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  • KGGM Android12 for KWGT

    Version : 2021.Jun.04.14 [Paid]

    This is not a standalone application; KGGM Android12 require KWGT PRO (not a free version).Beautiful...

  • Pastel 12 - Android 12 Widgets for KWGT Pro

    Version : 1.1 [Patched]

    A set of beautifully crafted Android 12 widgets for KWGT Pro that adapt with the wallpaper colours l...

  • Android 12 Widgets for KWGT

    Version :

    This is not a stand-alone app. Android 12 Widgets requires the KWGT PRO application (Paid Version of...

  • Android 12 Widget Pack for KWGT

    Version : 2021.May.29.03 [Paid]

    A new beautiful Android 12 likes widget pack for your beautiful home screenUnique Color Selection fo...

  • Andro 12 KWGT

    Version : 3.0 [Paid]

    Welcome to Andro 12 KwgtsFollow stepsThis is not stand alone app. You need• KWGT :

  • Android 12 Widgets KWGT

    Version : 2021.Jun.16.13 [Paid]

    Hey, this app consists of the Best Android 12 Widgets!! 🔥*This is not a stand-alone app. Android 12 ...

  • Material U - Android 12 inspired KWGT

    Version : 2021.Jun.02.23 [Paid]

    ⚠️ NEEDS OTHER PAID APP : KWGT PRO ⚠️No need to wait for the android 12 update that will most likely...

  • Android 12 Clock

    Version : 2.2 [Mod] [Sap]

    Recently Android 12 has been announced with design-focued and many visual UI changes. Some of the ve...

  • Android 12 widgets for KWGT Pro

    Version : 1.3 [Paid]

    KWGT PRO REQUIREDThis is not a stand alone app. It requires:KWGT: KWGT Pro: ht...

  • Madness Substratum [ R | S ANDROID 11 | 12 ]

    Version : 1.0 [Patched]

    🚧 "REQUIRES A CUSTOM MAGISK MODULE FROM THE DEVELOPER"Compatible with Substratum engine only! If you...