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Car Parking 3D
Furkan Gül
** 9.300.000 Downloads **All time most played parking games Car Parking 3D +150 level newversion only 30MB.High-quality graphics and new driving experience.Features- High-quality cars- Torque, power, handling upgrades- Paint options.- Hatchback, Sedan, Pick-Up, SUV Cars- More than 150 levels ( +80 Added UPDATE v10.0 )- New Quality Graphics- Left-Right steering option- 10 HQ Detailed Car ( +7 Added UPDATE v10.0 )- Upgrade Shop- Paint Shop- Realistic Gear Box- Hard Parking Levels- Best School of Parking- Best Parking Simulator- Realistic High Quality Cars and Sounds- Easy, Normal, Hard Parking Levels- 2 Camera Mode
Crime Simulator: Syria Revenge
UK Arts Games
They Syrian city has been attacked by armed military forces. Thelocal rebels have raised for vengeance. They have joined gangsters,mobsters, crime lords, to take revenge from attackers in homeland.The mission are given by your leaders shown on screen. The missionscan include planting or bombing enemies, kidnapping thepoliticians, or keeping yourself away from the police, or pickingup money bags from the mafia members, and much more missions. Youneed to complete the missions in time.Crime Simulator: Syria Revenge is brutal action real crimesimulation game. You have become the bad guy. There is no law butonly one, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and TAKE REVENGE. Packed with 20crime missions, this game bring addictive 3D experience performingas bad guy in Syrian crime city. The best 3D crime simulator. Roamaround the city in crime streets, complete your objectives. Its allabout vengeance now. You can Run on the roads, walk, or drive yourcars to destinations for completing missions.Crime Simulator: Syria Revenge Gameplay features- Run, Walk, Drive- Plant bombs- Kidnap politicians- Bring packages from Mafia members- Stay away from police- Wreck vengeance on politicians/cowards- Take revenge- Be the bad guy- Roam around the city- Walk in crime streetsHow to play Crime Simulator: Syria Revenge- Use GUI buttons to steer, walk, run, or performing specialactionsPrivacy PolicyWe respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy.DisclaimerCrime Simulator: Syria Revenge contains violence. This game isstrictly not for children under age 18. This free game containsads.Visit our website
Extreme Off-Road SUV Simulator
Extreme Off-Road SUV Simulator is the bestrally car simulator of 2014, thanks to its advanced real physicsoff-road engine.Ever wanted to try a rally car simulator? Now you can drive a 4x4SUV car and feel a sports rally car for free!Be a furious rally driver on a whole terrain for you. No need tobrake because of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you canperform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the policechasing your SUV!Drifting fast and doing burnouts offroad had never been sofun!GAME FEATURES------------------------------------------Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!Explore a detailed open world environment.Realistic car damage. Crash your car!Accurate physics.Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer orarrowsSeveral different cameras.
Maritime Kingdom
Game Insight
- Welcome Explorer to the age of discovery!Maritime Kingdom is the breathtaking new title from the creators ofsmash hit Tribez and Castlez. Send forth your fleet, buildyour defences against marauding enemies and forge a mighty empireby helping the princess in her quest to locate the magical CrownJewels and free the imprisoned king.- Experience an epic city-building adventure like no otheras you develop trade routes, build your fleet, gather preciousresources, discover new lands and establish diplomatic relationswith other countries. Take to the high seas and prepare for theadventure of a lifetime in your ultimate quest to rule the oceans.Join our community!Official Page on facebook: video: great features:✔Stunning graphics which bring the complex world to life✔Explore the four corners of the globe in over 350 quests✔Create a mighty city with over 40 building types✔Build a mighty fleet & establish trade routes✔Establish diplomatic relations with other powerful rulers✔Gather immense riches by trading over 30 resources includingprecious Gems and fancy Cloth✔Complex achievements system✔Endless variety — every action can change the course of thegame✔Defeat fearsome enemies including pirates and hostile localtribes✔ THIS GAME WORKS IN OFFLINE MODE WITHOUT INTERNET - play it onthe plane, in subway or on the road. Enjoy!Discover new titles from Game Insight: our community on Facebook: to our YouTube channel: the latest news on Twitter: us on Instagram: Page on Facebook:: Policy:
進撃の巨人 -自由への咆哮- [公式]
◆進撃の巨人史上初、公式ゲームアプリ登場!『 壁の外で生き残れ! 』色んな“巨人”を使って他の街を襲撃!他の街から奪った資源で自分の街を発展させろ!◆ストーリー『進撃の巨人 -自由への咆哮(ほうこう)-』人類の生存を守るウォール・マリアの外、すなわち”壁外”には、人知れず、ごくわずかの人類が生存している。過去に重大な罪を犯したもの、そして、政府が恐れる程の""重要な機密""を知ってしまった者は、その罪を問われ、密かに""壁外追放""の極刑が与えられる。壁外追放者の中でもごくわずか、その知識と戦闘力を生かし生き延びる者達は独自に小さな集落を形成し、世界のどこかで生存を果たしているという。生きる為の”資源”が充足にない彼らにとって、その”資源”を入手する方法は”略奪”。互いに争いあうことだけが、彼らに許された唯一の生存方法である。”超重要機密""を知る数人の壁外追放者達の生存により、恐るべき巨人の力を手に入れた彼らは次第にその力を利用し、争い合うようになっていった‥◆進撃の巨人 -自由への咆哮 ゲームの特徴・個性溢れる“巨人”を使って他の街を襲撃!・他の街から奪った“資源”を使って自分の街を発展させろ!・オリジナルキャラクター「フェレータ」登場・エレンやミカサ達も参戦【ver1.7.0以降アップデートができないお客様へ】SDカードがなくアップデートできない場合は以下をご確認ください。【サービス提供者】株式会社ディー・エヌ・エー【対応機種】Android OS 2.3.4以上で、RAM 1GB以上の端末■非対応端末:F-05DISW13HTISW11FF-08DN-06C■非推奨端末:P-02DSO-02F104SHKYY24003SHKYY21SC-02CSO-03DIS12SSC-03E
Taxi Driver Game
Taxi Driver Duty City 3D Game is the new bestfree simulator of 2014!Be the fastest racing taxi driver around the city and drive yourpassengers to their destination. Pick up passengers without killingthem and drive like crazy through the streets to be in the top ofthe online leaderboards in this new 3d free driving simulator. InTaxi Driver Duty City 3D Game drifting and racing will help you tosave some time and earn more money. Parking your car in the greenzone is very important and fun!Ever wanted to feel like a taxi driver from New York City or SanFrancisco? Now you are racing in the fun driver's seat! In thisfree taxi simulator you have to drop passengers onto theirdestination before time runs out. Drift, reach extreme speed, raceand earn money to reach the top of Taxi Driver Duty City 3D Game'sleaderboards and be the best of your friends!Taxi Driver Duty City 3D Game features:------------------------------------------------------------ Realistic car control and physics- Incredible stunt jumps- Integrated GPS- Full taximeter- Different extreme missions- 2 game modes- Online leaderboardsThanks to TeknoAXE for their free music.
Sit 'N Survive
Scott Cawthon
See how many days you can survive whilesitting alone in the wilderness! At the beginning of each day youcan buy supplies for the night, and you'd better spend your moneywisely because you'll need protection from mosquitoes, bats, bears,snakes, zombies, rain, acid rain, meteors, lightning, ghosts, andmore! Choose from three difficulty settings then see how long youcan last!
Real Car Driver – 3D Racing
Time to test your driving simulator skills inthis real fast car driving on your smartphones. Beat all theopponent drivers on the way to victory. Racing simulator will letyour experience the real driving on racing tracks. Fast racingcars, awesome road tracks and realistic 3d environments. Takecontrol of your favorite car and accelerate hard to overcome yourracing rivals in this car driving simulator. Face off against thefast drivers in the toughest race challenges. Speed up & Driftperfect on the roads to avoid hitting your racing opponents. Thelife of a car driver is never so easy. Real car simulator 3d willlet you discover the depth of driving where you will drag your carall the way to finish line. Overcome the racing challenges in thisunlimited car driving game.Drive around different tracks and become the racing driver. Choosefrom various speedy sports cars and drive around. Fast, speed,accuracy and real simulator and driving experience is what definesthese hot cars. Entertainment is best with real car racing game.Amazing racing levels will provide unlimited fun. Take control ofyour furious racing car and be the top driver to race against yourrivals. Feel high speed racing, drifting and real-time car drivingsimulator. Become the fastest racer of them all. Be careful on thetricky turns and under tunnels. Choose your favorite driving wheelsand take them on the racing roads. Unleash your fury and drive fastto the finish line.★★★ STORY ★★★The game portrays the story of all time racing rivals. Long timeago they used to race and drive like crazy drivers. They took partin many fast racing challenges. The life of a racer is never soeasy. You are in need of cash so you end up with a racingcontractor who hires you as an ultimate driver. Now it’s you whowill race against your opponents in different parts of the world.You cannot afford loosing so let’s smash them all and stand up asthe ultimate racer!!!!!★★★ FEATURES★★★◆ Variety of Fast Cars to Drift & Drive◆ 5 Racing Tracks with Multiple Laps◆ Awesome Car Handling & Simulation◆ Dual Driving Control Options◆ Different Camera Views◆ 3D Graphics, HD Environments★★★Follow Us ★★★Facebook : :★★★Privacy Policy★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★Disclaimer★★★This free game contains ads.
SpongeBob Moves In
You've perfected the art of fry cooking… nowwhat? Keep cookin’ ! You have plenty of quests, tasks, costumes anditems to collect in order to make your Bikini Bottom, The UltimateBikini Bottom!• Featured items• Bug fixes & OptimizationsWI-FI: Connect to your nearest Wi-Fi hot spot to download allthe awesome SpongeBob content the first time you play the game.UNLOCK EXCLUSIVE, ORIGINAL ANIMATED SHORTS!* Watch how SpongeBob arrived at Bikini Bottom* See how Patrick found his rock* Learn about Mr. Krabs’ early days at The Krusty KrabSEAWORTHY FEATURES•Build your very own Bikini Bottom!•Make Bikini Bottom landmarks like Patrick’s Rock, SpongeBob’sPineapple, and the Krusty Krab•Perfect the art of fry cooking at the Krusty Krab to feed yourBottomites and earn new and rare recipes•Play with Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and many other familiarfaces!•Perform tons of quests to make your favorite charactershappy•Tom Kenny and other voices from the show make it an authenticSpongeBob experience•Tons of interactive props, decorations and buildingsCOMING SOONNew characters and buildings to unlock, new areas to expand into,and much, much more!CUSTOMER SUPPORTHaving trouble or just have a question? Check out the Support page! or email [email protected]___________________________
ADDITIONAL NOTES:SpongeBob Moves In offers in-app purchases and charges real moneyfor additional in-app content. You may lock out the ability topurchase in-app content by adjusting your device’s settings.SpongeBob Moves In collects personal user data as well asnon-personal user data (including aggregated data). User datacollection is in accordance with applicable law, such as COPPA.User data may be used, for example, to respond to user requests;enable users to take advantage of certain features and services;personalize content and advertising; and manage and improveNickelodeon's services. For more information regardingNickelodeon’s use of personal user data, please visit theNickelodeon Group Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy is in additionto any terms, conditions or policies agreed to between you andGoogle, Inc., and Nickelodeon and its affiliated entities are notresponsible for Google's collection or use of your personal userdata and information. Use of this app is subject to the NickelodeonEnd User License Agreement. For users residing in the EU, this appmay include the use of persistent identifiers for game managementpurposes and installation of this app constitutes your permissionto such usage of persistent identifiers for all users on yourdevice.Privacy Policy

End User License Agreement:© 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants, and all related titles, logosand characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Createdby Stephen Hillenburg.
Breeding Guide for DragonVale
Become a profesional dragon breeder !!This Breeding Guide provides very detailed information of alldragons and how to breed each one of them! Don't waste your timewith unconfirmed breeding pairs! This guide tells you how to breedall those rare and mysterious dragons, e.g. Panlong, Moon, Sun,etc.You can share your experience and comments with other users,chat with other breeders and add them on your wall. Follow thecomments of your favorites breeders and find useful information onthe "Top Comments" screen.Tell to the Breeders comunity how you got your dragons and getlikes as much as you can.We will keep this guide updated with the most recentcontent.Legal DisclaimerThis is an unofficial guide for the game DragonVale. Breeding Guidefor DragonVale is not an official guide and it is not connected tothe game developer or publisher. All texts, images and video gamecontent are copyright to their respective owners and usage for thisgame guide falls within fair use guidelines.This guide is intended only for your continued enjoyment andexploration of the game. Please contact us if you have anyquestions or concerns.
SDガンダム ジージェネレーション フロンティア
【短時間で手軽に楽しめるGジェネの新機軸】家庭用でも人気のGジェネレーションをスマートフォンの操作感でリビルド。直感的な操作の他にも「フレンドたちとの協力や対戦」や「期間限定イベント」などいままでのGジェネにはなかった新要素が満載です!●○Gコロシアム○●ライバルとのバトルに勝ち抜き「最強部隊」を目指せ!勝利数だけでなく昇格でも報酬GET!期間限定で連続勝利やランキングで特別な報酬が!?Gコロシアム イベントも開催予定。●○緊急クエスト○●通常クエストでは出現しない巨大なモビルアーマーやモビルスーツが出現。友達と協力しないと倒せない敵も!?----Gジェネレーションとは----様々な「ガンダム」作品に登場するモビルスーツやキャラクターを集め自分オリジナルの部隊を編制。部隊を「強化」「開発」「設計」で育成し「ガンダム」作品の世界を踏襲したステージを攻略するシミュレーションゲームです。----------------------------■推奨環境■◆Android4.0以上※電波のよいところでプレイしてください。-----------------------------------【免責事項】(1)推奨機種以外での動作につきましては、サポートの対象外となります。(2)お客様のご利用状況により、推奨機種であっても動作しない場合があります。※一部の機種は動作が不安定な場合が御座いますので、予めご了承ください。-----------------------------------【推奨機種やよくあるお問合わせについて】【本製品に関するお問い合わせはこちら】【バンダイナムコゲームス公式サイト】創通・サンライズ(C)創通・サンライズ・MBS(C)創通・サンライズ・テレビ東京本アプリケーションは、権利者の正式な許諾を得て配信しています。[Innovation in a shorttime easy to enjoy G Gene]Rebuild popularity of the G generation in the operation feeling ofthe smartphone even for home use.In addition to the intuitive operation, such as "cooperation andcompetition with pals" and "limited time event."Is a new element was not the G generator of until now ispacked!● ○ G Coliseum ○ ●Tournament to battle with rival Aim the "strongest force"!Reward GET also in the promotion not only the number of wins!Special rewards in successive victory and rankings for a limitedtime is! ?Scheduled to be held also G Coliseum events.● ○ emergency Quest ○ ●It does not occur in huge Mobiruama and mobile suits appearance inthe normal quest.Even the enemy can not defeat and not cooperate with your friends!?---- The G Generation ----Curriculum their original troops gathered Mobile Suits andcharacters that appear in various "Gundam" work. Troops is a"strengthening", "development" simulation to capture the stage thatfollowed the world of training and "Gundam" work in the "design"game.----------------------------■ Recommended environment ■◆ Android4.0 or more※ Please play at a good radio wave.-----------------------------------[Disclaimer](1) Regarding the operation in other than the recommended models,it becomes the outside of the object of support.(2) With your usage, there are times when even the recommendedmodel does not work.※ Because some models there is a case where the operation isunstable, please note.-----------------------------------About recommended models and common inquiries][Inquiry about this product is here][Bandai Namco Games official site] Sotsu Sunrise(C) Sotsu Sunrise · MBS(C) Sotsu Sunrise TV TokyoThis application, have been delivered to give a formal permissionof the copyright holder.
Truck Simulator 2014 Free
Drive your truck in this amazing simulationgame for Android!Choose real trucks, to drive in real cities with real names in thiselaborate simulation.Many different trucks to explore the gorgeous landscapes andenvironments on Truck Simulator 2014.FEATURES:Trucks available:- Transport truck- Cargo truck- Tank truck / fuel truck- Fire truck- Peterbilt truck- Scania truckScenario- Very detailed city.- Detailed roads and landscapes- Lakes- Real traffic with accurate IA.- More then 40.000 kilometers (24.840 miles) of area covered onlandscapes, scenarios and cities.The simulator is compatible with more than 5000 androiddevices!We want to improve each day the experience of driving trucks in oursimulator, getting closer to real world driving! So please, contactus with your feedback!Have a good drive!"Optimized for Intel x86 mobile device"
TuberTycoon Clone
Jacek Polak
Indie game, loved by thousands of players, nowon your mobile device!DesignMade with perfection – all graphics are pleasant to watch, yetsimple to maintain extremely intuitive interface for gamers’convenience.Be aware this is not the final version of the game ;)
Truck Simulator Grand Scania
Truck Simulator Scania is a 3D truck carsimulator game.This game simulates driving a truck around a very beautiful edangerous landscape.In this game, you can select any one of six camera view to driveyour 3D truck.We recommend that you use the top view. It‘s easier to through thecorner.Control your car with an steering wheel, acceleration and brakepedals.Enjoy the of very realistic landscape.Wait for weekly updates. Have fun!*******************NEWSv1.9:- Increasing vehicle traffic at city and main road;- Fix crash when the user go and back from garage many times.v1.7:- Garage: Now you can go to the garage and choose the color youwant to your truck.v1.6:- Faster download speed;- City graphic improve.v1.4:- New city and gas station;- View from inside the truck;- Performance improvementv1.3:- Fix ads crash bug.v1.2:- Switch between automatic and manual transmission;- Fix android back button bug;- Fix lake bug.v1.1:- Realistic paint reflection;- Traffic vehicle to make your journey more exciting;- Better speed sensation.
Helicopter Simulator 2015 Free
Be prepared to be amazed in this real worldsimulation! Fly some of the most famous helicopters above New York.We added road traffic, blimps, balloons, cruise ship and a hugeaircraft carrier to make it as perfect as we can. We added even thefeature to fire missiles from an Apache Army helicopter! Veryexciting!Choose one of the best helipads to depart and land, includingrooftops, parking lots, in the aircraft carrier, cruise ship. Flywith 6 helicopters over 60 different missions!Environment physics also include weather conditions, such as windsand turbulence.These are the Helicopters included in the game:- Eurocopter HH-65 Dolphin- Bell 47- Bell 206 Jet Ranger- Bell 407- Aerospatiale Gazelle SA 341- Boeing Army Apache AH64 (with missiles included)Main Features:- 6 aircraft- 60 missions- Exclusive missions depending on your helicopter- Military Apache Helicopter exclusive missions- Functional instruments on Helicopter, including allcockpits..- Dynamic instruments and advanced HUD.- Detailed helipads- Detailed world, with trees, buildings, clouds, water andocean.- Car traffic, other flight aircraft, blimps, balloons.- Two ships: one cruise and one Aircraft Carrier
Flight Simulator Rio 2013 Free
The real experience of flying a airplane onFlight Simulator Rio de Janeiro Xtreme!Prepare for more than 120 hours of game play! With 5 differentaircrafts and amazing sightseeing!!!- 50 missions to play!- Exclusive missions depending on your aircraft!- 5 realistic airplanes- C172- B747- B767- A320- L45- Real airplane physics and instruments- 6 airports from International airports to small airports- International Airport of Antônio Carlos Jobim (SBGL) - Rio deJaneiro- International Airport of Santos Dumont (SBRJ) - Rio deJaneiro- Airport of Jacarepaguá (SBJR) - Rio de Janeiro- Airport of Cabo Frio (SBCB) - Cabo Frio- Airport of Maricá (SDMC) - Maricá- Airport of Saquarema (SDSK) - Saquarema- 4 different views:- Full plane- Passenger view, or "Wing view"- Nose view- Tower viewSome technology provided by Nasa:- Realist terrain using Nasa’s photos and elevation.- Using Nasa’s utility FoilSim 3 to calculate the physics of theairplane (really realistic).- Scenario to play is really huge with more than 25,000 kmsquarePlay along 50 missions!- landing mission- take passengers from one airport to another.- Improved audio and controls.- Realistic graphics, environment and performance.- Enhanced shadows, more realistic game.The plane explodes when it crashes.. so be careful during yourflight!Nice flight!"Optimized for Intel x86 mobile device"
Flight Simulator Online 2014
Flight Simulator X 2014 is the most advancedsimulation already developed for Android.We have been improving the physics for years, and finally we areproud to announce our flight simulator!Prepare for the real experience of flying a aircraft over New Yorkcity!Choose one of the most famous airports in the world and fly withmore then 16 aircrafts, over 400 different missions!The game also simulates weather conditions, with clear sky,thunderstorms, turbulence and more!Become a Airliner Pilot, freelance pilot, military skilled pilot ora acrobatic pilot! Your choice!We created 4 separate sets of planes:- learning aircrafts- commercial aircrafts- cargo and transportation aircraft- military jetsThose are the planes you can choose:- Boing 747-400- Boing 757- Boing 707- Boing 777- Airbus A320- Cessna 172- Beech Musketeer- Learjet 60 xr- Antonov Av-12- Antonov Av-24- British Aerospace BAE 147- F-18- F-22- F-86 Saber- Mig 29- SU-35- Antonov Av-24 MilitarAnd also, we created the 8 detailed airports in New York City- La Guardia international Airport (LGA)- John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK)- Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)- Essex County Airport (CDW)- Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU)- Lincoln Park Airport (N07)- Teterboro Airport (TEB)- Linden Airport (LDJ)The simulator is compatible with more than 5000 androiddevices.FEATURES:- 16 aircrafts- 400 missions- Exclusive missions depending on your aircraft!- Military Jet exclusive missions- Detailed airports- Detailed world, with trees, buildings, clouds, water andocean.- Funcional instruments.- 2 types of controls: Accelerometer or touch to control theaircraft.- Dynamic instrumentsSome technology provided by Nasa:- Realist terrain using Nasa’s photos and elevation.- Using Nasa’s utility FoilSim 3 to calculate the physics of theairplane (really realistic).- Using real airfoils from our library in the aircrafts, like NACAairfoils and BAC airfoils.Real world simulation:- Weather forecast (clear sky, some clouds, raining andstorms)- Turbulence and G-Force- Real clouds- Crashes and fire on engines.We are thinking everything we can to improve the flight simulatorexperience! So please, feel free to contact us to give yourfeedback!Have a nice flight pilot!****v 2.9- The new Learjet 60 xr was added!- Improvement on performance! Now the game loads incrediblefast!- New main menu, with real airport!- added 15 missions for each aircraft!!! In a total of 400 missionsin the game!v 2.8- The game is very fast and no crashes on load anymore!! We solvedthe problem of crash in low memory devices!- Better graphics: new textures for all airplanes and cenario- Better environment: added trees and buildings in whole New Yorkcity- Better controls: Easier to maintain the airplane on the courseusing accelerometer or joystick- Performance upgrades: better water and cenario lights!- We are proud that we can accomplish our goal: one update aweek!v 2.7- All graphics enhanced- Performance upgrades- GPS Flight assistance- Realistic painting and reflection on aircrafts- John F. Kennedy International Airport high detailed...v 1.0- we are proud to announce the first version of the game! Newupdates every week!"Optimized for Intel x86 mobile device"
Truck Simulator PRO 2017
Zuuks Games
Brand New Game from Producers of City Drivingand Traffic Driver.Completely realistic missions and Truck driving experience arewaiting for you.Build your own company and increase your revenue. Become the Kingof the road by playing Truck Simulator PRO 2017.GAME FEATURES- 4 European and 4 American truck brands- Detailed interiors- Realistic truck driving- Realistic traffic system- 50+ Challenging level- Drive across country roads , city roads and highways- Various camera angles (Inner cam, Front cam, outer cam andmore)- Realistic weather (Rainy, Snowy, Sunny, Foggy weathers)- Realistic traffic rules- Realistic pedestrian traffic- Amazing 3D graphics- Realistic Truck sound effects- Achievements and Leaderboards- Easy controls (Tilt, Buttons or steering wheel)- More than 15 language supportCompletely realistic Truck driving. Download Truck Simulator PRO2017 game right now for free.HOW TO PLAY- Start your Truck by using Start / Stop button.- Fasten your seat belts.- On the right side of your screen, bring the shift to “D”position.- Control your Truck by using break and acceleration buttons.TIPS- You may choose how to control your Truck on the Settingsmenu.- During the night missions, you can turn the headlights on byusing Headlights button.- When your Truck ran out of gas, you can buy gas from the Garageby touching gas button.- If you follow traffic rules during the game, you will earn moremoney.- The faster you complete the mission, more money you willearn.You can reach us for any questions or problems [email protected]_________________________________________________________________Our website: http://www.zuuks.comFollow us on Facebook: us on Twitter:
Car Parking Free
Update:-Halloween update is here with night mode from level 91-95Update:-A huge arabian desert has now been added to the free roam map foryou to drift and surf across the vast sandy dunes.Update :-- 4 new vehicles have been added to be driven in the free roamingmode.- Increased the area of free roaming modeUpdate :- New Dry Dock shipment containers area added.- New levels from 81 to 90 added- Ford F-150 Truck addedUpdate : A new Roof top stunts update is now available featuringLamborghini Gallardo from level 71 to level 80.Go crazy on the extreme wild stunts. Watch the gameplay video fordetailed info.Note : A walk through video for completing level 60 has beenuploaded on BringItOnGames' youtube page.If you love 3D vehicle simulation games and love the twist of a bitof challenge, then car parking free might be the perfect game foryou. car parking free presents the player with easy to learn andhard to master style gameplay. The game starts off by presentingsimple tasks such as parking your car in the right spot withouthindering your path with any obstacles. But as you progress themissions become more and more difficult and it becomes hard toreach your target. None of the level are impossible to complete aswe ourselves have played and tested the completeness of the game.In different ways the game presents you with the tasks that requireyou to drive your car in a way that we people usually do in ourdaily life without even consciously knowing. Such as reverseparking or taking tight turn really slowly avoiding the traffic ina congested traffic jam. its like a proper driving simulator.The game features some of the most awesome, powerful, exhotic andluxurious cars at your disposal to enjoy driving. A wide of drivingpossibilities. You can drive a fast luxurious sedan or perhaps youmight like to drive a supercar crossing the streets in a flash oryou might be a big guy who light big wheels under him, you candrive 4x4 offroad suv jeep and enjoy your kind of ride.In this game you can drive 13 different vehicles and following arethose vehicles,- Toyota Camry- Honda Civic- Nissan Skyline- Corolla X- Ford F-150- Lamborghini Gallardo- Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren- Audi R8 Coupe- BMW 730 li- Alfa Romeo 159 Sedan- Toyota Corolla Rav4- Lexus Limousine- Marcopolo Senior Midi Passenger BusThe game presents beautiful and stunning graphics. you can changethe graphics quality according to your device from Settings >Video menu.if you are learning to drive from a driving school or academy thenthis game will help your driving and parking skills a lot.The game takes place in a normal city environment with a lot oftraffic and roads blocked because of construction. There is a hugeparking lot at the center of the city and two multi level parkinglots. In some situations you will have to find your way through thecity to get to the target point. Be careful as you sprint throughthe city as there might be a sudden road block at the corner justto startle you.The gameplay controls are very simple. A steering wheel on the leftallows you to turn your front wheels. The race paddle can be usedto increase car throttle. The brake pedal is used as the handbrakefor more amusing driving. The gear button can be used two changethe gear to forward or reverse to drive your car forward orbackwards.There is a time limit to complete every level so try to drive asfast as possible and drift around the corner to beat the chaseagainst time.Features :- 95 levels with different challenges (71 - 80 stunts Update)- 3 Different graphics quality settings to allow best performanceon all devices.- Realistic Vehicle physics simulation- 3 different background music- uber-cool vehicle paintsDont be a drudge, rev your engine and race through the champs andbecome the real champion.So get ready to chase the clock while you sprint through thetraffic cars. yolo!
Great Tree Annihilation Elks
IDEA Studios
We know chopping down huge swaths of trees is not cool with theenvironment and everything – but we still like to do it from timeto time, because it’s fun!In Great Tree Annihilation you get to maneuver through a forest,looking for trees to collect. You will have to find the right onesand, after you’ve located the one you want, you will have to play amini-game in order to cut it down and make it the right size inorder to take it back to the lumber yard.You’ll find the forest is home to the majestic elks, who wantnothing more than to be left alone. Avoid hurting them, or pay theconsequences!FEATURES:• Highly addictive, fun gameplay!• Test your driving skills in 8 increasingly more challenginglevels;• Great extra mini-game;• Hours of entertainment!JOIN US:Enjoy IDEA STUDIOS Great Tree Annihilation game and if you like it,please Rate it, Share it with your friends or give us some supportby rating our game or by liking our Facebook page:
Winx –Club Fairy Artist!
A must-have app for all Winx Club fans around the world!Starring all your favorite characters: Bloom, Aisha, Musa,Stella, Flora & Tecna are waiting for you! In one excitingartistic app!Create fabulous Winx Club compositions! Using characters,backgrounds, accessories, brushes and taps from the originalseries.Share your creativity with other fairy fans around theworld!This awesome app is for all you Winx Club fans out there!Experience the wonderful world of the Winx creating breathtakingcompositions in different and exciting landscapes such as:Spring PartySirenix WorldCity StyleMagical SummerRock the WorldWinx Club - Fairy Artist offers wonderful creation options thatusers love! Each world contains:- beautiful Winx characters in a variety of amazing outfits!- Over 100 Accessories!- Over 70 Amazing brushes and taps!- “My Art”, the private and safe gallery where all artworks arestored.- “Fairy Gallery” the safe featured user generated gallery,which contains masterpieces that you can re-create.Join the club and feel the magic of creativity…you won’t never wantto stop playing!Have fun!Created by Dropico Mobilefor any questions or feedback you are more than welcome to contactus at: [email protected]
Shark Simulator
Big Baja Apps
Control your Great White and cause chaos on the beach! Crunch!
Extreme Urban Racing Simulator
Extreme Urban Racing Simulator 2014 is thebest car simulator of 2014, thanks to its advanced real physicsengineEver wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you can drive, driftand feel a racing sports car for free!Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. No need to brakebecause of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you canperform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the policechasing you!Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn theasphalt of this open world city!GAME FEATURES------------------------------------------Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!Explore a detailed open world environment.Realistic car damage. Crash your car!Accurate physics.Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer orarrowsSeveral different cameras.
CrazyMachines GoldenGears Lite
Viva Media
“Touch screen controls are flawless and itcouldn't be simpler to place, arrange or remove items from theinventory.” “And, it’s awesome.”“… it’s rare when physics are this much fun.” Android Apps 5/5Stars“A fun and intellectual puzzler that forces players to thinkoutside the box in order to achieve success within the game.” 4.5/5 Stars“It’s buckets of fun and for kids it presents one of the best waysto get into science and for big kids well, it’s the kick ass labset you never had.” - 4.5/5 Stars“A diabolical machine-like game…for anyone looking forno-no-nonsense gaming.” 4/5 Stars"The award-winning Crazy Machines series is back and better thanever before..." -8/10 BioGamer Girl"In short, if you love complex puzzle games with realistic physics,Crazy Machines: Golden Gears is the game for you. Go forth andpurchase." - Game Industry News (4/5)The award winning Crazy Machines is now available at the tap ofyour finger!In this "Rube Goldberg" style puzzle game, experiment and buildyour wacky contraptions with physics action like never before onthe mobile platform! Dazzling visuals of explosives, fire, and trueto life physics behavior when you put the experiment intomotion!• Play up to 8 Challenge levels free of charge! Try it out!• Unlock the brand new Level Editor for only $ 0.99! Free if youhave purchased anything in the game before.Including the Level Editor and Community for Crazy Machines GoldenGears!The level editor allows players to create puzzles on their deviceand share them with the community. Anyone can download puzzlescreated by other players and play them.• Choose from more than 60 parts/items to build your creation• Use the same tools Viva’s level designers use to create Challengelevels• Full Tutorial allows you to master the versatility of CrazyMachines' Level Editor• Build “real” puzzles or “self-solving” chain reactions• Cross Platform play allows you to share puzzles across variousplatforms.• Earn Golden Gears for building and uploading puzzles, which canbe used to unlock more Challenge Levels• Sort and choose community puzzles by date, rating, popularity oralphabetical• Endless amount of content from a growing communityHow do you get the Professor's Wind-Up Mouse to the other side ofthe room? Open the inventory, choose your parts and put yourthinking cap on! With over 60 different Parts in your inventory,each puzzle can be solved in your own unique way. Lasers, Nitros,Dynamite, and Explosives can be used to cause constructive damage.Tie objects with Balloons or Weights for a rise or fall. Activatethe Mouse or Truck to push and pull your objects to theirdestination. The possibilities are endless!EXCLUSIVE: MADE FOR NVIDIA TEGRA 3 FEATURESDynamic shadows!Enhanced Bloom!Note: The power cord is part of the item. For electric powereddevices, tap on the power cord and then tap on the power outlet toconnect the item to a power source.Available in English and German language.FEATURES• Up to 42 challenges.• Use your creativity to master levels and earn 3 stars.• Cool Physics engine with fire, wind, gravity and particleeffects.• Build and solve experiments with over 60 different Parts.• Create and share your own puzzles with the brand new Level EditorChoose from more than 60 parts/items to build your creation
Dragons World
A fairytale universe full of adventure, flyingislands and magic awaits! Collect different breeds of dragon andcreate new ones! Battle in tournaments against other players! Provethat you’re the best dragon keeper the world has ever seen!Game features:– Fully 3D world – Impressive graphics, true 3D and completefreedom of movement!– Variety – Over 300 dragon breeds from different environments withunique abilities. Breed absolutely incredible dragons and tracktheir achievements in the Book of Dragons!– Battles – Train your dragons, make armor for them and use magicalamulets. Send dragons to the tournament and win!– Thousands of players around the world – Visit your friends’islands and get gifts. Challenge other players and take first placeon the League Table!– Global map – Huge archipelagos of flying islands!– Regular updates – New quests, new dragons, new magic items andmuch more every month!
Strike Wing: Raptor Rising
** ATTENTION - TRIAL MODE **The game is offered in trial mode. This allows you to experiencethe first three story missions, play the tutorials and twochallenge missions for free before purchasing the full version.Additional story missions and challenges can be played afterwatching video ads.Take over the stars, blast through enemy fighter waves and destroycapital ships while piloting the most advanced fighters in thegalaxy.Strike Wing is a single player space combat simulator that combinessharp controls, beautiful graphics and adaptable missions to createan unique space combat experience for mobile devices.EPISODE 2 UPDATEThe Episode 2 update is now live adding more content, storymissions, ships to fly, challenges, achievements and fixes.** WARNING ** If you experience problems installing or running thegame please make sure you have at least 200 MB of free spaceavailable on the device before starting the installation.= BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS =Fly beautifully designed ships in asteroid fields, around planetaryorbits or in deep space. Experience a colorful and vibrantrepresentation of space on your mobile device.= FLUID CONTROLS =Play with the accelerometer or with the on-screen virtual stick.Learn each ship’s flight characteristics and master themindividually.= WIDE ARRAY OF SHIPS =Choose from super-fast and nimble fighters to heavy torpedobombers, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and style ofplay. Progress through the levels to gain access to more ships andfeatures!= ADAPTABLE MISSIONS =Missions adapt to your style of play, to your skill and ship choiceto give you a consistent challenge every time you play. Need anextra challenge? You can make each mission more difficult at a flipof a switch and reap better rewards.Follow us for the latest info and game news!•••
nxTomo Games 榮獲日本 SEGA CORPORATION 授權,推出經典模擬賽馬育成系列《 DERBY OWNERS CLUB - 我們的競馬場 - 》(下稱「DOC」)中文版手機遊戲。集育成、訓練、策騎於一身,仿如置身真實賽馬世界!緊貼香港本地賽馬最新戰況,讓玩家擁有夢寐以求的傳奇馬王!●歷屆馬王 一一重現!步步友、威爾頓、原居民、精英大師、百勝威等香港馬王,加上數以千計香港現役及退役馬,全數化身成遊戲內的親馬卡及訓練馬卡!配合獨有訓練及餵飼方法,將馬王培育成專屬的自家戰駒,出戰各類頂級比賽,成為稱霸各項賽事的「全國王者」!●沙田馬場 手機呈現!沙田馬場完整重現,體驗主場衝刺一刻!多個大型比賽場地,配以不同路程、場地、天氣條件,變出千變萬化的賽事。揀選合適戰駒,巧用策騎技巧,達至人馬合一,在賽場上長驅直進,無往不利!●真實賽事 源源不絕!每週推出不同類型盃賽,讓玩家盡情大顯身手!出征各項香港及國際大型賽事,高手過招,體驗緊張氣氛,投入策騎快感!●特設「連環彩」 挑戰不可能任務!香港版本獨有「連環彩」,限時挑戰特定任務,換取不一樣的豐富獎勵,收集歷屆馬王,成為馬壇名人!《DOC》 Facebook 專頁:網頁:
Gimbot Air
GameLan Jogja
Ada yang dulu maen gimbot air?diputer-puter ampe jungkir balik biar ringnya masuk?atau malah airnya dikeluarin??hehehe, nih kita bikinin gimbot air digital!sudah saatnya untuk buktikan skill dimasa kecil mu dan tunjukanpada dunia kalau kamu bisa memasukan semua ringnya!tunggu apa lagi? dunia menunggumu!Fitur :- 2 mode permainan : Time Limited dan Main Bebas- Sensor Accelerometer : putar-putar devicemu untuk membantumengarahkan ring!- Share Hasil : bagikan hasil permainanmu ke semuateman-temanmuGimbot Air adalah hasil kolaborasi 3 game developer lokal : AgateJogja, HinoCyber, 8oundsThere once maen gimbotwater?diputer-puter ampe somersaults ringnya let go?or even water dikeluarin ??hehehe, here we bikinin gimbot digital water!it's time to prove your skills and show little future in the worldif you can dump all ringnya!what are you waiting? world waiting for you!Features:- 2 game modes: Time Limited and Play Free- Accelerometer sensor: devicemu circled to help steer thering!- Share results: share your play to all your friendsWater is the result of collaboration Gimbot 3 local gamedevelopers: Agate Jogja, HinoCyber, 8ounds