Meta Platforms, Inc. Apps

Facebook 437.
Find friends, watch live videos, play games & save photos inyour social network
Messenger Lite 334.
A faster version of Messenger that works in all network conditions
Facebook Gaming: Watch, Play, and Connect
Your favorite gaming videos, communities and Instant Games all inone place.
Discover from Facebook
Browse the internet with free data each day from participatingmobile operators
Free Basics by Facebook
Free access to websites like Facebook, ESPN and more.
Study from Facebook
An app for Facebook Viewpoints participants who joined the Studyprogram.
Get rewarded for helping improve apps and services you use everyday.
Creator Studio
Your on-the-go solution for content management, measurement andcommunications.
Messenger Kids – The Messaging
Fun, free app that lets kids video call and message family andclose friends.
Express Wi-Fi by Facebook
Use this app to quickly connect, find Wi-Fi zones, see promotionsand more.
Facebook View
Set up your Ray-Ban Stories
PlayTorch 0.1.2
Create mobile AI demos in minutes with the PlayTorch app.