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  • Lolapop 1985 Iconpack

    Version : 1.2 [Patched]

    Join our Community at and

  • Ghost IconPack

    Version : 1.1 [Patched]

    Ghost Icon Pack is an icon pack with High Quality icons and Shape styled Inspired by Apple Design. I...

  • Peanut Iconpack

    Version : 2.1.9 (Patched)

    Peanut Icon Pack is a Flat Design based icons handcrafted with iPhone style. With over 700+ and keep...

  • BeeLine White Iconpack

    Version : 1.4 [Patched]

    BeeLine White Icons made of colorful linear linese with beautiful colors for both dark and Light set...

  • OrangeLine IconPack : LineX

    Version : 2.9 [Patched]

    Orange and White Version of LineX IconPack, It's one of the freshest icon packs you could think of.O...

  • Gruvy Iconpack

    Version : 1.3.2 [Patched]

    Gruvy Icon Pack is a Flat Design based icons handcrafted with ios style. With over 250+ and keep con...

  • Ineclectic - Material Design Iconpack

    Version : 1.2.9 build 1292 [Patched]

    Heavily inspired by Eclectic Icons but more for the Material Design lovers...

  • Meeye Iconpack

    Version : 5.8.5 [Patched]

    The icons inside Meeye Iconpack are inspired by MeeGo Harmattan, with some modifications.We don't pu...

  • Museum - IconPack

    Version : 1.0.2 [Patched]

    • 1000+ high quality icons.• Multiple alternative icons to choose from.• Icon masking for unthemed i...

  • Litt13 - IconPack

    Version : 1.0.2 [Patched]

    Litt13 Iconpack - это значки в стиле минимализм более чем 400 иконками и буду продолжать в том же ду...