch and sweeter than ever.To use CandyCons, install a launcher with icon pack support (see list below).

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Daily UI unknow Version 6.3 [Paid] Daily UI Paid

A KWGT widget pack inspired by the UX/UI design in 2018 The best widgets and Unique design for your homescreen setup***please install the pro key version to use them KWGT https:/

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Poppin icon pack unknow Version 1.13 [Patched] Poppin icon pack

I designed Poppin by drawing all the icons by hand.This gives him much of his originality. A cartoon style with a little bit of humor. Poppin is for the whole family, from the smal

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Pixel Pie Icon Pack unknow Version 2.1 [Patched] Pixel Pie Icon Pack

Complement your mobile screen with exclusive Pixel and Android Pie themed Icons with Flat Material Colors. Each icon is a real masterpiece and designed in order to create a perfect

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Glaze Icon Pack unknow Version 1.9.0 [Patched] Glaze Icon Pack

You require custom launcher like Nova Launcher or Hyperion Launcher for the icon pack to work.Glaze icons come with a subtle 'Glaze' effect to give you a unique look like you have

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Raya Icon Pack unknow Version 62.0 [Patched] Raya Icon Pack

- All requests are accepted- Several options for premium requests- More than 12 100 icons (some apps share the same icon to support more apps without increasing the app size)- 8 ic

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Kora - Icon Pack (Beta) unknow Version 0.419.0428 [Patched] Kora - Icon Pack (Beta)

is an icon pack that inspired by Google's Material Design Language. And each icon handcrafted to meet the perfect clean and minimal look. This icon pack is designed with clean and

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Marz Icon Pack unknow Version 4.0.0 [Patched] Marz Icon Pack

Marz Icons are premium crafted and detailed icon pack with iOS style and shape made with passion and fans in mind.

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