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  • Assistive Volume Button

    Version : 0.5.5 [Premium]

    This app shows volume buttons on the edge of the screen.You can change the color, size and opacity o...

  • tvQuickActions - button mapper & mouse toggle

    Version : 1.2.1 [Paid] [Patched]

    tvQuickActions allow you assign 5 actions to button of your remote and add a lot of useful functions...

  • Panic button

    Version : 1.0.25 [Unlocked]

    This application allows alarm monitoring companies using Phoenix software (

  • Power Button Remapper for Samsung - sideActions

    Version : 1.18 [Pro]

    With sideActions you can easily remap the side buttons like the Power, S Pen or Volume buttons on yo...

  • Remap buttons and gestures

    Version : 3.07 [AdFree]

    You can customize buttons to assign different functions to buttons such as back button, Bixby button...

  • Don't Push The Wrong Button 2

    Version : 1.0 [Paid]

    The so far most realistic and sophisticated bomb disarm simulation for Android has been fundamentall...

  • Button Mapper: Remap your keys

    Version : 3.04 [Pro]

    Personalize the buttons on your phone or tablet by assigning custom actions to button presses, doubl...

  • Back Button

    Version : 1.9.12 [AdFree]

    *On the large-screen phone, the function buttons are at the bottom of the screen, your fingers may h...

  • Multi-action Home Button

    Version : 2.5.0 (Pro)

    This appplication was initially made to activate the "HTC" logo on the HTC One but can work on any d...

  • Next Track: Skip tracks with volume buttons

    Version : 1.24 [Pro]

    Next Track lets you skip songs, mute or stop music using your volume buttons. Next Track works with ...