Microsoft Word Preview 115MVersion16.0.8201.1009 Microsoft Word Preview

The real Microsoft Word app for Android tablets. Word documents look better than ever on your tablet. When you edit or create documents, you can be confident they will look exact

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 Microsoft PowerPoint Preview 127MVersion16.0.8201.1009 Microsoft PowerPoint Preview

The real Microsoft PowerPoint app for Android tablets. PowerPoint presentations look great on your tablet. When you edit or create presentations, you can be confident that they wi

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 Microsoft Excel Preview 125MVersion16.0.8201.1009 Microsoft Excel Preview

The real Microsoft Excel app for Android tablets. Excel spreadsheets look better than ever on your tablet. When you edit or create spreadsheets, you can be confident they will lo

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Foxit Mobile PDF4.15 MVersion5.4.1.0510Foxit Mobile PDFPaid

Foxit Mobile PDF for Android Foxit® Portable PDF sends labor main capabilities to landscape plus explain PDF diplomas on the go. Movable PDF is based on the tantamount technology

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坚果云856 KBVersion4.5.1坚果云

坚果云提供最简单易用的免费云存储服务, 让您随时随地访问自己的文件. 支持Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android, iOS等所有平台. Android手机客户端

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 TouchPal X Keyboard Varies with devVersion6.2.6.3 TouchPal X Keyboard

HIGHLIGHTS: • TouchPal Wave - Sentence gesture, use the gesture to input commonly used phrases/sentences • TouchPal Curve® - Word gesture technology • Sliding up or down

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 Easymark-Notes,Diary,Markdown unknowVersion1.5.6beta1 Easymark-Notes,Diary,Markdown

Easymark is a kind of concise note software, which abandons the traditional folder to "Repository" as a unit to manage your notes, is somewhat similar to "Tag". The advantage is th

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 HP Print Service Plugin 12MVersion3.4-2.3.0-14-17.1.16-141 HP Print Service Plugin

The HP Print Service Plugin enables printing on your AndroidTM KitkatTM (v4.4) and newer device without the need for additional print drivers. This app supports a large variety of

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有道云笔记6.4 MBVersion5.9.2.1有道云笔记


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 TomaToDo 5.0MVersion7.6.8 TomaToDo

Super simple ToDoList, minimalist style,Material Design,combine ToDoList and tomato clock! Can make your day in the plan in an orderly way to spend.Suitable for a

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 Microsoft To-Do unknowVersion1.5.18 Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is a simple and intelligent to-do list that makes it easy to plan your day. Whether it's for work, school or home, To-Do will help you increase your productivity an

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AutoCAD WS6.5 MBVersion4.4.2AutoCAD WS

Experience the freedom of taking your designs with you wherever you go.AutoCAD WS is a mobile CAD application that gives you the freedom and flexibility to view, edit, and share yo

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360省电王1.9 MBVersion5.10.0.170519360省电王

360省电王是一款集电量显示、时间预估、省电模式和智能省电于一身的电池管理软件,能够有效延长手机电池使用时间。 360省电王是一

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百度云4.31 MBVersion7.17.1百度云


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 Cortana 15MVersion2.7.1.1771-zhcn-wandoujia Cortana

Cortana is your truly personal assistant—helping you get things done by letting your PC and phone work together. Your schedule, your interests, your people, your r

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CamScanner9.0 MBVersion4.7.0.20170516CamScannerPaid

Convert cellphone to scanner ** PLEASE obtain and set up CamScanner before buying this certificate app. ** This is the License for CamScanner and needs CamScanner (Free Version)

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 Gaaiho PDF Reader 5.7MVersion1.7.0 Gaaiho PDF Reader

Let Gaaiho PDF Reader handle your mobile PDF needs.Gaaiho PDF Reader is a free PDF app with unique UI in terms of original layout. It takes mobile PDF reading to a whole new level.

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 LastPass Authenticator 2.9MVersion1.1.0.972 LastPass Authenticator

LastPass Authenticator is a two-factor authentication app for your LastPass account and other supported apps. LastPass Authenticator offers simple, secure authentication to your ac

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 MEGA v3 BETA 12MVersion3.1.5 134 MEGA v3 BETA

MEGA is a secure cloud storage service that gives you 50 GB free storage space. Unlike other cloud storage providers, your data is encrypted and decrypted by your client devices on

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Todoist: To Do List, Task List1.80 MBVersion12.1Todoist: To Do List, Task ListPaid

This streamlined Android todo app holds you organized, focused, further also fruitful. The entire todo productivity app is there wherever you demand it: on your migratory applianc

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