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Almost a Hero - RPG Clicker Game with Upgrades unknow Version 3.7.2 (Mod Money) Almost a Hero - RPG Clicker Game with Upgrades

Almost A Hero is probably one of the most addicting RPG clicker games you will find out there today. In this incremental RPG clicker game, you will meet 11 idle heroes, also known

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Triglav unknow Version 1.3.353 (Mod Money) Triglav

The tower of Triglav consisting of 50+ floors. Go for the top floor where the princess is captured, by searching for keys that open the doors to the next floor, by solving puzzles,

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Legend of Solgard unknow Version 2.3.5 [Mod] Legend of Solgard

Combat enemies and bosses with the creatures you collect, level up your hero powers and loot treasure from Norse legend!Solgard is turning to winter, its creatures trapped in ice c

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HERETIC GODS unknow Version 1.10.11 (Free Shopping) HERETIC GODS

You are looking for a "Action Role Playing Game" ?Well, Heretic Gods is simply the best game for Android if you are ravenous for Epic Loot, mastering skills and to butcher through

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Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis unknow Version 1.13.1 (Mod) Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis

Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis introduces the unique and highly strategic deployment battle system. Arrange your armies to out-maneuver your opponents and then take control of your he

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 EvoCreo 36M Version 1.9.0 build 175 EvoCreo Paid

Over 130 Monsters to Catch & Evolve!Explore a Massive Open World!No Energy Bars, No Waiting! Embark on a journey through the world of Zenith. Become the top Evoker by capturing

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Dice Hunter: Quest of the Dicemancer unknow Version 4.1.0 (Mod Gems) Dice Hunter: Quest of the Dicemancer

Master tactical dice battles! Enjoy the clever combination of skill and luck. Dice Hunter is a turn-based role playing game with collectible dice. Play now for FREE!STORY:Become th

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 Day R Survival 75M Version 1.647 [Mod Money] Day R Survival Paid

- Hardcore survival:Hunger, radiation, thirst, traumas and diseases won't give you a chance to relax.- Realistic world:The turn of the seasons, monsters, a huge map of USSR and mor

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Delight Games (Premium) unknow Version 12.1 Delight Games (Premium) Paid

✔ 40+ Choice-based interactive novels. All unlocked with no micro-transactions.✔ No ads.✔ You get new gamebooks regularly with updates on Premium before anywhere

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 Eternium: Mage And Minions unknow Version 1.4.38 (Mod Money) Eternium: Mage And Minions

Hack & slash against the dark forces threatening your home-world.Experience intense tactical fights in this fast paced, old school action RPG.You like the shiny armor on that b

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 Tap Titans 2 unknow Version 3.4.2 (Mod Money) Tap Titans 2

The battle continues as Sword Master defends the world from an all new, more dangerous army of invading Titans. Power up Sword Master in new ways to overcome the Titan's ever-incre

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 Shadow Fight 2 93M Version 2.1.2 (Mod Money) Shadow Fight 2

The sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit with 40 million usersShadow Fight 2 is a nail-biting mix of RPG and classical Fighting. This game lets you equip your character with cou

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Looney Tunes World of Mayhem unknow Version 16.0.3 (Mod) Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

Pre-register today and get access to an EXCLUSIVE Showbiz Daffy Crate, including RARE Showbiz Daffy Toon Pieces, Dynamite, Anvils, and Gold when Looney Tunes World of Mayhem releas

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 Heroes of Loot 2 8.1M Version 1.1.9 (Paid) Heroes of Loot 2 Paid

50% LAUNCH discount! ends on Saturday, so be quick about it :)------Support, tip and tricks: to our newsletter for new and exclusive con

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 Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG 43M Version 1.2.81 [Mod Money] Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG

Blaster-wielding mercenaries vs beasts from the labyrinth: who will win? You're commanding a die-hard assault squad. Destination: Plutonia, a settlement on a Doom-4 class planet. S

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Bulu Monster unknow Version 6.2.0 [Mod] Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster - a monster collecting game in AndroidMonsters are the main theme of the exciting new app from Sigma Game. Bulu Monster allows the user to become a monster trainer on

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Epic Conquest unknow Version 5.8 (Mod Money) Epic Conquest

Challenge yourself in this exciting and fast-paced single-player Action RPG with intense combat! Choose between two playable characters with different playstyles, and save the worl

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 The Fable of Ruby unknow Version 1.12 (Paid) The Fable of Ruby Paid

"The Fable of Ruby" is retro style Action RPG.Ruby is a girl works for a worker in laboratory on the uncanny tower. She spend her life peacefully.But she suffer crisis suddenly. So

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 Battleheart Legacy 362M Version 1.5.2 [Paid] Battleheart Legacy Paid

The spirit of Battleheart returns, re-imagined! In Battleheart Legacy, you will explore a rich and detailed fantasy world, customize your unique hero with dozens of powerful skills

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Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG- unknow Version 3.1.6 (Mod Soulstones) Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG-

"The oldest and most abhorrent Prophecy has become reality.This is endless and merciless warfare for Buriedbornes, army can revive forever."# Easy to play x Hard to surviveBuriedb

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