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  • Poppins KWGT

    Version : 1.3.0 [Paid]

    Give your homescreen some pop with modern widgets and wallpapers. This is not a standalone app. It r...

  • Lolapop 1985 Iconpack

    Version : 1.2 [Patched]

    Join our Community at and

  • Bubble Notification | Chat Heads

    Version : 1.0.34 [Premium]

    Bubble Notification provides nice features to manage your notifications and supports reply directly ...

  • Population Meter

    Version : 1.1.01 [AdFree]

    This apps in all country current population in planet earth.How many people are currently living on ...

  • POPS - Films, Music, Anime, Comics & eSports

    Version : 2.17.1222 [AdFree]

    POPS App provides thousands of exclusive, high-quality, carefully curated and licensed entertainment...

  • Popup Ads Detector & Task Killer

    Version : 1.0.0 [Premium]

    Popup Ads Detector & Task Killer helps you manage your phone memory at it's finest. Also helps you t...

  • Bubble Screen Translate

    Version : 2.1.3 [Pro]

    Bubble Screen Translate recognizes any text on your screen and instantly translate them into your na...

  • Bubble Guppies - Fruit Bubble Shooter

    Version : 1.2

    Bubble Shooter Fruits 20190 is Classic casual puzzle game really fun to play in all time your activi...

  • Popup Reminder

    Version : 1.16 [Premium]

    Uses• ToDo Reminder• Reminder Alarm• Reminder Alert• Daily Notes• Memo• Note Reminder• Floating Remi...

  • Look Up -Pop Up Dictionary Pro

    Version : 3563 (SAP) (Paid)

    Are you a bibliophile & hate going to google for every tough word you face?Or an ex- iOS user missin...