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Chess Coach Pro (Professional version) unknow Versi 2.09 Chess Coach Pro (Professional version)

* Full access to chess puzzles (3400 puzzles)* Full access to chess openings (5 openings)* 100% Offline* No ADS* "Favorites" for favorite puzzles* Reset progress and statistics* Pr

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Gun Safe unknow Versi 1.8.1 [Paid] Gun Safe Paid

Gun Safe is totally secure storage for your firearms information. Store data about firearms, ammunition, permits, memberships and range sessions in a 256-bit AES encrypted databa

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Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security unknow Versi 7.2.0 [Premium] Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security

Disguise your online identity and access blocked apps and sites with Hotspot Shield, while keeping your mobile activities anonymous, private and secure!Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy is

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PISCIS W Kwgt unknow Versi 7.5 [Paid] PISCIS W Kwgt Paid

PISCIS W es un paquete de 36 hermosos widgets para KWGT. La Aplicación se "Actualizará Constantemente".Esta no es una aplicación independiente. Los widgets  PISCIS W PACK requi

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Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds unknow Versi 4.11 [Pro] Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

Atmosphere is the perfect app to relax. Enjoy a variety of relaxing sounds divided into different environments.Just choose the sounds that you like and create your favorite combina

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Gladient Icons unknow Versi 2.1 [Patched] Gladient Icons

Gladient is a brand new, Squircle shapes with colorful gradients colors!• 1800+ icons and will reach 3000 icons using updates from requests.• 2000+ Themed Activities• Dynamic

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 myNoise unknow Versi 2.2.4 [Unlocked] myNoise

The idea behind a noise machine, is to make use of the noises you like to mask the noises you dislike. The concept is simple, works extremely well, and does not require expensive e

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Duo Icon Pack unknow Versi 2.0.5 [Patched] Duo Icon Pack

Duo is a beautiful shapeless iconpack that has a dual - tone finish. Each icon in duo is carefully handcrafted, so that it goes well along with dark as well as light wallpapers. Du

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BlockSite - Block Distracting Apps & Sites unknow Versi 1.2.345 [Premium] BlockSite - Block Distracting Apps & Sites

⭐ Stop Phone addiction⭐ No Distractions⭐ End ProcrastinationBreaking bad habits isn’t easy, but BlockSite is here to help you.No Self control Required!BlockSite prevents an

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Liv Dark - Substratum Theme unknow Versi 1.2.0 [Patched] Liv Dark - Substratum Theme

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CalcKit: All-in-One Calculator unknow Versi 2.4.9 [Premium] [Mod] CalcKit: All-in-One Calculator

Meet , the most powerful All-in-One Calculator Pack for Android.Featuring , packed in with a highly customizable scientific calculator and even letting you , CalcKit is the All-in-

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 Soccer Scores - FotMob Varies with dev Versi 109.0.7324 (Unlocked) Soccer Scores - FotMob

The #1 football app offering real time scores, news and breaking news notifications from your favorite teams. FotMob covers MLS, NASL, USL, Premier League, Championship, League 1

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Computer Desktop Style File Manager unknow Versi 1.0 [PRO] Computer Desktop Style File Manager

With this app you get a file manager which works like a Computer Desktop file manager for windows. If you are used to computer file explore, this app will make it really easy to ma

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Photo Resize & Compress unknow Versi 1.0 [PRO] by PPN Photo Resize & Compress

One of the best and easy app for photo resizing and compressing.Resize your photo with particular dimensions using both percentage or height & width.There is multiple ratio to resi

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Weather unknow Versi 179 [Premium] Weather

•  - The application changes based on the time of the day, current location and weather condition to show you the current weather.•  - The current weather is presented u

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FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation unknow Versi 24.21 [Unlimited] FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation

FLY is FUN - 30 days trialFLY is FUN is a moving map for aviation and pilots providing ILS and GPS approach, VOR, NDB, DME, Marker beacons, RNAV navigation and Marker beacons warni

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Speak to Translate/Transliteration : All Languages unknow Versi 1.0 [PRO] Speak to Translate/Transliteration : All Languages

Speak, translate, transliterate, pronounce, type and much more with this app.App Features : - Speak to translate : Speak in your native language to translate in any other language.

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NewsFeed Launcher unknow Versi 5.6.438.beta [Paid] NewsFeed Launcher

With the NewsFeed Launcher you can manage your apps easily, subscribe to any RSS feed and read what's important to you even when you are offline.Features:- Social NetworksFollow yo

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Zenmoney: expense tracker unknow Versi 5.9.1 [Premium] Zenmoney: expense tracker

We live in a world of consumers: everyone is after our wallet. Yet we’re not always able to evaluate the way our financial decisions influence our future life. Zenmoney will give

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Do Not Disturb - Silent Mode Premium unknow Versi 5.3.1 [Patched] Do Not Disturb - Silent Mode Premium Paid

If you do not want to be disturbed during a meeting, an important appointment, the night, or at any other event, then this is the right application.You can choose whether to mute t

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