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Shift Alarm unknow Version 6 [Pro] Shift Alarm

This application is simple and powerful alarm clock for all shift workers. You can add customized shifts very easy. Shift Alarm is pretty easy to use. Just give it a try!The app wi

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FairEmail unknow Version 1.424 (Unreleased) [Pro] FairEmail

This email app might be for you if your current email app:* takes long to receive or to show messages* can manage only one email address* cannot handle a large number of messages*

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QuickBend: Conduit Bending unknow Version 3.1.0 [Paid] QuickBend: Conduit Bending

QuickBend is the quickest and most accurate conduit bending calculator app.QuickBend is an advanced conduit bending calculator that was created to be fast and accurate while being

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 Type Machine 463k Version 2.0.2 [Paid] Type Machine Paid

Have you ever typed something and then accidentally erased it? Written down something important and couldn't find it again? App crashed and lost everything you wrote? With your own

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 Popup Widget 120k Version 3.2.1 [Patched] Popup Widget Paid

* NOTICE for Nova launcher bug!!! *Popup widget supports two ways to create a shortcut. But the first way does not work on Nova, which has a bug for it. You can still create a shor

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Way of Life - The Habit Tracker unknow Version 1.3.1 [Premium] Way of Life - The Habit Tracker

'Way of Life is the ultimate habit building app.' -- App Advice ( recommended by Forbes, The New York Times, Marie Clair

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Sticky Notes Pro ! unknow Version 34 [Paid] Sticky Notes Pro !

Sticky Notes! is the ultimate application to create sticky notes and reminders on your Android device. Designed to take notes and navigate with minimum clicks and taps, Sticky Note

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Suwy: notepad, notebook & memo unknow Version 1.7.3 [Mod] Suwy: notepad, notebook & memo

Suwy is a notebook that allows you to take note or memo and organize them by colors and tags. It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write memos, notes

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SomTodo - Task/To-do widget unknow Version 2.3.4 [Premium] SomTodo - Task/To-do widget

SomTodo is advanced To-do management app which can synchronize to SomCloud.Now, you can make and manage your To-do list effectively at home, at school, and wherever you are.ㆍMake

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SomNote - Beautiful note app unknow Version 2.3.10 [Premium] SomNote - Beautiful note app

Beautifully designed private journal app ever!SomNote is the best journal app that over 3+ million users already picked! Along with a beautifully designed user interfaces, it offer

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AutomateIt Pro - Automate tasks on your Android unknow Version 4.0.235 [Paid] AutomateIt Pro - Automate tasks on your Android

AutomateIt is designed to make your life easier by automating various tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet.AutomateIt Pro has all the goods that the free version has and it's

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Hyperlink unknow Version 1.1.4 [Paid] Hyperlink

Android Q will come with a function to directly open the links you receive. With Hyperlink, you will not have to wait years until your phone is updated to the latest version if it

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Image Meter Pro 567.22 KB Version 2.21.8 [Paid] Image Meter Pro Paid

ImageMeter lets you annotate dimensions, angles and areas in your images with ease. No more need to draw a sketch of your new appartment in order to plan the new furniture. Simply

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aCalendar+ Android Calendar 557.60 KB Version 2.1.0 [Beta-4] [Paid] aCalendar+ Android Calendar Paid

aCalendar+, the best-rated Android calendar. aCalendar+ is still BETA software - please try the free aCalendar version first! There are only few additional features yet, but buyi

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VIP Notes - keeper for passwords, documents, files unknow Version 9.9.7 [Paid] VIP Notes - keeper for passwords, documents, files

Remember one password for: - see all other important information ( accounts, passwords, pin codes, credit cards details, etc.) - see photos of important documents and any other fi

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MSafe - Pro unknow Version 1.56 [Paid] MSafe - Pro Paid

Every day we hear about hacks that compromise usernames, emails, credit card numbers, and other type of data.Should you trust the web to store our most sensitive passwords?With MSa

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Nano Teleprompter unknow Version 3.2 [Paid] Nano Teleprompter

Nano teleprompter will fulfill all your needs. with all the options that you can dream of1- that you can use while using the phone camera. You can resize and drag the window freely

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Productivity Challenge Timer unknow Version 1.9.2 [Premium] Productivity Challenge Timer

Productivity Challenge Timer is a Pomodoro-based timer which aims to help you be more productive, more focused, waste less time and so on, you already know all that stuff.What this

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 Private Notepad - notes unknow Version 4.4.4 [Premium] Private Notepad - notes

Private Notepad is a simple notepad with the nice interface that allows you to maange your notes easily, and to protect them with password and encryption. Hundreds of thousands peo

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Pocket Kanban unknow Version 1.8.2 [Premium] Pocket Kanban

Kanban is a workflow visualization tool for managing your tasks in a highly efficient way. Cards are added to the TODO list, then moved to DOING and DONE.Limiting Work-in-progress

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