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  •  ZenfoneUI CM12  1.1

ZenfoneUI CM12 1.1

  • Sense 6 CM12 Theme

Sense 6 CM12 Theme

  • Zenith CM12 Theme  1.2.2

Zenith CM12 Theme 1.2.2

  • Cards UI CM12 Theme  1.0.5

Cards UI CM12 Theme 1.0.5

  •  MaterialUp Theme for CM12

MaterialUp Theme for CM12

  • Forto - CM12 Theme  1.8

Forto - CM12 Theme 1.8

  • Swype keyboard paid version 1.8.5....


  • cycloid stitch theme

cycloid stitch theme go launcher theme

  • Dfxsound player

Mp3 HQ player

  • Maths Quiz

This is a fun way to test your Math knowledge on the go featuring Subtraction ,Addition and Multiplication on positive and negative numbers. Levels of increasing difficulty 3 Game modes including Free Play, Time Attack and

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