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 PDF Reader 12MVersion2.7 PDF Reader

The PDF reader smoothly is a major highlight.Page Not fancy, focus on your reading, you create an atmosphere of quiet reading. This is a very simple and easy to use PDF reader APP,

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 fooView - Float Viewer 4.9MVersion0.8.4.1 fooView - Float Viewer

How many touches/clicks you have made on your phone every day? How much time you have spent on switching apps? How many useless operations, which should be saved, cost your PRECIOU

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 Zoho Writer: Document Creation unknowVersion2.1.1 Zoho Writer: Document Creation

* No sign-in required!* A powerful writing tool with clean distraction-free UI and enhanced real-time collaboration. Create, edit and publish full-fledged documents on your Android

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 TickTick - To-do & Task List Varies with devVersion3.5.0.2 TickTick - To-do & Task List TickTick is a childish further efficient to-do tariff & undertaking canon, which avails you to appoint many exhausted plus certify sum essential weights in sp

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 Goolo icons GO/Apex/Nova/ADW 15MVersion4.0 Goolo icons GO/Apex/Nova/ADW Paid

Check my new Easy icon pack: Goolors icon pack: Goolors = GooloPLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING!Theme compatible with: - Apex Launc

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 Doodle: Schedule Maker 6.1MVersion3.28.3 Doodle: Schedule Maker

Since 2007 Doodle has been bringing people together, faster. With over 25 million users, Doodle is the world’s favorite scheduling tool. So, before you meet anyone

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 Chromer 1.3MVersion1.6.3 Chromer

Chromer allows you to use chome custom tabs on your phone without requiring app developers to implement it manually.By doing so, you get a lighter, faster and secure browsing exper

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 AppBlock - Stay Focused 2.9MVersion1.2.7 AppBlock - Stay Focused

AppBlocker helps you block disturbing applications and notifications in specific times and dates. You will never be disturbed by Facebook or games during your working hours and yo

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 Texpand - Text Expander 609kVersion1.7.0 Texpand - Text Expander

Do you type the same text repeatedly throughout the day? Did you know that you could save your time by using shortened forms of your frequently typed texts? Texpand is a text expan

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 Weebly - Create a Free Website 26MVersion4.13.0 Weebly - Create a Free Website

Over 30 million people around the world have already created a website on Weebly desktop. Now, with Weebly for Android, you can create a website, blog or store from scratch directl

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 Microsoft Translator 5.3MVersion3.0.165 Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator helps you break the language barrier whenever you’re traveling or have a need to translate anything in your daily life. Quickly translate phra

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 Pixel Filter 32kVersion2.2 Pixel Filter

Decrease screen brightness below minimum level, by turning off individual pixels. This way the screen contrast is kept at the same level.Save battery on newer AMOLED screens - they

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 Opera Mini beta web browser 2,5MVersion22.0.2254.113472 Opera Mini beta web browser

Download Opera Mini beta for Android. With Opera Mini beta, you can save data while browsing the internet and get to your favorite content faster. Opera Mini beta is the best

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 Google URL Shortener 2.2MVersion3.0.5 Google URL Shortener Paid

The fastest and prettiest way to shorten URLs and get their click analytics. Shorten long URLs and squeeze them into fewer characters to make links easier to share, tweet, or emai

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Firefox18.36 MBVersion51.0.4FirefoxPaid

The Mozilla Firefox Web browser brings the best of desktop browsing to Android, now optimized for the way you browse on tablet

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 SwiftKey Beta unknowVersion6.5.3.30 SwiftKey Beta

Welcome to the SwiftKey beta program - here you can test early performance updates, new unreleased features & customizations, and special themes. Thanks for helping us make Swi

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 Swipetimes Time Tracker 2.9MVersion9.3.2 Swipetimes Time Tracker

Swipetimes is a time tracker with a beautiful appearance and a streamlined user experience. Its feature set is designed to minimize the time you're spending with the app and to let

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MyLifeOrganized1.66 MBVersion2.7.0MyLifeOrganized

Add hierarchy to your to-do list. Try it with GTD®. Sync wirelessly to the Cloud MyLifeOrganized is an easy-to-use, yet powerful and intuitive to-do list, task manager and outlin

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 PDF Viewer (Unreleased) unknowVersion1.0.1 PDF Viewer (Unreleased)

Whether you’re working on your own or collaborating with a team, PDF Viewer maximizes productivity, allowing you to view, search, and annotate PDF documents with e

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