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 VolumeSlider unknowVersion2.0.2 VolumeSlider

Are the volume buttons on your device broken? Are you always hitting the wrong one? Try VolumeSlider, the volume button replacer. Control up to four different volume streams* on th

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【应用介绍】 Todolist-土豆丝:全球首款最酷最炫最实用的社交类程管理应用,基于社交协同的日程管理神器,最酷的事件提醒,幽默风

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 Taskbar 570kVersion3.2 Taskbar

Taskbar puts a start menu and recent apps tray on top of your screen accessible at any time, increasing your productivity and turning your Android tablet or phone into a real multi

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 GO Security, Antivirus AppLock unknowVersion1.35.3 GO Security, Antivirus AppLock

Featuring AV-Test FULL SCORE antivirus engine, GO Security is the most focused & leading security app.GO Security Highlights:Leading Virus Detecting Engine -The fastest virus d

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 Network Master - Speed Test 1.8MVersion1.8.2 Network Master - Speed Test

Network Master is a small, fast, free and ultimate tool for network analysis, speed test and boost internet access. With Network Master you can check WiFi security, test network sp

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 GlassWire – Data Usage Privacy (Unreleased) unknowVersion1.0.46r GlassWire – Data Usage Privacy (Unreleased)

Instantly see which apps are wasting your data, acting suspiciously, slowing your phone’s Internet speed, or causing you to go over your carrier data limits. Glass

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 Simple Camera unknowVersion2.0.1 Simple Camera

The camera is useable for both photo taking and video recording. You can switch between front and rear camera, the flash can be turned on and off, pinch to zoom in. While recording

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 RemoDB - MySQL, MsSQL and more 5.2MVersion3.2.1 RemoDB - MySQL, MsSQL and more

RemoDB offers free support for MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL and Sybase AES database servers with a wide range of tools and quick shortcuts.New: SSH Support!Features-Database bo

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 Cyanogenmod Changelog 2.6MVersion4.6 Cyanogenmod Changelog

Cyanogenmod Changelog is a Material Design app for viewing changes. You can also download nightlies for any selected device with just one tap.

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 Purify 2.7MVersion1.8.0.218 Purify

Purify (Battery Saver & Speed Up Android)Purify is an optimized tool for your Android OS. She can help you to save battery power, improve device standby time, increase speed an

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Mobile Security & Antivirus2.36 MBVersion3.2.88.129Mobile Security & Antivirus

Features at a glance:  Malware Scanner - independently tested to detect 99.8% of the bad stuff  Application Audit- alerts you of any app that tries to automatically downloa

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 Recording Master 8.2MVersion2.1.8.9 Recording Master

Recording Master will work smoothly without root on Android 5.0 Lollipop and for Android 4.4 Kit Kat, it requires ROOT access .The app contains no watermark, it is ad free and very

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 AppSend unknowVersion2.9 AppSend

Share installed applications on your smartphone with your friends!Now you can send any program or game to your friends via Bluetooth, mail or other services you like!You can also s

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 Yandex Browser Alpha unknowVersion17.3.1.274 Yandex Browser Alpha

This experimental version of Yandex Browser is currently available only for smartphone users eager to try and test the latest innovations in mobile internet design and user experie

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TSF Shell Pro4.17 MBVersion3.8.6TSF Shell ProPaid

In case you've forgotten, TSF is a revolutionary new launcher that allows icons to be resized and rotated, folders to be lassoed, a custom-order quick launch bar for whatever you w

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语记是讯飞语音+的全新升级版。 语音功能全面升级,界面更简洁精美,可在任何手机上安装使用。 语记让记录从此变得和张口说话一

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 Blynk - Arduino, Raspberry Pi 8.7MVersion2.12.3 Blynk - Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Want to control Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other microcomputers with the smartphone over the Internet? NO BLUETOOTH support.Create beautiful interfaces by dragging and dropping vari

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 Air Lock Screen - Open Screen 5.6MVersion1.2.7 Air Lock Screen - Open Screen

Would you like to free your power button, lock and unlock your device without touch it?Just try Air Lock Screen! Swipe your hand on top of your phone and see the magic!FEATURES:- L

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