Captain Legend: Reborn unknowVersion1.1.1 Captain Legend: Reborn

â—†Retro style of arcade game, positive confrontation with intense stimulation.â—†Video: https://youtu.be/XwmNM1BKUAcâ—†When you are fa

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 Disney Crossy Road 44MVersion2.902.17639 Disney Crossy Road

Why should the chicken get all the fun? From Hipster Whale, the makers of the original Crossy Roadâ„¢ with over 120,000,000 downloads, and Disney comes Disney Cross

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 War Monster unknowVersion1.0.2 War Monster

The hit free pixel games in arcade history!War Monster is a creative funny mix of PACMAN with SKY FORCE!It’s all about uncertain and random that will surely make y

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 Dragon Season Varies with devVersion1.5.72 Dragon Season

FLY as far as you can! Fun, destructive BLASTING!Help Nook rescue his friends from the dastardly King Jellyboo in this fun filled endless runner! * Cool quest system * Hilarious

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 Rooms of Doom - Minion Madness 69MVersion1.1.4 Rooms of Doom - Minion Madness

Play as Dr. Doom’s minions where you will run, jump, slide, fly, swim and barrel blast your way through Dr. Doom’s endless rooms!Will it be a comb

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 Two Builders unknowVersion1.0 Two Builders

This is a very simple but full of rhythm games.HOW TO PLAYThe two builders need to exchange each other's position to catch the sticks falling from their heads.If the two builders

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 Gravity - Run unknowVersion1.1.0 Gravity - Run

Can you handle the gravity? This game turns everything upside down.→ Tap on the screen to change the gravity→ Do not touch spikes or boxesâ&#

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 Jelly Cube unknowVersion1.0.2 Jelly Cube

A new concept 3D puzzle game that is designed to train your brain!- Roll and P.O.P jelly cubes of every sort and kind. - Very intuitive control and simple game rul

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 Empire defense unknowVersion1.2.7 Empire defense

This full version Empire Defense comes with standard and advanced weapons, and 4 new maps! You start with 4 basic weapons and 10,000 crystals on a simple map. Earn more crystals as

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 Don't Tap The White Tile 3.9MVersion4.0.3.5 Don't Tap The White Tile

According to reviews of our players, our game is much better than other "white tiles". If you feel so too, write your review and recommend it to your friends please! The Arcade mod

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 Piano Tiles 2 14MVersion3.0.0.523 Piano Tiles 2

Sequel to the most popular game of 2014, Piano Tiles 2 is coming! We've worked hard to bring you the joy of playing the piano in a fast paced mobile game!·What's new in

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 Stickman Archer unknowVersion1.0 Stickman Archer

Destroy enemies and stay alive!!Aiming and shooting in enemy stickman. Drag and drop your finger for targeting and firing.Simulator shooting with bow.The enemy is killed by a hit i

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 Hyper Trip 18MVersion1.2 Hyper Trip

Hyper Trip is a frenetic reflex game set in a futuristic 3D neon lit environment. THE CONTROLS? Tap left or right to guide a square. THE GOAL? Avoid hitting a wall. THE CATCH?

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 Bloo Kid 17MVersion4.0 Bloo Kid

If you come across any bugs, please consider reporting them to bugs@eiswuxe.de before giving the game a low ranking. Thank you!*** STORY *** Help Bloo Kid to rescue his girlfriend

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 Shooty Skies - Arcade Flyer 40MVersion1.1302.6721 Shooty Skies - Arcade Flyer

The creators of Crossy Road present Shooty Skies! Dodge, duck, goose and weave. Take to the skies!Take on a flood of colourful craziness filling the sky. Soar like an eagle, fight

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 Smurfs Epic Run 206MVersion2.2.1 Smurfs Epic Run

*** SMURFS EPIC RUN: Experience the next generation runner game with gorgeous 2D graphics! Choose your favorite Smurf and embark on an epic adventure to free your fellow Smurfs fro

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 Captain Galaxy – Pixel shooter unknowVersion1.3 Captain Galaxy – Pixel shooter

Retro space shooter has never looked this good! Captain Galaxy – 8 Bit Shooter is an instant-classic 8 bit space shooter that will leave you in total awe. Be warne

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 Ether Wars 11MVersion4.5 Ether Wars

You are the last hope that stands before the total annihilation of the human race. Piloting a ship with the latest high-tech you are on a mission to stop the invasion of the terrib

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 Microtrip 16MVersion2.1.1 Microtrip

"Simple, squashy and with plenty of just-one-more-go addictiveness." – The Guardian"Microtrip offers a dose of happiness to cheer you up on a miserable afternoon." –

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 Mupen64Plus FZ (N64 Emulator) unknowVersion3.0.131 beta Mupen64Plus FZ (N64 Emulator)

If you send me a crash report of a crash during emulation, please tell me the game it crashed in, otherwise I can't do anything with it.Careful if you have Clean Master. It is know

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