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Flaming Heart-Piano Garden
Free gifts for everyone from Korean musiccomposer, Flaming Herat.With 10 themes, wonderful illustration and 30 emotinalmusics,heal your tired mind from daily life!------------------[Event]-----------------------------------------1. No advertisment and payments required2. 4 languages applied (Korean, English, Chinese, Japaness)------------------[Event]-----------------------------------------1. There are 3 piano musics in 1 theme.2. 10 themes and moving illustration applied.3. Click on linked youtube site for more free musics
Bun Wars HD - Strategy Game
A new funny game, a new style of towerdefense, wonder dynamics, new standards, excellent graphics! It'sall Bun Wars TD (formerly Buns Invasion)! It is a unique fun gamein the style of defense of your castle from the crowds of enemyunits, which sets new large-scale standards in real time strategy(rts) genre for mobile platforms.In this world players have the opportunity to feel greatstrategists because there are very many enemies ever involved inthe fighting at the same time - up to 5000 units per battle, and1000 units per attack, and they all rush to the gate of the castle.The only result is to win or be defeated.KEY FEATURES:1. All landscape are made in 3D with good graphics and cartoonanimation.2. Addicting music and sounds.3. Play in 2 maps and take part in 24 exciting battles.5. 25 cool monsters + defenders: dragons, archers, giant magicwarrior, high boss with sword and ect.6. Four types of towers which have three levels ofimprovement!6. Advanced artificial intelligence of monsters army7. Become a god of war killing as many warriors as possible (up to100 thousands)8. Awesome particle effects9. Combination of new completely revolution and old proved by yearsclassic hardcore gameplays include elements of arcade andaction.Background story:Evil Lord revived as a result of a mad scientist's experiments. Hecalled the dark forces to conquer the world. Now you are the lasthope of survival of your kingdom. Don’t wait, take part in the bigfight as a king, kill all the legions of the enemies and getincredible victory in this tremendous combat between light anddarkness. Your destiny to defend the Kingdoms, rescue an Empire,become a defender, a hero by demonstrating the honor. Choose yourtactic, beat the demon and gain a glory and a reputation of thegreatest strategist. The end is close! You are choosen one and onlyyou could bring the piece. Buns are waiting until you startplaying.We hope this latest game would be interesting for girls, boys,teenagers, adults, children, kids and all family!If you like this casual game then you can share it with yourfriends and relatives.Copyrights by Fire Plus Team creator.
Real Guitar Free - Chords, Tabs & Simulator Games
🎸 Real Guitar Free is a simulator appfeaturing electric and acoustic guitar sounds recorded with liveguitars! Learn how to play the guitar with free chords and tabsthat we have in stock for you! The app has dozens of useful optionsand playing modes and is a perfect fit for both beginners andmastered guitarists.Are you looking for a temporary music instrument substitution orwant to learn and revise guitar chords? Do you want to jam to asong that you like or maybe you need guitar tabs of popular songs?Playing music simulator games is the way you spend your free time?All you need is Real Guitar Free. You can strum, pluck and strikevirtual strings playing chords, riffs and even solo of anycomplexity.High quality sounds that are recorded professionally using genuinemusical instruments give you the possibility to play without usingthe guitar amp. The simulator has a user-friendly interface thatlets you make guitar music and songs as easy as never before.Moreover, It’s a great tool to learn guitar for beginners and anamazing free game for kids. Millions of musicians around the worldare fond of it for different reasons. No matter if you’re a proguitarist, guitar hero gamer or a music maker, the app will alwayscome in handy when you travel or away from your musicinstrument.Here’s what you get with our app:★ Various types of music instruments:- Acoustic guitar- Electric guitar- Classic guitar- 12 String★ Awesome playing options:- Solo mode to make beautiful solos (all music notes areanimated)- Chord mode to practice strumming- Hand switcher for both right handed and left handedguitarists- Nylon and steel strings- Various strumming patterns★ Chords and guitar tabs:- Complete chord library (book) with the playback function- Chord Finder helps you quickly find chords on the fingerboard andlearn scales on the fretboard (useful when practicing guitarlessons)- Songbook with notes and chords (lyrics are coming soon)The app is a great tool that can be used to:- Learn guitar for beginners- Teach kids how to play guitar- Make guitar lessons more fun- Travel and practice guitar on the go- Learn new chords, songs, tunes, riffs and solos- Get to know basics of the bass guitarTips from Gismart:- You should definitely use the app to jam to songs when you traveland are away from your music instrument. Everyday practicing helpsimprove sense of tempo and rhythm and is definitely a way tosuccess- It’s a must-have tool for beginners as well as for rock bandguitarists and guitar hero game admirers.- To learn guitar scales is a great way of exploring thefingerboard (fretboard) and improving your solo and chordperformances.- Never use poor quality apps! There are tons of virtual simulatorsout there, but only few with high quality guitar sounds made withlive instruments and by professional musicians. We’re at Gismartreally care about quality.Whether you’re striving to become the next guitar hero, rockguitarist or simply looking for free games to pass time with music,Real Guitar will provide you and your friends with a lot of fun!...Oh, and did we mention there’s no need to change guitar strings?:)🎸
ButtonBass EDM Cube
This is the NEW EDM cube from EDM beats with ease. Start and stop loops by just pressing thecubes! Try the auto mix feature and have the cube make beats foryou! There is also an random mix button that will randomly generatea beat with the # of loops you choose. There are volume controlsfor each sound at the top and bottom of the app.I included the Keyboard control function in this one! Just clickthe show keyboard button and you can use your androids keyboard tocontrol the cube.You can play one sample at a time or press multiple buttons atonce. Swipe control is also included.Enjoy!Jason
Avril Lavigne - Songs Quiz
8 Mobile
★☆★ Avril Lavigne Songs – Quiz is an extremelyamusing app.★☆★★☆★ It is a new version of karaoke that is based on texts.★☆★Your aim is to find the missing words in the lyrics of AvrilLavigne Songs. This application is the new generation of triviagames. Forget about boring geography puzzles and enjoy doing yourbest by just filling the blanks in the tracks of the your favouriteartist. Find the correct words and finish the same test on threedifferent difficulty levels easy medium hard. Every track has aunique point and try now to collect all points by solving allquizzes.
ButtonBeats Dubstep Balls
These are the ButtonBeats Dubstep Balls. This is a follow up to thepopular Buttonbeats Dubstep Cube! I'm sure some of you have beenwaiting for this! Enjoy. Each of the spheres is a heart poundingdubstep beat. Mix 3 or four beats together to make a song! was launched in august of 2007 by me, Jason. I hada set of music samples I wanted to mix up and I didn't have anysoftware available so I made a program to mix them up. My friendcame over and was playing the program for over an hour. So Ithought It would be cool to upload it to the internet. So I boughtthe domain name and uploaded a few differentprograms I made. A short time later I made the piano. I put thesong Jingle Bells up to play on the piano. Then people began tosubmit many songs for the piano. After about a year I got my friendEverett involved in producing the site and getting the name outthere. From there we had a friend Ariel that made music. Ariel,Everett and I spent many afternoons recording sound samples,editingthe samples, designing ui, making beats, ordering beats, designingt shirts, stickers, programming and barbecuing. Within the lastyear we brought Stephan on board. He has skinned the whole sitewith a new look this summer and has other good ideas in the worksright now. Between the four of us, we have the website generatingover two million views a month. The site is popular all over theworld and continues to grow. Thanks for being part of ButtonBeats.
Kids Fun Animal Piano Pro
App Family
App Family is proud to introduce the PROversion of "Animal Piano", bringing you laughter and fun with 9hilarious pianos, beautiful HD graphics and high-qualitysoundsYou play by pressing directly on the cheerfully animatedcharacters. As you play, random effects change the piano keys forvariation and fun!Parental guidance information:- No third party advertisements.- Suggested age group is children aged 2 - 4, depending on previoustouchscreen game experience.- The game encourages basic manipulation skills (touch), musicalskills (scale of notes) and imaginative playFor more fun, check out our other fun kids games!Technical information:- Installs to SD card if available.- Anonymous usage statistics are collected via Google Analytics,hence the requirement for Internet access. We do this only toimprove the game experience of future versions. The only statisticcollected is the number of times each piano is played.Credits:Music: Kevin MacLeodSound:
Animal Orchestra Music Game
"Animal Orchestra, a beautiful educational music game for kids frompreschool" -"After 15 minutes with one of these apps, my 4-year-old spent therest of the day calling out the names of instruments she recognizedin songs on the radio." - Parentmap.comCute animals, nice melodies, wonderful graphics, and more than20 music instruments to get to know!Animal Orchestra is a great and playful way for kids to learnmusical instruments.Kids can play Animal Orchestra music game without help fromparents.Animal Orchestra is an educational musical game for preschoolersand kindergarten-aged kids. Most educational games for kids willteach your child letters, numbers, shapes, reading, counting andother mandatory things. We believe that preschoolers and kidseducational games must not be limited to what is mandatory. That'swhy we created Animal Orchestra - the music game for kids that goesbeyond general kids education. Animal Orchestra is the first musicgame for kids that lets your kid play with musical instruments,learn their names and recognize them by their sounds.Gameplay is very simple - toddlers will listen to the musicalinstrument sound or its name and will try to find an animal withthat instrument on the screen. Upon selection, an animal will playa short melody and go to the next question.What will my children learn?Your child will learn names of music instruments and their sounds.Your child will grow an interest in music while playing with cuteand funny animals in the game. You'll very soon see how your childstarts to notice and recognize music instruments in the real world- that's what excites us the most about the game.ModesPlay - try to recognize musical instrument by its sound orname.Learn - listen to the musical instruments sounds and names.There are over 20 animals and music instruments in thegame:crocodile with saxophone, elephant with cymbals, giraffe withpiano, turtle with harmonica, kitty with flute, sheep withbagpipes, bear with balalaika, lion with electric guitar, wolf withguitar, goat with panflute, fox with violin, bull with double bassand many more.Animal Orchestra. It is a great learning music game forpreschoolers. Unlike other educational games Animal Orchestradoesn't try to teach your kids letters and numbers. Instead itmakes toddlers familiar with musical instruments. Your kid willlearn instruments names and will recognize them by their sounds.The game is simple enough for children to play without any help butalso interactive enough to keep them focused. Children will listento the instrument sound or its name and will try to find an animalwith that instrument on the screen.
Sausage Royale
This sausage just wants to dance! Think you can keep up? More funthan you can shake a stick at, Sausage Royale is an action packedrhythm game for one to four players on your tellyphone!
Maroon 5 - Songs Quiz
8 Mobile
★☆★ Maroon 5 – Songs Quiz is an extremely amusing app.★☆★★☆★ It is a new version of karaoke that is based on texts.★☆★Your aim is to find the missing words in the lyrics of Maroon 5songs. This application is the new generation of trivia games.Forget about boring geography puzzles and enjoy doing your best byjust filling the blanks in the tracks of the your favourite artist.Find the correct words and finish the same test on three differentdifficulty levels easy medium hard. Every track has a unique pointand try now to collect all points by solving all quizzes.This app challenges your official information about Maroon 5songs lyrics. You may know all the following information, best andnew videos, all the last recent latest news about this music band,you may even have their pictures on your wallpaper but how well doyou know their lyrics?Users Comments:-This app is awesome for me because I adore Maroon 5 songs.-I know very well everything about them. I proved to myself howmuch I know them with this.-I watch regularly videos and I had so much fun doing thisquiz.-Such a great thing! It was good to see Maroon 5 new albums in thisapplication.-Great application… I follow all photos, I love all aboutthem!-This quiz made me big fan again now I started to search abouttheir special life.-I really don’t know their birthday times but I wondered it due tothis amazing application.- Not enough to know the songs, I keep in my mind their lifestyleand love of Adam Levine with Behati Prinsloo !-This application reminded me of all members’ voices...-Time to find all words of lyrics. I didn’t understand how the timepassed away.-I want to learn their phone numbers, I didn’t find it oninternet!-Their new album rocked everywhere and also this application Ithink…-After downloading it, I started to follow the recent news.-Their music style is first for me, big fan! Thanks for thisquiz.- One of the best music band in the world, it is impossible to notknow their hits!You may know all this stuff…But are you ready for lyrics quiz?The top 20 hits in the app now today:*Hunt you down eat you alive just like animals ...*We drew a map to a better place ...*That I'll only stay with you one more night ...*I've got the moves like Jagger ...*I'm at a payphone trying to call home ...*And she will be loved, and she will be loved ...*I am in misery and there ain't nobody ...*I really wanna love somebody ...*Sunday morning rain is falling ...*This love has taken its toll on me ...*I won't go home without you ...*And it really makes me wonder ...*Cuz in the daylight, we'll be on our own ...*I will never walk away again I'm never gonna leave this bed...*Wake up call, caught you in the morning ...*Baby you got me doin dirt, doin dirt, doin dirt ...*One in a million, my lucky strike ...*Everyone has a secret oh can they keep it ...*Is there anyone out there cause it's getting harder and harder tobreathe ...
Alicia Keys - Songs Quiz
8 Mobile
★☆★ Alicia Keys Songs – Quiz is an extremelyamusing app.★☆★★☆★ It is a new version of karaoke that is based on texts.★☆★Your aim is to find the missing words in the lyrics of Alicia KeysSongs. This application is the new generation of trivia games.Forget about boring geography puzzles and enjoy doing your best byjust filling the blanks in the tracks of the your favourite artist.Find the correct words and finish the same test on three differentdifficulty levels easy medium hard. Every track has a unique pointand try now to collect all points by solving all quizzes.
《 Angelmania 》Angelmania is developed by Forest Boy Studio which is a gamedevelopment studio. Angelmania is a game about music tempo withinsenior high band’s enthusiasm. It includes the exquisiteillustrations and heart touching songs. Just listen to Angelmania’ssongs, beat the tempo bubble and enjoy it! This game is developedby famous music composer and art studio Pixel Art Studio whom letthis music game endowed withd emotional and touchable characters inAngelmania.《 Game Features 》- 15 original heart touching songs composed by a famouscomposer.- Fine character set which let the game with more vitality.- With different levels, random positions of tempo bubble enrichthe game with challenge and fun.- Songs are designed to match the roles and background, let theplayers enjoy impressiveness in the senior high band.- This game is quite easy and intuitive. Click on either right orleft side, it is easy way to experience the tempo.《 Background 》Angel and Hiraku were childhood sweethearts who love music whengrew up and dreaming to form a band. They met a cool drummer Kentaand a shy keyboard Yui, and decided to start the Angelmania Band.Ryusuke is a heavy-metal guitarist who study at the same school andpersist with his own style. Also, he is a naysayer who alwaysagainst with Angelmania. Under this competitive status andcombinations, what kind of songs they will create?
ButtonBass House Cube
This is the NEW HOUSE cube Mix HOUSE beats with ease. Start and stop loops byjust pressing the cubes! Try the auto mix feature and have the cubemake beats for you! There is also an random mix button that willrandomly generate a beat with the # of loops you choose. There arevolume controls for each sound at the top and bottom of theapp.I included the Keyboard control function in this one! Just clickthe show keyboard button and you can use your androids keyboard tocontrol the cube.You can play one sample at a time or press multiple buttons atonce. Swipe control is also included.Enjoy!Jason
Lowriders Comeback -Music Game
Montana Games
In this game you can feel the atmosphere of lowriders, to play withany of the 31 available cars.Modification parts, a removable disk, vinyl editor and suspensiontuning will create your own style.Choose your music from sd card, or play using great inside gametracks.We would be grateful for any support, whether repost, or justscore constructive comments.
Super Dubstep HD
Bola Apps
Application created for those who lovedubstep, with this app you can play and createdubstep music with the best beats and rhythms in a loop, you canmake a dubstep party at home with his cell phone.Dubstep application super light and easy to play, just hit the padsand loops, the application has a manager loops, for you to createincredible music of dubstep.The application has more than 60 loops and sounds, HD images, aclean and simple graphic to understand.The super dubstep do not need internet to function.It works on all phones and resolutions, even the most simple.For those who like dubstep and electro music is unmissable, be sureto comment and make suggestions for improvements to future versionsof super dubstep.
The Piano Memory Game
Learn to remember piano notes while having funplaying a game!The game is designed to exercise your memory by playing randomsequences of piano notes for you to repeat and to try to beat yourown high score. This will help you learn the notes and expand yourpiano memory.Directions:Repeat the randomly generated pattern the piano plays.The piano will play one note, then you should repeat that note. Thepiano will then play the first note and a second note. Then youshould play both of those notes in the same order. The piano willcontinue to add one note to the sequence each time you repeat thepattern successfully.Press the options button if you would like to have the pianospeak the notes to you or remove the speed increase.We cares about our users!★ No trackers!★ Absolutely free app!★ No special permissions!★ No pop ups!★ No stealing data!★ 100% honest trustworthy app!★ Does what is says and does it well!
بيانو احترافي دون أنترنت
محاكي للبيانو ممتع بأصوات ممتعة و سهل الاستعمال مع أنه صغير الحجم .Simulatorfor the piano voices fun fun and easy to use with it's smallsize.
Trap Cubes
With much excitement I would like to introducethe ButtonBass Trap Cube! I have been having allot of fundeveloping this new cube. The beats are true to Trap music with808's, pitched vocals, and that Harlem Shake feel! This appfeatures the auto mix options and also a random mix option. You canalso control this cube with your android keyboad. This app does nothave a recording feature built in. The best option is to connectyour device's audio output to your your computer and record withyour favorite digital audio workstation. Thank you very much forall of the positive feedback on our apps. I really enjoy makingthese for you!Jason
하이파이브 for Kakao
Bluehole PNIX
손에서 터지는 스파클링 리듬액션, 하이파이브!“터치&누른 채 이동! 두가지만 기억하세요~”: 연습없이 바로 따라하는 쉬운 조작법! 국민 음악게임의 필수 조건이지요~“설마 이 중에 네 취향이 한명쯤은 있겠지.”: 음악에 맞춰 춤을 추는 각양각색의 캐릭터 150여종!: 개성만점 외양만큼 다양한 스킬과 능력치로 게임 플레이를 도와준답니다!: 캐릭터의 스타성이 오르면 더 높은 점수를 받을 수 있어요!“더 넓은 세계를 향해! 더 큰 무대를 향해!”: 250여개의 스테이지를 차례로 클리어해나가는 월드 투어 모드!: 누가누가 먼저 세계 무대로 나아갈 수 있을까? 맵에서 카카오톡 친구들의 진척도를 확인하세요!: 월드투어모드에서 플레이한 곡은 오디션 랭킹모드에서 무료로 플레이할 수 있어요! 완전 이득!“자신있는 곡으로 승부해볼까?”: 플레이할 수 있는 모든 곡마다 치열한 랭킹 승부의 장이 펼쳐집니다! 오디션 랭킹모드!: 잘하는 곡 TOP5의 점수를 합산한 종합랭킹과 끈기와 노력으로 경쟁하는 플레이 횟수랭킹도 잊지마세요~: 모든 랭킹에서는 내 카카오톡 친구들의 순위도 확인할 수 있어요!우리 함께 하이파이브! 하자구요~♥----개발자 연락처 :3F Jenith Tower,557 Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu,Seoul, KoreaHand popping sparkling rhythmic action, highfive!"Touch & Go,hold down! Remember, only two kinds ~ ": Instruction and easy to follow exercises without it! Yijiyorequirements of the National Music Games~"No way you dont have a preference about the one peopleare.": Character 150 species of various kinds to dance to themusic!: Who laid out a unique appearance to help with a variety of skillsand abilities as the game play!: Star of the character's rise, we can get a higherscore!towards a "wider world! Toward abigger stage! ": World Tour mode clears out the stage of the 250 turn!: Can someone who can first go to the world stage? Check theprogress of your friends on the map, KakaoTalk!: Play in World Tour mode one can do it for free from the PlayRanking audition mode! Fullbenefits!"haebolkka game inwhich his songs?": Expands the head of the ranking fierce fight for every song toplay! Audition ranking mode!: Do not forget good songs to compete in the general ranking Playedby summing the scores of ranking TOP5 and patience and hard work-: In all rankings You can also check the ranking of your KakaoTalkfriends!With ourHigh Five! hajaguyo ~ ♥
Kids Piano & Xylophone Free HD
Kids music: Xylophone, Drum and Piano for yoursmartphone or tablet!Kids music: Xylophone, Drum and Piano is very easy to play.This is a wonderful way to learn the basics of music.Features:- Realistic sounds- Sample songs for replay- Different rhythms as background- HD graphics- Full multi-touch support- Supports all screen resolutions
Nicki Minaj's MYX Twerk-a-Lot
Amplify Buzz
Got buns, hun?Think you can shake it like Nicki? Show off your twerking skillswith Nicki Minaj’s MYX Twerk-A-Lot and her hit single"Anaconda".All you gotta do is put your phone in your back pocket and shakeyour money maker. The longer you go, the higher you rise on the#TwerkBoard.Make your friends jealous of your moves by sharing your score onFacebook and Twitter. You’ll have everyone saying “Oh my gosh, lookat that butt”.
غنيلي - لعبة أغاني وألحان
Tamatem Inc.
لأول مرة في العالم العربي، غنيلي هي لعبة تتحدىمعرفتك وذكاءك! استمع للحن اللذي سنعزفه لك واحزر اسم الاغنية او اسمصاحب الأغنية! لعبة مليئة بالمرح والمفاجآت، شخصيات مرحة تعزف لكاغانيك المفضلة وعليك أن تحزرها بسرعةلعبة فريدة من نوعها، سوف تستمتع بها حتما. ألحان معروفة قمنابعزفها وتحضيرها هل ستستطيع معرفتها؟ أكثر من ٢٠٠ مرحلة متفاوتةالصعوبة سوف تستفز ذكاءك بالتأكيدألحان وأغان عربية من المحيط الى الخليج، هل تعتقد انك تعرف جميعالألحان وبأنك تمتلك ذاكرة خارقة؟ هذه اللعبة اذا من اجلكلعبة غنيلي لعبة تتيح لك:- تجربة غير مسبوقة في لعبة عربية على هذا المستوى- تحدى اصحابك ومعرفتك الموسيقية في هذه اللعبة الرائعة- ساعات لا تنتهي من اللعب مع تحديثات مستمرة لاضافة المزيد منالألحان- ألحان قديمة وحديثة سوف تأخذك في رحلة في عالم الأغنياتالعربية- شارك اللعبة مع اصحابك وتحداهم لتعرف جميع الاغاني في اللعبةقم بتقييم اللعبة لمزيد من التحديثات التي ستأتي تباعا! هذه اللعبةتأتيكم من طماطم ناشر الألعاب العربية الأول في المنطقةSing to Me - Songs and Tunes GameCan you hear and guess the song by just listening to 10 secondsof it? hear the old classics and the top of the Arabic Music chartsin this amazing and addictive gameChallenge your friends and know the names of the of songs! Youwill love it for sureThis game comes to you by Tamatem, The leading Arabic gamespublisher in the region. We hope you enjoy it
謎解き・脱出ゲーム:マヂヤミ彼女 〜リアルホラー系ゲーム〜
Mio Yamazaki
既読が付くまで30分、一体何をしてたの?なんで返事くれないの?ずっと待ってるんだよ。忙しいのはわかってるよ。最近仕事ばっかりだよね、仕事と私どっちが大事なの?なんで連絡くれないの?どうして?ねぇ?どうして?どうしてなの?聞きたい事も、言いたい事だってたくさんあるの。なんでわかってくれないの?正しいかどうかなんてどうでもいいの。私以外に笑いかけたりしないで。私を見てて。疲れた、泣きそう、泣きそう、死にたい。会いに来てくれないなら死んじゃうから。独りにしないで。会いたい会いたい会いたい。あなたに私の気持ちなんてわかるわけない。辛いのも苦しいのも私だけ。別れたら死ぬ死ねないくせに死にたい振りして、馬鹿みたいだよね。私はあなたの為ならこんなに血だって流せるよ、って思いたかっただけ。一緒にいてくれるっていったでしょ?言ったよね?ずっと一緒って言ったじゃん。お前だけだって言って欲しいの。永遠に一緒だよね?絶対だよ。どうしてそういう事言うの?どうして信じてくれないの?死ぬ時は一緒だよ。私が死んだら泣いてくれるよね?もういっそ消えちゃえば良いんだよね。アタシと別れた後にあなたが他の誰かと笑ってるなんて、絶対に許さない。別れないで、そばにいて。あなたがいるから私生きてるよ。もう好きじゃないの?何を信じればいいの。ごめんなさいごめんなさいごめんなさい。何もしなくていい、何もしなくていいよ。死にたい死にたい死にたい...。どうせ私の事なんて誰も理解してくれないんだ。泣きたいよ、本当は。笑いたいよ、素直に。30 minutesto read the stick, did you have the what the heck? Is not me answerwhy? I'm waiting for a long time. The busy you know. It's justrecently work, work and I No Which is important? Is not me Why us?Why not? Hey? Why not? No of Why? That you want to hear also, thereare a lot Even that you want to say to. Is not me why know? Howeven to the good Nante whether correct. It does not or smiled to methan. If you are looking at me. tired, and cry, and cry, and wantto die. From a die if you do not came to see. Do not leave mealone. I want to see I want to see met want. To you crying not seenNante my feelings. Painful painful to even just me also. Bypretending to want to die in the habit of not die die if youfarewell, I'm stupid. I just wanted to think that I'm flown Even soblood if for you,. And I told you I me to be with? I'm told? TheThats told you together forever. I want you to say Even you only.We're together forever? Absolutely. Why do you say such things? Isnot me Why believe? We're together when you die. I I'm me cry dies?I'm it may once disappeared again rather. After you broke up withAtashi Nante you're laughing with someone else, it is not allowedabsolutely. Do not farewell, as you have around. That I livebecause you are. It is not anymore like? What do you believe. I'msorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. You do not need to do anything, you donot need to do anything. .... I want to die I want to die to deathwish Nobody I do not me to understand My God me anyway. You'll wantto cry, really. And I want to laugh, to obediently.
Rock Quiz 2 - music trivia
Are you really sure to know everything about Rock music? Prove itwith RQ2, challenging time and every other rocker in theworld.Answer every kind of questions, from classic Rock n' Roll to HardRock, Heavy Metal and every other style of rock music! \m/Rock Quiz 2 is an awesome trivia game about rock music, itfeatures many "quiz" levels and special sub-games like "Guess thevideo", "Guess the cover" and "Guess the band".Both seasoned rockers and young guns can find the game entertainingand learn lots of stuff about all kind of Rock music.
Sezen Aksu - Şarkıları Bulmaca
Sezen Aksu şarkılarını ne kadar iyi biliyorsunuz? İşte sizeeğlenceli bir Sezen Aksu uygulaması!Sezen Aksu'nun en popüler şarkılarındaki eksik kelimeleri bularak,rakiplerinize onu ne kadar çok sevdiğinizi ve onun ne kadar büyükbir hayranı olduğunuzu kanıtlama zamanı geldi. Tek bir amacınızvar: Kolay, orta ve zor olmak üzere 3 seviyede de eksik olankelimelerle boş bırakılan yerleri doğru bir şekilde doldurup puantoplamak.Bu uygulama telif hakları ihlali yapmamaktadır, sadece eğlenceamaçlı şarkı sözleri içermektedir. Herhangi bir soru için e-postaadresimizle iletişim sağlayabilirsiniz.How welldo you know the Sezen Aksu songs? Here is a fun Sezen Aksuapp!Sezen Aksu of finding the missing words in the most popular songs,how much you love him your competitors and how much time has cometo prove you are a big fan of his. Do you have a single purpose:Easy, medium and hard place, including 3 levels in the blank withthe missing word correctly fill collect points.This application is not copyright infringement, only containslyrics entertainment purposes. You can contact our email addressfor any questions.
Spooky Speaker
IntroThe new Spooky Speaker app from Sainsbury’s is a total scream! Itlets you bring your favourite costumes to life with a series ofdifferent spooky voices - it’s frightfully fun.DescriptionTo get started, just choose your favourite spooky mouth from ourgallery of Halloween characters - including a fierce Pirate, awicked Witch and a scary Zombie.You can then bring your costume to life by holding your phoneover your mouth and talking. Your spooky mouth will move in timewith your own voice. Freaky!If you want to give your voice a proper Halloween makeover thenhold down the record button and say a message – you only have 8seconds so make it snappy!Then simply play back your spooky message to sound like yourfavourite Halloween character.The FREE Spooky Speaker app is available now - download it ifyou dare!FeaturesChoose a spooky mouth to use as a mask.Record a message to be altered to sound like a Halloweencharacter.
Adhere Apps
Singing guessing game. Sing, hum or rap along to a song and send itto your friends to guess the artist and song title. The backingtrack is removed, leaving just your rendition for them to guessfrom! Great fun and lots of song packs to choose from. How manyconsecutive rounds can you and your friends rack up?